Saturday, June 27, 2015

Run Wild and Free, Kermit

You just know that a one-eyed Airedale has a STORY.

My buddy Kermit passed away today and I am super sad.

Kermit was the one-eyed bandit, urban explorer, hot dog and beer aficionado, and most patient dog in the world (to me when I was young and hump-y).  I spent many happy hours chilling with you in your yard, following your lead, and learning how to be a cool Airedale from you.

Run wild and free Kermit - give Klaus, Robin, and Jupie (all sadly RIP) a big kiss for me (I'm sure there will be beer and hot dogs waiting for you).  I will miss you, my dear friend.

Dad covered in Airedales (that's me standing in front).  These were the bestest days.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

Three Happy Words

Idiopathic Vestibular Episode. The lovely neurologist at Penn Vet examined Bogart today and didn’t find evidence of anything more serious. In other words, we don’t know what it is, what caused it, or if it will happen again. But she doesn’t think it’s a brain tumor or anything horrible, and didn’t recommend going forward with an MRI at this time. WHEW!

Lulu & Bogart

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

At the Emergency Vet... Again

Just returned from the emergency vet.  I had another neurological episode where I was having trouble walking. Still not sure what’s going on (I had a much bigger one last November), we’re scheduling a neurology visit this week to figure out the next steps.

Of course afterwards I walked out, shit like a champ, and hopped into the Zipcar like a boss.  MAMA SAYS, STOP SCARING ME BOGART


Monday, June 08, 2015

Getting Up in the World

It was time.

Time for a raised feeder.  A tall boy needs a tall feeder.  I’m not a huge gulper, nor do I eat super quickly, so that wasn’t the impetus to purchase this fine feeder.  No, it was just that I looked like a giraffe trying to eat Skittles whenever I would have to bend all of the way down to the floor to eat.  And that’s not a good look.

I enjoy my new feeder.  Much comfier.  Still giraffe, less Skittles.


Haire Cuttery

While I prefer the wild-and-wooly-wildman look, some times things just have to be done.  DAMN YOU HEAT OF SUMMER.  As you may recall, I am not a huge fan of the clippers and will let no other humans touch me other than mama, so hairecuts are a very interesting time.  I usually allow mama a few precious moments with her safety scissors so she has to think quick, and cut quicker.
Today I allowed a little trim on my face and neck.  

Admittedly I do feel a little cooler, and think I look handsome.  But don’t tell her that.


Thursday, June 04, 2015

Miss You, Dad

Hey Dad, wherever you are, me and mama miss you.  Hasn’t been the same since you passed away 6 years ago.  But we’re a DAMN FINE TEAM, and I’m doing the very best I can to take care of crazy mama.  Just to let you know on your birthday that I’M THE MAN OF THE HOUSE and I’m doing almost as good of a job as you did.

Still miss you like crazy.


Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Monday, June 01, 2015


I am a creative sort.  A dreamer.  A dog who revels in the natural world, the seasons, and sticks at every opportunity.  Luckily mama understands my nature and encourages me to constantly improve my stick-arranging-talent.  So each day, we leave our apartment with two or three sticks to start.
Sometimes I add to the arrangement, other times I leave a sub-standard stick behind.  But I always aim for an artful carry of my sticks in what I’m calling “Stickebana”.  See how I clearly have 3 sticks in my mouth, yet you can only see 2 sticking out on one side?