Sunday, March 30, 2008

Burger Sunday

This is Robin. Well, these are his teeth. Crocodale chompers. Impressive, no?

And they're going to put to some good use. Dad brought treats!!!

That's Kermit with his paw on dad's lap. He's SERIOUS about his treats...

Go get 'em Kermit!!!!!

Dad tries furtively to keep us in a sitting position while he doles out the treats... but it's HARD to keep our butts on the floor when those tasty tidbits start flying!

And really, I ask you, who could resist those faces???

Well looky here. Another delicious-smelling styrofoam box with my name on it. When mom and dad left with Mareike, they must have swung by the Good Microbrew. And we all know what that means... CHEESEBURGER FOR ME!!!

Gentle at first, I don't want to gobble down all of it's cheeseburger-y goodness all at once...

Slowly tearing pieces off of the side so that I may chew them thoroughly...

Aw heck, just drop it on the floor so I can eat it!!! THANKS MAREIKE!!!



To Aire is Divine

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Dad has spent the last two days over at our friend KC's house. I got to go along so no worries there, but I did wonder what he was up to. Spending so much time together, they spent hours in the kitchen arguing and tasting and arguing some more. What could it be?

This is DeeDee. Remember her? She is the sister of Fritz who passed away. She's had Parvo not once but twice, and the kind of mange that is spread from mama to babies. She's had it pretty tough. But now she's got a clean bill of health (yes, she's a STRONG girl!) so we thought we'd get in a little stick action while the humans had us locked outside.

Uh, it's MY stick, I don't care how cute that Boxer face is... so what exactly ARE the humans doing?

BARBECUE!!!! Ohmydog, look at that plate full of yummy meat. I could be a very good dog if you'd give me some of that...

Yummo yummo yummo. Southern barbecue. Spare ribs, chicken, pulled pork... heck, even the beans and potato salad look good. Can I have some dad, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?

Fine. I understand that we're in front of other people. You can't be seen giving food off of your plate to the dog. It's ok. I'm just going to look off into the other direction, pretending not to notice anything, and if a piece or two just happen to fall onto the ground be rest assured that I'll take care of that for ya quickly so no one sees...

Mm mm good. Full tummy. Time to pretend to exercise.

Yeah sure... exercise. I'm just gonna sit here guarding my ball in case DeeDee gets any funny ideas...

Isn't she so cute? I think this is the first clear-ish photo that mama has ever taken of her. She's always so wiggly!

Until we barbecue again...



To Aire is Divine

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pushing Up the Daisy

This is Daisy. She's a Husky.

We met her not long ago in the park - a very nice woman found her in the park, just roaming. She has a large growth on the side of her neck (you can't really see it in the photos as she has fetchingly tied a lovely bandana around it) and needed surgery.

Isn't she just lovely???

Well, the nice woman decided to take her in and get her all fixed up! It was going to be expensive, but lots of great people pitched in and donated money so that Daisy could have her surgery! Apparently the growth isn't dangerous it's just big, and it should be removed so that she doesn't have any problems breathing.

And luckily Dad brought along some chicken chips for us good doggies...

And it looks like once she's had her surgery, she also has a forever home with a good friend of the nice lady... isn't that THE BEST!!! What an incredibly nice lady, eh? Big Aire Kisses for her!!!!

Rock on Miss Daisy, oh she of the two-different-colored eyes!



To Aire is Divine

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Meeting Mashti Malone

Happy Easter everybody! Notice my spiffy bandana, a present from my buddy Stanley, mama thought that I should wear some sort of easter bonnet, but since I ain't wearin' no stinkin' bonnet, my skull-covered bandana would just have to do.

Ohmydog you guys... today I met a real celebrity! His name is Mashti Malone, and he's famous for his ice cream!

We were just walking through Glendale today and dad LOVES the ice cream at Mashti Malone's, so we swung by. And there he was! Mom tried to get a picture of me with him, but he was kind of busy opening the store so we didn't want to interrupt.

Instead, she got me to pose out in front of the ice cream parlour. If you don't know Mashti Malone's, they make the coolest ice cream ever - it's rosewater ice cream - in lots of very cool and exotic flavors. It's dad's absolute favorite!

Now you all know that I tried ice cream not too long ago and didn't like it. I know, I know, very un-dog-like of me. Well today thought he'd give me a try of some of his rosewater saffron ice cream. And you know what... I LOVED IT!

The tentative approach. I'm not sure what it is but it smells interesting...

Giving it the "sniff test"...

Going in for some yumminess... my heartiest two paws up for Mashti Malone's!!!

Time to hop in the car and head home. It's really really hot here today. Mama broke the Bogie-mobile yesterday (well, it started steaming like a boiling pot while she was driving, she keeps telling me she didn't actually break it, but since it's not running well damn it woman it's BROKEN) so we drove in Dad's car.

I get the whole back seat which suits me just fine. They call me The CEO when I ride in the back. While I think the characterization is quite apt, I don't really back-seat drive. I just wait for the perfect moment to stick my nose out of the window...

Enjoy your Sunday every-doggie!



To Aire is Divine

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Willie Week

Feline Alert!

For all of those doggies freaked out by our feline cousins, you have been warned. There are CATS in today's post.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Sorry I haven't written in a few days... my week has been fun as always, but this furry tabby has kind of been the star for the past few days. But I'll get to that in a moment.

Firstly, I got a special delivery this week from Keeley!!!

Yup, the box smelled yummy so I was sure it was for meeeeeeeee!

Fantastic yummo yummo treats inside!!! THANKS KEELEY, mom couldn't catch any photos of me actually eating them because I scarfed 'em down super fast. They were DELICIOUS...

My kitty brother Behemoth. Guarding the succulents that dad cut from the park.

He did a thorough check to make sure that all was well because dad is going to bring them over to plant in Mareike's garden.

This is Willie. The long-haired orange tabby from earlier in this post.

Willie arrived at our house on Tuesday. His mama, who was a good friend of my mama and dad, passed away over the weekend. She knew how much we always loved both her and Willie, so he has come to live with us. So far he's really unsure about the whole thing (I know that he misses his mama a whole lot), and I don't think he's ever seen a dog before. Certainly not one as handsome as I. He's also not really sure about the other kitties yet. I'm trying to make him feel welcome (I do love all kitties, I just can't help myself), but he mostly hides under the bed and under my sofa. Oh, and he goes camping outside on the terrace in the Willie Tent (it's a blue cat tent from Ikea - I'm going to try to get a picture of him in it). We all want to make him feel welcome and to know that he's got a happy home now, any advice on things I can do to make him happy?



To Aire is Divine