Friday, January 10, 2014

Go Real Slow

The Big City. The Concrete Jungle. Philadelphia is a lot of things. And one of them is that we have a really crumbling infrastructure, especially our roads. Seriously. Drive around Philly for any length of time, and you will be left with a marbled undercarriage, stubbly tires, and a reason to visit the chiropractor.

But we are also an ingenious people, folks who care about each others safety. So we come up with things like this on a regular basis:

That's right, when our overlords cannot get out with the repair trucks, we do stuff like this.

And it's actually kind of cool - a small reminder of our humanity.

As a dog, I enjoy a good car ride. Especially with my head hanging out of the window in triumph. Breathing in all of that kind-of-nasty city air. Not so easy to do when you're bouncing around like you're in a boat.

So I can appreciate the work that went into this. Someone got themselves some cardboard and a fine marker and decided to DO SOMETHING.

I'm sure that watching scores of people go way too fast down the street (like normal) as well as swearing at the top of their lungs when they crossed this street ravine (also normal) was just too much for one good samaritan.

Today that person made things a tiny bit better here on the mean streets of Philadelphia. I did my part and barked at the sign (which I'm sure did something to help). AND WHAT DID YOU DO?

So you to, Good Samaritan, I say, NICE WORK. We need more of your kind here in Philly, and elsewhere.