Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tackling the Stairs

Up until now, my back legs haven't exactly been performing as well as I'd like. Whenever I'd encounter any stairs, steps, curbs, and the like I'd simply whine and mom would pick me up and place me on the higher ground.

I've been really determined to climb both up and down these obstacles. But I've been mostly doing a sort of belly-pull, where I kind of slide down and kind of crawl up like an alligator. Not terrifically dignified, but hey, it kind of works.

Today I suddenly decided to drop the charade - I've been able to climb all along - and stop teasing my mom and dad by making them think that I couldn't do it. I climbed up all of the steps today. Slowly, of course (hey, I still want them to feel sorry for me, and to be able to use their feelings of concern for my benefit) but I made it all the way up. It was just after my morning poop with dad, so he was soooooo proud he ran inside and told mom. She got excited too, but by then I had already begun to feign indifference and pretended that I completely forgot about both the pooping outside and conquering the stairs.

So they made me walk even more - grrrrrrrr - and we went to a new area of the park behind our house. There were more stairs - am I nothing but a performing monkey to these people??? - but there was also a new doggie to meet and sniff.

I still pretend that I can't get up curbs tho - it's fun to watch mom panic as we're crossing a busy street and she has to run and grab me up while I act like I can't make it up or down a big curb.... then I get carried across the intersection like a baby - which was exactly what I wanted in the first place.

Ah, training these humans can be soooo taxing...


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