Wednesday, May 31, 2006

They Feed Horses, Don't They?

Yup, time to rid ourselves of some excess vegetable matter again!

This time the vegetable of choice was CELERY.

Mom and dad had a bag of it that wasn't as crisp as they'd like it to be (sitting in the refrigerator for more than a week or so will do that to a veggie) so they thought it would be a good idea to give it to someone who'd love it... and that wasn't me. While I was intrigued by the plastic package it came in, the actual celery did nothing for me.

So off we trudged to see the horses. They eat anything we bring them (well, so far it's carrots and celery so maybe I shouldn't speak too soon). Today all 4 were out enjoying the afternoon sunshine so I got to come snout to snout with 4 very large horses. All of which had absolutely no interest in me at all, especially once the celery came out. It's funny to watch them eat through the fence, slowly chewing the celery and watching it disappear into their mouths.

Definitely more entertaining than sitting at home... I'm still on Stitches-Death-Watch and cannot go out unsocked. Which of course means still no dog park, grumble grumble grumble. But I've been reasonably good at not picking at my stitches so hopefully (paws crossed) on Friday they'll come out and I can go back to my normal routine.



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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We Will... We Will... Sock You

5 more freaking days.

Well at least the vet took the bandage off today. He suggested (firmly) that I must wear the "cone" and I gave mom a look of confusion. She smiled sweetly while making the face that says "not now, I'll tell you what that means later..." and we got to leave.

Mom explained that the "cone" is that horrible elizabethan collar thingy that I've been avoiding since the beginning of this whole foxtail fiasco. Mom hates it and is doing everything she can to make me not have to wear it... including wearing snazzy socks everyday. But that means I have to be good, to not play with my now-exposed stitches.

But they're sooooo fascinating m-o-m...



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Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Today dad took me on my walk (no dog park again, grrrrrrr) and told me that it's Memorial Day. A day to honor soldiers who've fought in wars.

Well, that's a lot for a little Airedale to wrap his mind around. So we went to a WW1 memorial statue and I got to hear a little more.

Which got me thinking - anywhere that humans are, there are dogs right? So there must have been dogs in these "wars". So I searched around the internet a bit and actually found a lot of information about how Airedales were there a lot... because of our intelligence and ability to "get the job done".

These are some cool photos that I found while I was searching for information about some of the amazing contributions that dogs have made to the military... Happy Memorial Day everybody!



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Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's the Only Way to Live... In Cars

No dog park for me today... grumble grumble grumble... since yesterday's little bandage incident I haven't been allowed to really run free to much which is making me cranky.

Mom and dad seemed to sense the crankiness and so we took a longish walk this morning behind our house. I heard lots of noise, music, booms, and so we looked over and saw that there was a car enthusiasts gathering going on! Hey, that looks pretty cool, lets go over there...

The cars were like no cars I've ever seen before. The colors were all wild and the shapes didn't look like cars...

(I should clarify - for the majority of my life I have travelled in mom's VW New Beetle so to me THAT is what a car looks like).

And the cars could jump higher than me! I got a little freaked out when they started to jump around, but soon I found it fascinating.

Lots of people BBQing as well (which definitely intrigued me more than the cars, which were really intriguing on their own) so it was time to drag my butt home. But I did enjoy myself while it lasted, and I'm happy to say that the bandage is still in place...



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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Oops, I Did it Again

Well that bandage didn't last long...

I was at the dog park this morning - so happy to be there and run around with my Airedale buddies and other doggie friends - when it happened. First the sock started to fly off and then, as if in slow motion, the entire bandage came off with it.

Mom and dad weren't pleased. I also managed to pull a little on one of the stitches so I was bleeding a bit. But did I notice? Nah. It was FUN.



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Friday, May 26, 2006

More Accolades for MEEEEE

I tell you, it's a really good thing that mom and dad have been giving me a nice short haircut these days, especially around my head, because my head is now getting too big to fit through the door... Here's another one for my now - dare I say it - award-winning blog To Aire is Divine from!




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5 More Days...

Well, it looks like I've got a few more days with the bandage... we went to the vet this morning and they whisked me into the back, took a look at my paw, then rebandaged me up and sent me back to the humans. 5 more days.

Did I tell you how the first bandage was actually removed? Last night I was playing with Behemoth (the grey and white cat) and he got a little too frisky. So I jumped toward him, throwing down both paws, just doin' my thang. I was - of course - socked. Literally and figuratively. I had a white sock over my bandage and all of the claws on Behemoth's right front paw got caught on my sock. Well, that didn't make me really happy so I started to run around (with Behemoth attached). Behemoth gave a huge howl and then pulled his paw back hard - taking my sock and bandage with it.

It was actually kind of hilarious - because neither one of us got hurt, of course. He usually gets caught in my fuzz whenever he goes for me (which isn't often, we're really good buddies) and I occasionally take him for a "tour" of the apartment this way.

Do you think we told the vet this story of how the bandage went away? Nah.....

Back to my nightly ritual of watching dad prepare dinner and trying to look as adorable and famished as possible!



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Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Horse is a Horse of Course of Course...

This has actually been quite the full day for me... on my *hopefully* last day of sock-confinement. Tomorrow morning I've been warned that we're heading back to the vet to have the bandage removed, and if all goes well, I should be ok after that.

No more socks. Paws crossed.

I had quite the great surprise this morning at the dog park because THE AIREDALES were there!!! Apparently mom knew they were coming (they're only at the dog park on weekends usually) but kept it as a surprise for me. Boy, was I surprised! I was running around, squealing like a little piggie with excitement to see them. I wasn't allowed to play as much or as roughly as I would have liked because of my stinkin' paw, but it was still kind of fun.

So for the afternoon walk we waited until a little later than usual - it's freakin' hot here in LA today - then went for a mini-walk instead of the usual long one AGAIN because of my stinkin' paw. But it was really interesting...

There is a house where they have horses outside that I can go up to. Behind a fence, of course. Whenever they stomp their feet I get a little nervous. Can you see how big these things are? They're huge and I suddenly feel really short next to them. Mom and dad were giving them carrots (the big guy is named Valentino and there is another lighter one named Pegasus) which they really loved. I myself don't see the allure of the carrot, quite honestly I don't think it would make a very good snack, but they seemed to like it so if a creature can get THAT BIG eating carrots then there must be something to it. I guess.

Time to crash out now before dinner!



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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This Sock Was Made for Walkin'

(Ohmygosh, do you see how AIREDALE my shadow looks??? I think mom oversharpened the image - that's why there are those spots - but it does look kinda cool)

I only got to see a little action outside today because of my paw... but I'm proud to say that I haven't chewed on it at all, contrary to what the vet was sure I was going to do.

Mom and dad have outfitted me with a lovely sock each day for excursions - apparently it helps to keep my bandage clean as it sacrifices itself for the greater good.

It was also a chance for me to show off my new haircut a little... not the glamour shots I was hoping for (especially the pooping one mom, what's with that?) but it's a start for anyone wondering about exactly how cute I must look now.



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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Who's The Boss?

Obviously from this photo it's ME.

Mom and dad had been going back and forth about the "Elizabethan collar". Dad kept saying that I would definitely rip off my bandage overnight and should wear it, mom saying that I hadn't really even noticed the bandage much so I would probably be ok... The vet had been insistent about my potential for destruction of said bandage...

Mom tried to show the benefit of not chewing. The penalty would be having to wear the awful plastic lampshade on my head. She decided - since I'm a very visually-oriented dog - to show me what it looked and felt like to wear it. I watched her bump into things and heard her complain loudly.

Point taken, mom.

So I basically proved that I wasn't that interested. For insurance, dad put a black sock over my paw (which felt really weird for awhile, I kept walking funny) with some duct tape (which is supposedly something magical that fixes anything and everything, I must learn more about this magic tool for evil) on overnight and surprise, surprise, I didn't chew it at all. The thought of having to face any of my friends with that contraption on (yes, I am just a teensy bit vain) was too much. No chewing mom, I promise!

And don't worry I haven't forgotten about prodding mom for my new glamour shots. Even with the sock full of foxtails (this is what I look like coming home after every time I step outside to pee with all the crazy foxtails out there - legs of velcro) I'm looking damned handsome...



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Monday, May 22, 2006

Helping Sweet Sadie

I've donated a little something to help out Sweet Sadie, a gorgeous Airedale who needs a hip operation!!! Go to and make a donation before June 2, 2006 (I paid via Paypal, it was quick and easy), they have great raffle prizes and you'll be helping an Airedale live pain free!!!!

Just click on the Sweet Sadie's Pain Free Campaign button for all the info!



Out, Out, Damned Foxtail!


So it was a foxtail that had made it's way into my paw after all. Mom and dad took me to the vet this morning and then things got really hazy... when I woke up a few hours later my paw had been bandaged and I was feeling a little woozy.

So here is my PSA about Foxtails: Foxtails seem to be really common here in LA (the vet even had a special charge for them on mom's bill so you know they must see a lot of these damn things). They're prickly and manage to get stuck in my paws of velcro a lot, usually I either chew them out or mom or dad plucks them off but basically they're just a huge pain in the ass - ahem, I mean paw.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Then mom came to get me and I nearly broke down the door! Strangers were saying to her "wow, your dog really loves you" to which I jumped on mom even more (to make her feel good of course, but in reality I was just soooo happy to get out of there). They handed her a large lampshade-like thing (the mythic Elizabethan Collar) and told her to put it on me. Uh... where do you think that thing is going on me???

So I won that battle and we drove home. Now I'm going to have a nice sleepy-sleep and will hopefully be able to pose for those glamour shots tomorrow.



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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Shave and a Haircut... Two Bits

Well no one expected this to be "the big day" but it definitely was... (yes, that's a ball of my hair bigger than mom's head)

This morning at the dog park, one of mom's friends (she's the mom of the 3 Airedales who are my weekend buddies) gave her 2 funny-looking metal things with chewed handles. I didn't understand the significance of these objects and went about my morning routine - running after some tail and being part of the Airedale welcoming committee. I've also been tending to my funky paw, but so far it doesn't look like it's going to fall off so hopefully I'm avoiding another trip to the vet.

Once we pulled into the parking lot at home, dad suddenly had the two objects. Once I got out of the car, he ran one of them down my back and pulled out a huge clump of fur. Didn't hurt a bit, I just thought it was odd. Then he did it again. And again. And again. Now mom got in on the game and before I knew it we were all sitting in the parking lot next to mom's car giving me my first trim. Those thingys are hand strippers, apparently this is the way to true Airedale beauty.

So we were all just laughing in the parking lot, and then mom held up a huge ball of mostly-black fur the size of her head. Wow, that's a lotta fuzz. Did that all come off of me? Must be...

Shave and a Haircut Shave and a Haircut Shave and a Haircut

The humans decided it might be the right time to take our little operation upstairs. I actually found the grooming quite soothing as I'm really used to being brushed all the time (and then getting to bite the brush afterwards to signal that I think I'm "done") and actually slept during most of it. First I slept on one side, then when mom tried to turn me over I grunted, then fell asleep on my other side so she could get some fuzz from there too.

She says she's not done yet - they had to pull out a book to make sure they were doing this reasonably correctly - but I look amazing. I have a neck now, separate from my body and head (not all connected like I was before) and it's been noted that I'm not fat at all... I think I look good even if I'm not "done" yet.

Mom is dying to post some "after" photos but it's been dark and raining here ALL DAY so the pictures aren't beautiful. Of course this means that the world cannot see them yet because I just cannot afford to have awful paparazzi-type shots of me not in my finest circulating out there on the internet. Sort of like being shot without my makeup or with something hanging out that shouldn't be hanging out.

So she's promised that tomorrow's update will include some new portraits of my beauty. Sorry for the delay - I will eat some cat poop to punish mom right now.



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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Lovin' the Love Birds Cafe

I've got something stuck in my paw... last night mom and dad initiated an operation to remove the offending sticky thing, which we all thought was a rousing success. But I knew that something still wasn't quite right. So this morning as I was licking my toes mom noticed a red spot. Yup, it looks like another one of those little wheat-like things somehow got stuck in my fuzzy paw fur and may have worked it's way down into my tender paw. Does it hurt? Well not really, but it's one of those things that annoys the daylights out of me. So I lick it. A lot. It seems to be something that will either work it's way out on it's own at this point, but if it gets funky then the humans have threatened to take me back to the evil vet to have it looked at. So I'm hoping for self-healing...

So to take my mind off of my paw, mom and dad took me to Lovebirds Cafe in Pasadena. They seemed really happy with the food and to sit outside for awhile enjoying the afternoon, I was happy to just sit and be admired. Definitely took my mind off of the paw.

Come on white blood cells... GO!!!!!



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Friday, May 19, 2006

Bogie Eats!

I don't understand it, the latest fascination that the humans have with my eating habits.

I should explain. I've never been a big eater. I know that puppies are supposed to eat like little machines, everything in their site, even eating until they get sick from eating so much - and then eating that. But I'm not the average puppy.

Mom and dad tried everything, so on this part I really can't fault them. Every dry food and canned food out there, from the smelly supermarket stuff to the exclusive pampered pooch kibble. They cooked for me, they fed me raw food... and I just was never hungry and didn't eat much.

According to mom and dad, that little time I spent at the vet hospital for pancreatitis solved a lot of issues. I still hated every minute of it, but if it helped... then I guess it was a good thing. I'm not allowed to have any human food anymore because it makes my panreas angry (and you really don't want to get my pancreas angry). But - I'm eating now! Somewhat voraciously! I show interest! I've discovered that I'm a huge fan of Science Diet's Sensitive Stomach crunchies that mom bought thinking that I might need something easier to digest. What? They're good for me AND I like them? I need a drink...

But you know, mom and dad, the more I eat the more I poop...



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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Early Morning, Griffith Park

Today the dog park was closed - again - so we decided to hit the park instead. There's almost no one there during the week in the morning, so less trouble for me to get into (supposedly).

Mom shot 2 pictures only - these two - first she asked me to come, then to sit, then to pose. I humored her just this one time. It was pretty easy. Run. Sit. Turn. Click! Turn head to side for profile shot. Click!

I'm such a pro...



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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Here He Is, Mister A-mer-i-ca...

Ok, now this makes me VERRRRRY happy...

I've just been named the very first winner of the Dogs With Blogs Awesome Blog Award! You know, I'm really started to get used to all of the accolades that come along with being a puppy of my caliber. There are some really awesome dogs (and people) out there, and it's so nice to be recognized by a great site!

It's so great to feel FABULOUS!! I'm going to have to start getting "people" soon, have my own posse like any good star does, gonna have to start getting all "fancy"...

Check out my award-winning blog!



Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just Say No

Wow, did I ever give the humans a scare today...

Mom was working in her office and dad was out... I was in the living room. They figured I'd probably be sleeping as we had a big walk today because the dog park is closed for a few mornings - they're doing construction work there - so we went for a long walk around the Silver Lake reservoir. I was tired of course, but not that tired...

So mom came out of her office looking for a snack and what did she see? Me, with dad's prescription bottle in my mouth, the plastic chewed into tiny pieces. She yelled and ripped it out of my mouth (of course I did protest) and then ran around trying to find the top. I had cleverly placed that in a different part of the room for later use. Then she went looking for the medicine inside and didn't find any. She got really, really upset, was looking down my throat, and looking all over the living room for the missing tablets. But she didn't know if there were any tablets in there or not, because they're dad's.

Dad got home just a little while later and mom asked if he still had medicine. He said yes so now they both panicked. They called the vet to ask what horrible things could happen to me if I ate about 15 blood pressure pills and the vet calmed them down (well, kinda). They figured they'd wait for awhile, watch me pee like a racehorse, then if things got bad they'd take me to the vet.

Then mom picked up the prescription bottle to look at it... it was dated March of this year. Odd, she thought, that's a few months ago. She asked dad... are you sure this is your current prescription bottle?? So dad had to run around and check...

So to make a long story slightly shorter -- the bottle I chewed was old and didn't have any medicine in it. Dad found his current one and it was un-chewed. So I didn't get a super-duper dose of blood pressure pills. I just looked at them oddly when they got really excited... but I happily accepted the extra hugs.

So Bogie says, Just Say No to (chewing the bottles of) Drugs!



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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

This is dedicated to my Airedale mom, Lady Bella.

I had no idea that today was Mother's Day, or in fact that that means anything at all. My mom, Lulu, well I've always kind of thought of her as my only mom... but as she explained to me today, well she's a "different" (human) kind of mom than a "real" (doggie) mom.

There was a beautiful Airedale named Lady Bella who is my real doggie mom back in Virginia. She's the one that had me and my 14 brothers and sisters, nursed me, taught me my first lessons, and got me all prepared to go out into the big world to find adventure.

Without you Lady Bella, my mom and dad in Los Angeles wouldn't be nearly as happy. They talk to me a lot about how they were waiting for me, so I guess it was a good thing that you decided to do the wild thing with my real dad, Sir Hannibal.

Thanks for being such a frisky girl - mom and dad here say thanks too!!!



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(mom's LOVE it!!!)

Oh, and today was my 9 month birthday - woo hoo!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday Morning Park

(that's not me, that's one of my Airedale peeps at the park)

A lovely morning today at the Silverlake dog park... lots of running, sniffing, pooping, just the usual. Great as always to see my Airedale buddies (we make quite a lovely pack) and my other friends...

Buster, the Pit Bull

Lola Barkovitch, the mysterious Lady of the dog park

Dante, the old wise man of the park

And of course the gorgeous Dales - Robin, Kermit & Jupie. Dad was very popular today because he'd made the mistake of having a pocket full of Charlee Bears (a delicious training treat) which of course everyone noticed right away... silly dad.



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Award Winning Bogart


How cool is this? I just won an award from the I Love Dogs site for my main blog! They only give these out to dogs of QUALITY... and that's me!!!!

Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the Academy, I am thoroughly deserving of this award, I've worked hard everyday slaving over a hot keyboard forcing mom to type out my daily rants, being this cute isn't always easy...




Friday, May 12, 2006

Why Batteries are so important

Today I spent part of the day with mom because dad had somewhere to go... so we drove over to the Grove for a place to walk around and sit and have lunch.

You wouldn't believe how incredibly cute I am - well I must be, as every person walking by was smiling at me and saying how cute I am. True, of course, but always nice to hear.

And what exactly was mom doing while all of this adoration was happening? Nothing. Just standing there smiling like an idiot. Talking about me (ok, this part was acceptable) but not taking a single picture. In fact, many other people were taking photos of me... BUT NOT MOM.

When I looked at her at one point to ask - hey, what's up with the camera? - she just shrugged. Her battery is dead and it's apparently rather expensive to replace. I don't care about such things, all I know is that when the masses are crying out for more Bogart photos, THEY'RE GOING TO GET 'EM.

I'll work on her tonight to get those batteries in any way I must... so more photos soon.



Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stick Man!

I'll never understand why mom thinks that something as simple as me carrying a new stick is so hilarious. You should see her fumble with her camera to try to get just the right shot whenever I do it.

Little does she know that I'm fully aware of her camera issues, and that I really like to tease her and watch her try valiantly to get her camera ready and get me in just the right pose. I'm an old pro at this modelling thing by now, and I know exactly how to turn my head so that she gets a perfect photo.

But will I do that for her everytime? Hell, no. You know what they say...

Spare the stick, spoil the human



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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday in the Park with Bogie

Yet another of those mythical grey days here in Los Angeles... it seems like it only gets sunny in time for the sun to go down.

So we decided (well I actually did the deciding, the humans had no choice but to come along, eagerly hoping that I might really have to poop somewhere where they won't have to bend over and pick it up) to visit the park in Echo Park. We actually walk there a lot, but as mom can be lazy and dad isn't smart enough to use her camera, it hasn't been widely documented for your viewing pleasure.

It is actually really lovely here - flowers and plants all starting to bloom - and as it's my first spring mom and dad have been telling me all about the plants that we pass (yeah, I pretend to care too) but you really cannot help but notice how beautiful the colors are.

This is me in response to the standard yelling of my name by the humans... I'm doing my patented "ok, I'll look at you... what do you want... no really, tell me what you want or I'm not coming over there... ok you don't want to tell me so I'll just forget that you called in the first place" routine.

I found this weird, spiky thing and of course tried to eat it. Let me offer a PSA to other doggies -- DON'T EAT THESE THINGS, VERY SPIKY.

Then we met up with some cute doggies, especially an adorable Basset Hound who was happy to show me how well he sings. I have to remember that for the next time I'm in the car and mom tries to tell me to be quiet.

Time for a quick drinkie and then it's back home. Dad is making pizza tonight, too bad I can't have any as I'm still not allowed to have any human food (damn pancreatitis).

I'll find something to steal, though, so don't cry for me Argentina...



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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bogart and Kermit

OK, I know the photo is kind of lousy, but dad simply refuses to take mom's camera with him to the dog park on the occasional days that she doesn't come along with us... so he pulls out his cameraphone and well, does his best.

I was doing some ball chasing when the tennis ball I was after slowly rolled under Kermit, one of my favorite Airedales, so I crawled under him to get it. I thought he wouldn't notice, but.... he did.

Always fun to hang with my 'Dale buddies!



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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saying Goodbye

Well today it was time for our friends from Austria to leave us, it was nice having them here for a week or so. I got to go to lots of great places because they were here and mom and dad insisted in dragging me along.

Before they left for the airplane, we stopped at Good Microbrew in Silverlake for brunch. Well I didn't get any brunch because I'm not supposed to eat any human food after the pancreatitis incident... luckily mom always brings some treats along for me so I wasn't that horribly hot and bothered about it. Plus their food looked yucky anyway.

So there.



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Friday, May 05, 2006

Old Navy's New Mascot

Bogart Old Navy

Today mom dragged my cute tushie down to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica to the Old Navy Casting Call. For some reason she thinks that I should be their new mascot. Well, while I will certainly agree that I'm pretty enough and quite dashing when I want to be, I wasn't in complete agreement about standing around in the midday sun with lots of other canines waiting in line to have my picture taken.

I'm far more used to being the star anyway - being the sole focus of the picture-taking - so waiting around didn't really suit me well. Mom was chatting with lots of interesting people and I was being admired all around (which I love, as you know), but lets just say that I was getting "ants in my pants" so we didn't stay.

Mom already entered me in the contest online so it wasn't a total loss. Just too damn exciting with all those other dogs, and for whatever reason (I cannot imagine) they didn't want to all play with me.

Ah well. Suit yourselves. I got my free treats. And I already know I'm the cutest...



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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bogie of Arabia

Ok, so it's not exactly Arabia, but I did get to spend an entire day in the desert and hey I don't really know the difference anyway...

Dad drove with our two out-of-town guests and me out to show them Joshua Tree National Park. I'd never seen it either, and it's a really long drive out there... we did stop during a detour in a forest area which was nice and shady but we didn't have a whole lot of time so we drove on to the desert. This is Fritz walking me around and clowning around with me - he's a lot of fun but now can you see why when someone points their finger at me I bite it? This is what it looks like to me... (silly humans)...

I've never climbed up rocks before and today I really got my chance to show the superiority of 4 legs versus 2 legs. Even I was surprised at how easily I ran up those rocks. And it was hot too! Dad did a decent job of keeping up with me but I'm still far better at climbing.

Then we spent a little time in Pioneer Town - apparently they use this place to film western-style movies - I felt like the honorary Sheriff of Pioneer Town (or at least I'm sure I would have been named Sheriff if anyone was giving out badges...).

A very fun but very tiring day. Luckily I got to sleep in the back seat all the way home... thanks Dad!!!



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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Grey, grey, grey

The skies are grey and the air is cold(ish).

Looks like it's going to be another less-than-exciting day here... I did get to go to the dog park this morning which is always fantastic (for me), but of course mom didn't "feel like" bringing her camera along to record all of my golden moments. I guess I see her point a little, the pictures aren't that lovely when the colors are dull...

I'm going to have to work on dad - make him feel guilty - make him take me for a nice long walk this afternoon. Maybe pulling the insoles out of his shoes will help him think a little bit faster...


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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


First, my apologies for not writing about my current adventures... it will please you to know that mom has been punished for her impudence.

I know she's been a wee bit distracted - we have guests - but that really should be no reason to deny the world my cute mug.

So we do actually have friends of dad's here visiting and that means that I get dragged all over town in the back of their van. Which I don't especially enjoy, so I came up with lots of creative ways to NOT be in the back of the van. Some while they were driving, others when they weren't looking. We went up to the Barnsdall Art Park to see the Frank Lloyd Wright Hollyhock House (not much to see as I couldn't go inside, but lots of nice grass to run on), spent some time on Hollywood Boulevard near Grauman's Chinese Theatre (I had my picture taken with several stars but the giant waving Pikachu scared the poop out of me) and then ran around Melrose looking all trendy with my fur flying in the wind.

I've been promised that there will be pictures coming soon since I posed for a lot of photos.... mom, don't make me have to punish you again...