Sunday, August 23, 2015

Meeting Mister Mole

... well ALMOST meeting Mister Mole.  I TRIED.  After taking off in hot pursuit of my very first mole, I managed to get my snout stuck in a bunch 'o burrs.  I will spare you the photo of me with my eyes burr-d shut, and my snout burr-d together.  This is what it looked like about an hour into my 

That's right, mama pulled out everything in our arsenal to try to de-burr me.  The Furminator, a slicker brush, safety scissors, and a can 'o spray Pam.  Honestly the Pam did help a bit, but I was NOT open to her taking hours to pull out each and every damn burr.  So I gave her the OK to snip away with those safety scissors, and now I look like this:
Still handsome, but a little less full and fluffy in the beard and 'stache area.  Hoping it grows back soon.

I can't promise I won't run into another bushel 'o burrs (oh who am I kidding, OF COURSE I WILL), but I have heard that baby powder helps to remove 'em, so maybe we'll try that next time.