Monday, June 30, 2008


Another day, another new adventure for me here in Portland... Today we drove the Bog-cedes over to the Lewis & Clark State Recreation Site. Dad wants to teach me how swim... and I'm not so sure.

Ok, here we go...

I'm willing to step in a few inches to get my paws wet, but that's about it. And that's a LOT for me, so gimme a break dad!!!

What's this? Another dog in the water? A handsome chocolate Lab and lookie what he's doing - chasing a ball! I could do that (the chasing the ball part, not the swimming out to get it part)...

Uh.... nope. Not getting into the water.

I'll just sit here with mom. She knows how to enjoy the water - by sitting on the side, lotsa sunscreen and iced tea, and a big hat. You go on - enjoy yourself dad - I'll be right here watching.

Ohmydog, what's that??? A dog on a boat??? And wearing a lifejacket???

WOW! And it turns out her name is Lulu (just like my mama!!!)

I still don't really wanna get wet tho...

Yeah, yeah, I know dad. I see the dog in the boat. I see the dog with the ball. I still don't wanna get wet!!! But wait, what do you have there? A STICK.... well, why didn't you say so?

I'll go in... just a little... get my paws wet... for THAT STICK




Ultimately not only did I go chasing that stick, I was in that water all the way to my beard - proud of me, huh dad???

Maybe we could do this again sometime... MAYBE...



To Aire is Divine

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Take Me to the River

Yeah, it's about 95 degrees here today in beautiful Portland, and what's a boy to do to cool off? Maybe find a local waterfall...

Let's pile into the Bog-cedes and go off in search of such a thing...

This is the Multnomah Falls in the Columbia Gorge area. It doesn't look like much from the ground, but when you get closer you see how high it is and how cool...

This is it. There are two "sightseeing" levels, lets go check those out!

Ah... the good thing about these bridges is that it's COOL here - the waterfall is like a natural mister - ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Mama and I, taking in the beautiful view as well as that nice mist. Wearing all black is almost as hot as hauling around your own fuzzy pelt, isn't it mom?

Dad is never satisfied to just see the tourist stuff. So he consulted this map and found us a way up to the top of the waterfall.

First it's up to the second bridge level... even nicer mist here...

Then it's up a long, windy trail to the top. Lots of people here, and some doggies too.

It's a loooong trail, but when you get to the top there is a big reward - a stream area that feeds into the waterfall, but here it's lovely and refreshing!

This is the view from the very top of the waterfall - WE MADE IT!!!

Time to head back down... DOWN IS GOOD

On the way home, we decided to eschew the highway and take the scenic route. And we stumbled on this...

It's called Vista House, and check out the amazing views from here:


I wanted to use this binoculars to see around, but since they weren't forward-enough thinking to have set them up at Dale level, I decided against it.


This is KEWL...

Back into the Bog-cedes... can we come back again sometime??? Can we, huh huh huh? Maybe on a day that's not quite as hot???



Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun Fun Friday

So dad said that he had to do some errands today... snore. It just sounded so b-o-r-i-n-g. And it's actually HOT here today, so I was afraid I'd be stuck in a hot car waiting outside some nameless building for him... But then mom said she was going too so IT'S PARTY TIME...

Dad actually only had one errand to do - he just took the test to be a certified food and beverage handler here in Oregon, and he had to go to the office to finalize his test (he passed with flying colors!). So mom and I waited for him outside (no dogs inside apparently... bastards).

Mama and I did a patrol - checked the perimeter of the building - to make sure it was safe for dad. And yes, I can report that all was safe.

Then I was sure that he must be missing me (he was inside for awhile), so I placed myself right at the front door so he couldn't miss me. I wouldn't want him to be scared!

Since we were already in the Milwaukee area, dad suggested we go down to the river and see what we can see. So this was the very first thing I saw, and I APPROVE...

It's awfully pretty here, and today is just lovely. The Willamette River isn't really clean, but there were people swimming in it, riding boats in it, and fishing in it. I contented myself with running, jumping, and exploring the land and NOT the water.

Isn't that a cool-looking bridge? Wait until you see it up close..

It's ALL WOOD!!! Neato!!!

Dad had heard about a place called Elk Rock Island, so we drove around until we found the entrance to that...

Now supposedly, there is a land bridge that connects where we are to Elk Rock Island.

See those tiny people? Guess what. The land bridge isn't there because the water is too high. They were kind of crazy, walking through waist-high water to get to the trail on that island. I sure wasn't going there (and mom agreed)...

Hehehe, I'M NOT GETTING WET dad...

I knew that something smelled awfully good tho, something I haven't smelled since the last time I was at Echo Park lake back in Los Angeles... I KNOW, IT'S GOOSE POOP!!!

Tiring. Whatta day. So much excitement when I expected none. Luckily Portland is a town full of brewpubs where a dog can rest his weary haunches with a beer and some nachos. This one is famous - The Lucky Labrador - it has a big back patio where dogs are welcome so LETS GO!!!

See that cool mosaic? I was certainly impressed with their decorator.

I met lots of doggies while I was there but curiously they were ALL labrador retrievers! At first I thought that was odd, maybe it was for Labs only, but then I realized that it was for all doggies, there are just a LOT of labs here in Portland! This girl was a cutie-pie with a great-smelling butt.

OF COURSE we need to have another beer, and bring on the nachos!



To Aire is Divine