Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Up Chuck

So say that your mama has been sitting around, drinking too much wine.  But she's cheap - and only buys the three-buck-Chuck from Trader Joe's.  And she likes to reuse and/or recycle stuff.  And she lives in an apartment.  And she likes flowers.  (Ok, this is how we know that I'm not talking about my mama - flowers aren't her thing, and if you saw her trying to grow flowers they wouldn't be nearly as colorful - they'd be hanging on for dear life).

Someone has a pretty cool sensibility, however.   Proper re-use, indeed.

Take that old Charles Shaw bottle, add it to some sort of ground-plug-thing-y, and voila - cheapo automatic flower water-er.

If we grew stuff, we'd do this.  But we don't.  And that's better for plants everywhere.  We like to eat 'em, not so much to grow 'em.  But if you need any help emptying those bottles...



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Sparkle Heart

What's this?  A sparkly dog cookie?  How can this be?

See it's sparkl-y-ness...

Lets see just how delicious sparkles can be, shall we?  Mama tried to warn me that sometimes the sparkly decorations aren't that tasty (apparently she knows this from previous experience), but I'm willing to sacrifice my taste buds in the name of science (well, in the name of snacks).

Hm.  One bite isn't enough to make a proper decision.  I should have one more.

Rolling it around on my tongue, swishing it around on the floor.  No - still not sure.

This is important research that I am conducting here in my room.  Perhaps one more bite, you know, so that I can be sure...

Yeah, it's yummy.  Sparkles and all.  You can just leave that here mama, experiment over!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Along the Mighty Schuylkill

A damn fine day for a long walkie.  We haven't made it down to the Schuylkill for a long time - well, to be fair it has been cold and winter and all - but today with the sun shining and mama not at work, here we are.

There is a lovely trail for walkers, bikers, and dogs.  Lots of places to picnic and just sit and watch the water go by.

Stump at full mast - I like it here!

Next time I'll have mama bring a blanket or something to sit on - not that I am ever in the mood to relax during a walkie (no matter how she tries to convince me).  I tend to prefer to plop down whenever the mood strikes - on the sidewalk, just before crossing a major intersection - you know, the moment that tired-ness strikes.  Also, I wouldn't mind more company (mama thinks so too).

Oh great and mighty Schuylkill, WE WILL BE BACK


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hangin' 20

That's right, full-on, four-footed surfin'!

Yes, this is the window of my favorite store - Just Dogs Bakery.  They always have fantastic window displays - this one works in some fab flowers from the Philadelphia Flower Show - along with a dog who is catching some big waves.

Doggles too, of course.  And check out that Hawaiian collar and bikini!  HUBBA HUBBA


Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Long Walk Off a Short Pier

WHAT?  You mean you missed my photos of the last time I was at the Race Street Pier with mama?

Well, lets fix that with some new ones, shall we?

I must say, this fine pier is always empty when mama and I come around (it can't be me, it must be her magnetic personality - repelling people obviously) - ok, it's probably because we usually come here during the week or just before most people are getting out of work.  No complaints from me!

I'm feeling really protective of mama these days.  I mean, I know I make fun of her a lot (sometimes it's just too easy) but we are a damn fine team.

Who else is foolish enough to fall for my insistence on midday walkies any time that she isn't working a full day?  You really don't know the work involved in convincing her that staying home is BAD.

But yeah, I've got it pretty good.

I protect her, she protects me.

Sometimes she could be a little quicker with the camera...

But then again, butt shots are always good.

Especially staring-off-into-the-distance-majestically butt shots.

Every day I give her my super patented Million Kisses.

I take this damn seriously.  That woman NEEDS kisses.  Do you see how tiny her head is?

Those kisses make us both smile.  I get some "chin action" (major rubbing of my full, leonine beard and neck) and she gets a face full of Bogie.

Damn.  More pictures.  More modeling.  This does get old sometimes, mama.

But wait... what's that?

Is investigation required?

Nah.  Not important enough to interrupt our photo shoot.  And no other doggies involved, so I'm not really interested.

I am, however, still extremely handsome.  Whaddaya think, a new poster for the Ben Franklin Bridge?

Wow.  All of this posing and NO COOKIES SO FAR.  You must rectify this situation mama.  NOW

Ah... love is restored.


Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cake For a 3 Year Old

Today we remember Dad - 3 years ago he passed away and our lives have never been the same.

We all miss him terribly - probably no one more than mama - he was the center of my world and the guy who raised me to be the fine Dale that I am.  And even though he didn't care for kitties at first, because he fell in love with a woman who had a lot of cats, he came around to the feline side of life.

And Behemoth - Dad's favorite cat - is doing a lot better recently.  He had lost a ton of weight and was very, very sick, but mama has been working hard to get him better and fatten him up.  A Carvel cake will do the trick.

Behemoth is my favorite cat too.  He smells really right and lets me lick his head from time to time.

And Aeon - who Dad got for Mama when another kitty of hers passed away many years ago - wanted to help celebrate as well.

So every year, on March 1st, mama, me and the kitties have a cake and remember Dad.  We try really hard to think about the good times, but it's also very, very sad for us.  That's where the cake comes in.  It's hard to cry and eat cake at the same time.  So we do our best.

And this was my very first ice cream cake.  Vanilla on the top for me and the kitties, chocolate on the bottom for mama.  It's really nature's perfect food.

Dad, we miss you so very much.  I try to be the best Man of the House that I can be, protect mama at all times, and give her the kisses that I know you would want me to give to her every day.  We're just not the same without you, and I can't believe that it has been 3 years since you have been gone.