Sunday, October 02, 2005

Starting out...

Well, I'll bet you're all wondering exactly who I am, and what I'm doing writing a blog.

I'm cutie #3 in the photo above, the one making the face - the other 'dales are my 4 brothers. I have 7 sisters too.

My name is Bogart. Well, at least that's what it's going to be in another week or so when I'm adopted by my new mom.... (I understand she's already picked out this name based on something - I'm sure I'll find out what that is when I meet her, and if not I'll be sure to ask - or to do something to get her attention...).

I'm an airedale puppy. Purebred, very attractive parents. Today I'm exactly 7 weeks old.

In another week I'm going to be flying across the country - I'll admit to being kind of anxious about it - from my cozy home here in Virginia to the big city in Los Angeles.

I guess I'll wait to see how that goes, and tell you all about my trip on my next post... and I'll see what the crazy girl who writes to my current mom and dad every single day because she's so excited to be getting me soon (whew!) is like. Being an Airedale, I'm sure to give you my pure, unadulterated opinion on her - I can't help it, it's in my nature.

The puppy

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