Monday, September 27, 2010

Tis the Season

Mama is home sick today - yet I do not feel sick. In fact, the rainy weather is kind of energizing this fuzzy bunny.

Do you see it? Schell Street has been made in HELL Street. Oh you humans are just too funny when you're bored and have time on your hands (and crampons on your feet)...


Hell indeed, my friends. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha...

Actually this guy just smells like hell. He's been out in the rain all day - yep, smells like all-day funk. And he ate an entire bag of chips and callously threw the bag on the ground at his feet before falling asleep in the rain. Give this man some crampons!

Ok, one nice pose. Mama DOES love Halloween which is coming, but this display is a little bit too early for our taste (and will be soggy very soon).



Sunday, September 26, 2010

Green Man

Ok, so he's not exactly Green Man from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but he IS a green man, and he IS in Philadelphia, so...

And he wants me to go slowly apparently. Silly green man. I may just have to pee on you.

Dales go FAST, not slow. Eat my dust, green man.

Mr. Owl agrees with me. So what if he's made of wood. HE AGREES WITH ME.



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tales of Center City

I have a cunning plan. Follow the stump.

I took mama on a little detour after I'd done my afternoon "business" in Rittenhouse Square park. She thinks I forget these things, but I know EXACTLY where every dog store is in town. In EVERY neighborhood that we've explored. And today I want a cookie.

So it's off to Just Dogs Gourmet. Where I can peruse that bakery case and choose my own snack. Oh, the agony of choice.

And look - they've got a swanky new window display since the last time I was here.

It says, "Officer, it was the raccoon, I swear it!" (yeah, those raccoons are shifty).

And this time there was a kitty inside, who was incredibly cool and we actually got to sniff each other a bit.

I'm sure he was just watching me from inside after I'd left to be sure that mama was giving me my tasty treat right away. Yeah, that must be it.

Actually we had to walk for a little bit to find a place to sit down and chomp. But of course, first we managed to walk past this and a photograph had to be taken to commemorate the occasion (notice my expression of happiness - I'm actually sticking my tongue out at mama in annoyance, but she thinks it's cute)...

Ok, one more, this time with feeling...

Now bust out that squirrel. Cookie squirrel, that is.

Oh great and powerful squirrel cookie, I am thankful for your sacrifice into my belly, and happy that you will provide me with some energy to get through the rest of this crazy walkie on such a hot day.


I am a squirrel man. I chase 'em, and in cookie form, I eat 'em. But mama saw this one and she couldn't help herself, she had to buy it for me (yeah, something isn't completely "right" with her, but lets humor her, ok?)...

And as we all know, the proper technique for eating any tasty morsel that has the shape of any animal or human is to bite the head off first. I intend to honor this fine tradition.

Goodbye Head

Almost forgot the rest of the tasty body. Gimme that.

It was really, really hot today - Indian Summer, they call it. It's just plain hot. Hot on the toes, hot under the fuzz. So a quick romp over to Love Park to sit by the fountain and let the wind and the spray do it's work.

No way I'm jumping in - not that I'm allowed to anyway - I'll just watch it from here. Purty.



Friday, September 24, 2010

Stickwork... The Next Level

For those of you who have mastered the basics of stickwork, I present Stickwork - The Next Level.

Notice the nonchalance - looking away from the tasty stick, ears forward to hear something way off in the other direction, away from the stick of goodness.

A bit of a devil-may-care (Bogart Handsome Devil DOES care) attitude.

Never let 'em see ya sweat.

Now s-l-o-w-ly place one paw over the stick. Make sure to get it completely under your mighty paw.

Again, toss your head casually over your shoulder.

Until your mama tries to get funny and grab it from under your paw, then ALL BETS ARE OFF

Don't worry. You'll win. Drag your mama into a Dale Death Spiral if necessary. They love that.

You're welcome.



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cones, Glorious Cones

I am bereft of my beloved pine cones so far here in Philadelphia. I do miss my daily romp, chasing them as they bounce wildly, having a good crunch, carrying some home in my gaping maw for later.

But wait... These Are Cones

Not quite what I was thinking of... but I'll take it (and pee on it)!



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So Fa(r), So Good

This is my 1000th post. 1000 times that I've shared my fuzzy life with you all. Thanks to all who have been around since the beginning, and all who have only recently stumbled onto my blog. I remember the early days... A dog blog, eh? What a SILLY idea. NO ONE will ever read a blog written by a dog.

Hehehe. Kick Ass.

Ok. So the first thing that caught my and mama's eye today was the amazing vintage sofa in this window. But then upon closer inspection we saw this - a stuffed doll in the shape of an odd combination of Homer Simpson and one of the cranky old guy Muppets (that hated everything and were always in the balcony...)

But it is an awfully nice sofa. Me want.



Saturday, September 18, 2010

Soda and Surgery

Did YOU know that Lutraphobia is the fear of otters? Well, I sure didn't. Glad I passed this sign today.

And of course this... the home of Dr. Philip Syng Physick, the Father of American Surgery AND America's First Soda. Wowza. Surgery AND soda. That Dr. Physick was a BUSY guy.

I am inspired to perform some surgery of my own - on these sticks. And then I may get thirsty. But first I have to wrestle them away from mama who thinks she's helping me by carrying them but in reality is just annoying me. Allow me to demonstrate. First a good pull...

Then slowly lay down on the sidewalk - preferably where lots of people are walking - while still maintaining a Dale Death Grip on the sticks.

Distract your mama by turning your head adorably to the side, so that she has to acknowledge the people walking by and saying how cute you are. This buys you time. And time is sticks, my friend.

For the final bit, face your mama and SMILE BIG. She will release the sticks while laughing and then the surgery can commence in earnest.



Friday, September 17, 2010

Something Old, Something New

Everywhere we go in our new city, I manage to find the dog store. Mama is impressed with my mad skills. We don't always get to go inside, but at least I can do my sniffing and look at all the stuff through the window.

This lion is apparently trying to sell me wine. I didn't know that lions drink wine, nor that they are apparently aficionados and prefer Pinot Noir.

I tried to talk to him about it, but as I'm not terribly schooled in wine culture, I figured it might be best to just keep moving.

Dad would have laughed at this - and I can hear him saying "What the f*%& is an Austrian lamp?"...

But it's a real store here in Philadelphia - a very cool old-looking place.

Yesterday my newest friend Andi was visiting me and mama, and we walked all over town. I even spent some time alone with him walking (I know, right? ME! Who won't let anyone else take my leash except for mama!) and had lots of fun. Mama was having fun too and forgot to take photos, so we retraced some of our steps in Old City.

More signs. Geez, mama.

I guess if you're looking for bar stools, then Mr. Bar Stool is the way to go. I wanted to make a poop joke here, but mama gave me "that look" so you can just insert your own.

Very cool tools - some for shipbuilding!

And mama's newest favorite sign in Philadelphia.

She says that if only she'd known - as a young goth girl - that there was actual moping equipment, she certainly would have gotten some (in black, of course). She doesn't recall having too many mops in her life at that point...

This Cool... Cat!

Wanted to kick my butt from behind glass. He stalked me as I walked by and as I have had many run-ins with the kitties that share my home I have learned - BEWARE THOSE EVIL PAWS.

A place that we must visit sometime - Belgian Frites! Mama and I can always share...

I think I remember seeing these somewhere else, but with cat heads. I'm not sure what these are/were supposed to be. Turnip heads?