Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Love Letter to 2009

2009 - I hate you. Throw-myself-on-the-floor-and-kick-and-scream-and-throw-a-tantrum-and-show-the-entire-world-my-butt-for-eternity-kind-of-hate. It usually takes me a few weeks to remember to start writing the new year on checks, papers, etc. but I can promise you that I will have no such problems remembering that you are gone this time around. Not that you promised much, but you took away so very much. Almost everything. Almost my sanity.

And to the universe: You can continue to kick me all you want. Ultimately what will happen is that you will kick me harder and harder and I will get stronger and stronger. Despite your best efforts and excellent aim, I'm still here, you bastard. Maybe pick on someone your own size in 2010?

To my friends all around the world - thank you for caring even when I didn't, thank you for keeping me alive even when I hoped not to be.

To my cats, the furry guardians of my soul, your warmth and willingness to sit on my lap at all hours of the day or night and not flinch when my tears rained down upon your heads, sometimes was the only warmth during some very cold days.

To my best friend in the entire world Bogart Handsome Devil, to call you just my dog does you a huge disservice. Your ever-ready-ness to explore the world and your endless curiosity continue on the fine tradition that Klaus taught you (he would be PROUD). I learn something new either from you or because of you every day.

And to Klaus. I miss you, husband-o.



Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Surprise Snowfall

Well for once mama wasn't the only one surprised at a snowstorm here in Portland...

It seems like a lot of the other humans had no idea it was going to snow, and were similarly unprepared for the weather. Lots of slipping and sliding around, and don't get me started on the drivers...

I kept on my sweatshirt all day because it was cold!

I do like the snow - it's tasty, and it's fun to walk in. Until it gets icy and slippery, that is.

In Jameson Park there is a big Christmas tree, and it was a magnet for people and their pups tonight.

For me - eh, I've seen it and I've peed on it, so it's been there, done that.

This snowman, was another story. I really do not like snowmen. They taunt me with their beady little eyes, that crooked smile, the funny hat, and of course STICKS for arms. How could I not be confused? I barked and barked but it would not back down, and annoyed me to the point that I felt it was better to just walk away - slowly - rather than to engage.

You may have won this battle Snowman, but I'LL BE BACK once the temperature rises, and THEN we'll see who's boss...



Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas in the City

Thanks so much to everyone who has stopped by our blog, left comments and emails wishing us a Merry Christmas. I really think that one of my new years' resolutions will have to be to learn how to type - so that when mama is tired or sad I can still update my blog.

Last year we were completely snowed in, but this year...

It was warm and sunny and I insisted on a dip in the Willamette.

Not so strange really, there are always GOOD sticks here. Bogart-sized sticks.

It wasn't exactly hot outside, and the water was indeed chilly. But I was having such a good time...

Sticks EVERYWHERE, some on the shore and some in the water. Not to mention how much fun it was to drag mama back and forth...

And of course a good shake in lieu of a proper "aire dry"...

Mama was fascinated with my wet beard. It hasn't been this long or wet in some time.

"Fuzzy Man in the City"

Ok mama, ENOUGH with the photos already...

Yes, I know I'm handsome, LETS WALK!!!

Oh wait, we can stay here for awhile?

That sounds good too. Just as long as we can walk for awhile again.

Maybe we'll cross the Hawthorne Bridge here and head into SW Portland a little... you know, after I'm done running in the river...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone...



I Got You Babe

This morning mama and I suited up early for our first walkie of the day... and for 1.5 hours did not see one person. A few cars, but no people. Very surreal. I suppose that means that most people are at home with the ones they love, opening presents and celebrating Christmas.

I've got mama and she's got me - we are each others' presents. It has been a really hard year for us, and holidays don't seem like a time for us to celebrate this time around. So we just spend lots and lots of time together, and there is nowhere I'd rather be, and no one who I'd rather walk with than my mama (and that's saying a lot - I am a very demanding walker).

Happy Holidays to everyone - from both of us...


Bogart & Lulu

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I Dig It

Not Christmas... as a fine King of Terriers, I must periodically apply the skills of my forefathers...

And dig in the dirt!

This is not nearly as simple as it could be - not having my own yard, or a park area behind my house anymore, I have to work hard to find places to dig that are appropriate as well as satisfying.

Mama and I disagree on the appropriate-ness of some of my hole digging spots. But what does she know about digging holes? EXACTLY.

There is no way she could ever do THIS:

And the fruit of my labors? A nice, dirt-covered schnoz. Ah, good times.



Monday, December 21, 2009

The Portland Art No-See-Um

Portland isn't that big - yet there is an area of town that we never seem to find ourselves in. That's SW. So today we sought to rectify that situation and explore the South Park Blocks.

I'm ready for anything - since we're never here everything smells new and exciting.

Ah, the Portland Art Museum. I'll just check out the sign to see what exhibits are going on.

Even just by hanging around outside of the museum I'm getting inspired. Look - I'm a work of art!

I'll just check to see if I can go inside... you know, to soak up some real culture.

Bah. No dice. Back to the muddy park for me!



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Looking Slick-er

This raincoat is really growing on me. I think I look quite dashing in it. And it does keep the fuzz dry.

Except for the butt area. Can we talk about this for a minute? These two little elastic straps that go under my feet, around my haunches, and that accentuate my butt-age. They are a little too thong-like for my taste. And yes, I was a bit worried that they might somehow inhibit my ability to make those perfect poops that I've been so good at lately. But basically they just annoy me. Yes, yes, I know that they keep my rain slicker from thrashing around and ultimately keep my butt dry. But really - should an Airedale be wearing a thong?

At least everyone can see me now. The bright red slicker and that fine reflective stripe.

I bring that up because last night mama and I were almost hit by a car here in the Pearl District. It seems that during the Christmas season, and especially when it's raining, humans forget how to drive. They forget a lot of things - civility, kindness, general humanity - but I've really noticed that the driving goes right down the tube. We were walking across the street and a man in a big car was making a right turn straight into us. Usually once humans realize that they're about to hit us, they slam on the brakes but this human just kept going. He stopped literally inches away from mama which really got me angry. I was barking at him like crazy, and mama was yelling some of those naughty words that she uses on such occasions. We were really shaken up, that car was too close for comfort. Note to all humans, especially during all of the holiday hub-bub and weather, be really careful out there!

I mean, I can take care of my mama but I'm not there to be able to provide the same Dale Security Services to all of you. I can only save the world one stick at a time.

One. Stick. At. A. Time.



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Spiffy New Raincoat

The weather continues to inspire mama to new heights of sartorial goodness... for me.

Check out my spiffy new raincoat. Yes I know, more clothes for dogs. I'm not usually a fan. But it's awfully darned wet out there.





Monday, December 14, 2009

Goose Removal Officer

Geese. A whole flock of them. Just sitting there, waiting. Taking in a slightly wet day, cooling their feet on the grass. You know what happens next...

Oh yeah, Bogart Handsome Devil's Goose Removal Officer, at your service!

I'm feelin' GOOD after that quick run. And satisfied after dispersing that entire flock of geese. And as much as I love to roll in goose poop, mama pulled me along.

That's ok, it's time for some fancy stickwork anyway... Note the advanced TRIPLE stick carry.

Since mama has to wash my sweatshirt today anyway (well, now she does) I thought I'd lay down on the wet dirt and grass and enjoy a little stick chomp. I mean, I carried these sticks all the way from the Hawthorne Bridge to the Steel Bridge...

Yes that's, right it's ME... no autographs please!

I need some time to savor the complex stylings of these sticks.

You know, it's just like chomping on a stogie. A particularly woodsy-type of stogie. And of course, looking cool while doing it.