Friday, February 26, 2010

Airedale Supermodel

One of mama's favorite gnarled trees in our neighborhood. I enjoy it as well, just mostly around the root area.

As you can see, we are again experiencing some fine Northwestern weather. No complaints, the rain doesn't bother me one bit. Mama on the other hand...

She sees the vast open area of the North Park Blocks as as a kind of muddy minefield. Valiantly she tries not to step into its muddy goodness while I explore, but some days I really feel like exploring...

A smile? A grimace? A slightly snarky eyeroll? Some people just see crap on the ground, occasionally mama sees something more interesting (of course I noticed it first, but then again, I AM closer to the ground)...

Oh mama and her pictures. Sometimes I do my model thing and then bam! we're done, but other days it takes a little longer. Over and over and over again, come here Bogart, stand there Bogart, just a quick pose Bogart...

Mama, you know I'm kidding, right?

Oh... of COURSE I'm kidding around! I'm just testing your photography skills with my advanced modeling. Not every mama can capture all of my personality the way that YOU can! Not everyone is good enough or fast enough to record my every golden moment to film (uh, memory card). That makes you one special mama!

So now I will jump up and give you a big, sloppy Aire Kiss, to show my appreciation. And you will miss the photo. Because you're getting a big sloppy kiss. AND YOU WILL LOVE IT



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Straight Poop

Today in the North Park Blocks, there were some new signs:

Now I am a man who takes his poop seriously. While I am happy to leave it behind (hey, I'm done with it), mama always carries enough poopie bags and we adhere to the NO POOP LEFT BEHIND doctrine.

However... I hate to rain on the parade of the folks who spent some time, brain cells, and a little cash to print up these little ditties, but...

An awful lot of the poop in this area DOESN'T COME FROM DOGS if you know what I mean. So I left them a message about it.

Another fine Public Service Announcement from Bogart Handsome Devil



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday in the Park with Mama

When walking through NW Portland, you can see many interesting things. Today I noticed this:

It's actually pretty darned cool - made of weird metal pieces - and wasn't scared of me at all. Unlike most birds.

It was another sunny day here in Portland - cold but sunny - and since yesterday we hit the east side, today we ventured toward Forest Park.

It's still kind of wet and cold here, but we haven't been here in a long time. And walking up hills works my fine butt muscles and keeps me warm enough.

Ah, the stone house. It's nice and mossy today, just the way I like it.

Ok, just because mama sometimes forgets where we are and where we need to go, doesn't mean that I do. I remember the way, follow me mama...

Time to head up the hill, into the sun, at a full Dale clip. Notice my ears flopping in the aire...

You never know who you'll meet on the trails. That's part of the fun of hiking. Always lots of doggies too.

Hiking can take a lot out of a dog. Rather than hopping up onto this water fountain like I usually do, I just went for the dog-hole...

Perhaps a bit lazy, but it works.

Could it be... are we heading toward... OHMYDOG, on a sunny Sunday there is a spot for us outside at Kettleman's! I haven't had a fine toasty pumpernickel bagel in ages, and I am a dog who enjoys his bagels...

And of course a fine drinkie to wash it all down...

On the way home, we ran into some Airedale People! Notice the fine airedmiration...

They were awfully cool, and anyone who has an Airedale is an automatic friend of mine! Thanks ladies!!!



Friday, February 19, 2010

The Wild Boar

Oh mighty wild boar, how kind of you to sacrifice yourself for my treat needs... I salute you, oh wonderous beast, and raise a glass to your tastiness. Mama's friend Barbara sent these little squares of goodness for me (and some amazing smelly things for mama to take her baths with... thanks for making her not stinky!) and they are YUM!



Thursday, February 18, 2010

Squirrel Patrol

Dun-da-dun, Dun-da-dun-da-dun-dun... what is that behind me? It's THE SHADOW and it is following me everywhere today.
I suppose it could be because of all of the sunshine we're having today, but there could of course be far more nefarious reasons for things to be following me.


Oh how you twitch your tiny nose in my general direction. How your tail darts to and fro as you fly from branch to branch, just out of my reach.

That's okay... I CAN WAIT

You see? Your presence does not bother me, I barely even notice that you are on that branch just above me and slightly to the right.

I will even chuckle at your adorable antics, and marvel at your skills in stick-sitting.

And of course if you are feeling as though you might like to frolic a bit down here on terra firma, I can always be counted upon to be up and ready for a good ol' frolic. Especially with you my squirrel-y friend. A FROLIC - yeah, that's what it would be. Just a lovely, little frolic. No thoughts of your imminent destruction or your tasty innards, just a frolic.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Longest Day

... so far.

One year ago today my life changed in a way that I never saw coming, and never thought could happen. On February 17th 2009, my dear husband Klaus woke up freezing cold and convulsing. The emergency crew arrived within minutes and took him to the hospital. I arrived a few minutes later to the news that my husband was going to die.

But Klaus was a tiger, and through the next 12 days he surprised everyone at the hospital - and around the world - with his determination, strength, and the overwhelming amount of love that poured his way. Although he could not communicate at all during that time, I know that he knew that I was there, that people (and dogs and cats) all over the world were pulling for him, and that his loyal dog Bogart would manage to charm his way into the ICU. The only real reactions he had were early on when I asked him for a kiss (I swear that his lips moved around his ventilator tube) and when Bogart visited and would kiss his hand. Not much - but priceless.

Anniversaries, special dates, holidays have hit me hard this past year. Understandable. But today has really torn me apart, remembering the day that this all started. They are memories that I treasure because they are of Klaus, yet they are absolutely horrible because of the outcome. Lots more crying than usual. The first day I really broke down at work and had to leave.

Anyone who says this gets easier as time goes by is full of shit (uh, I mean poop). At the beginning my brain was kind and anaesthesized me - everything hurt, but the pain was dull. Now some days it feels like getting a full-on root canal with no novocaine.


I truly don't know what I would do without Bogart and the kitties. They are truly the best medicine. This has been a year full of challenges, hardships, and all-out pain, but between the social interaction that Bogart forces me to have and the at-home forced cuddling that the kitties do (there is always someone on my lap or calculating a way into my lap) they keep me alive. Whether I like it or not.

Did I mention that I'd like my anaesthetic back?



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mmm... FIBER

Dog cannot live on meat and vegetables alone. Occasionally a visit to the outdoor salad bar is in order. Sometimes a little extra fiber is required in the diet.

I like my fiber the natural way - via eating sticks. The little ones are the crunchiest.

To get them into bite-sized pieces, simply place a mighty paw onto a large stick and use your jaws to pry the yummy smaller pieces off.

You may not find the tastiest pieces on the first try - so feel free to move all around that large stick to find the best bits.

This is the proper stance for stick destruction and eating:

More words of wisdom from Bogart Handsome Devil. I'm just here to help.



Sunday, February 14, 2010

Year of the Tiger... Cat

Kafka is particularly excited about today beginning the Year of the Tiger... you can just FEEL the excitement...

It is the Year of the Tiger Cat - Belly

Tiger Cats are the tubbiest sign on the zodiac, methodical in their purrsuit of food (especially from other cats' plates), intelligent deep inside that they choose to hide with a somewhat goofy demeanor. They sleep more than any other astrological sign because they are deep thinkers and imaginative players. They rarely jump and miss, for their internal upward-motion calculator is top-notch. Catnip can be a problem if they overindulge. They can be possessive of items they deem to be their own (if someone else is sitting on or playing with it). But more of a lover than a fighter.

I too am celebrating the Year of the Tiger - Cat with my favorite tiger striped blanket. If I'm not sleeping on mama, I'm sleeping on this.

Happy New Year everyone!



Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Welcome Year of the Tiger!!!


Bogart & Lulu

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Threat of Rain

The threat of rain here in Portland is pretty much constant. That is no reason to stay indoors, or to deny yourself a leisurely 5-hour walkie. At the risk of getting boring, mama and I again walked to Laurelhurst Park, despite the grey skies.

Now you see me...

Now you (almost) don't.

The trees are a bit bare, but there are still patches of green everywhere. Part of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

But I'm a bit too busy to slow down and appreciate nature at all times. Especially when nature calls!

While mama was waiting for me to finish pooping, she looked up and took this photo. Those trees are amazing...

And now for a little hide-and-go-seek. Spot the Dale!

Now lets get serious. There are cones here everywhere. BUT THESE ARE MINE

They're tasty and they belong to me. I have carried them for some time now.

If I can't scare off any potential interlopers then I'll just turn on the charm.

That works every time.