Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Excessive Heat Warning

That's how the diplomatic Weather Channel described today.  I'd just say that it's freakin' hot, again.  Too freakin' hot.  Way hotter than it should be.  Heat and humidity.  It makes me not even want to take my normal walkies.  Not a happy camper.

But wait, what is this?

Each day mama and I go to parks with fountains.  I get a good soak as she scoops up water with her hands and dunks it all over me, and she gets the benefit of a cooling mist as I shake out almost all of that water all over her directly after she does it.  Win-win.

I thought I might jump in this little one in the Magnolia Garden - no one was looking, but they seem to have put in an anti-jumping-in device that floats on the water for the foot or so that it is deep.  No fun at all.

Keep cool everyone!


Monday, May 30, 2011

Paying Respect

Doing my part.  We visited our local eternal flame - conveniently located right in my park - to pay our respects today.  Happy Memorial Day to all...


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Full 'Stache

I think that my mama has lost it. Look what she did today:

Yep, it's "inspired" by my sweet 'stache. I fail to see the resemblance. Mama you really need a hobby, or maybe some friends to be truthful with you about your little problems.

Ok, ok mama, you're FUNNY. Hilarious. A knee slapper.

But here is what a TRULY fine canine 'stache looks like:

Yes, that's right. Bask in the glory of it's goodness.

My flavor saver extraordinaire!




Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Mama has a few days off from that "work" thing she goes to on a regular basis - happiness for me because now rather than the paltry 2 1-hour walks per day I am in a position to demand at least 3. Really, could you resist this face?

Yeah, we have been saddling up for 3 full walkies per day.  It's really warm and sunny here, which tires us both, but that's no excuse for not walking.  I am also not a big fan of just sitting outside, so even if I'm draggin' my butt along, I want to walk.

And jump (when there are either sticks or cookies involved).

And I always like to keep sharp on my stickwork.

Especially as the larger sticks are getting harder to find here in the city (so many people are amazed at the fact that I find giant sticks here "in the big city" but hey, there are parks and trees everywhere!).

This is a nice size.  Long and light, well-balanced, few to no bumpy protrusions, and of course, portability.

Looks impressive, eh?  Piece of cake.

This is the face I bust out when mama starts to head for home.  Again - it makes no difference if I am already tired and/or hot.  As much as I enjoy sitting in front of my fan while chillin' at home (yes, I have my very own floor fan set up perfectly in front of my bed) going outside is the best.

Yeah, resistance is futile.  You humans can't help it.  My levels of cuteness are just too strong.  Don't fight it, GO WITH IT

Just follow me mama, I know the long way home.

Aiming straight ahead, eyes focused on taking the longest route home (as well as brain focused on passing as many doggie stores as possible within the current route), and of course chompers focused on keeping the stick at a level which can give me the widest swath of sidewalk.

See lazy mama?  You could be taking the train if you were walking alone.  But there's no reason for that, I am here to help keep you in shape.  I think that deserves a (dog) cookie, don't you?


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Walking With Ben

Ben Franklin, that is.  We're going to go see his "house".

But first I've gotta let everyone know that I've been here - sign the guestbook, as it were.

Very cool indeed.  Large metal structures that show where Ben's house was - without the pesky upkeep.  Lots of history here, Ben was quite a guy.

I'm not sure if Ben had a dog, but if he did I'm sure he would have let him run all around with wild abandon - as I plan to do right now.

You know, just to make sure that everything was ok, to provide excellent security for ol' Ben and all of his cool stuff.

I'm sure he would have been smart enough to have a nice little pond or something for his pup to cool down on a hot day in.  You know, after advising him on important matters and helping come up with all of those great ideas that he had.

Or maybe just a nice place to take a walk on a hot day.  Apparently the walkway just in front of me was the original one that he used to pass through on his way to, well, everywhere.

An odd thing, I think, to preserve, but you humans think of the weirdest things.

Long walks through history make me a thirsty boy.  So happy that I remembered my trough here in Old City...

Huh?  What do you mean this is for horses?  Really?

I shall watch him carefully, just to be sure that he's really supposed to be there.  And that he doesn't take all of my water.  Plus, he's HUGE up close I do admit to being a teeny tiny bit intimidated.

Run free my equine friend - nice to share a drink with you...

Now that I'm refreshed, I think it's time for more history.  Luckily here in Philadelphia, you find that pretty much everywhere.

This is Elfreth's Alley.  Been around since 1736.  Pretty darned old for something American.

For me that just means an extra few hundred years' worth of smells.  Which is never a bad thing.

Lets hear it for history!  And water!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Shadow Dancin'

Damn. Mama's trying to capture my shadow again.

I have other ideas. There is something irresistible here, for example.

Not sure...



Alright, alright. Try to capture the goodness of my shadow while I inspect this fire hydrant.

Finally, one good one. Now will you stop taking pictures and get down to the business of the evening walkie?

Oh mama, you're crazy. But I do love you...


Monday, May 16, 2011

Ebony and Ivory

Airedale... or Pointer?  When you smell something right, sometimes you've just gotta point.

Ok, how cute is this - two sets of doggies coming toward me, both with a black and white one.  Two terriers on the left, and two labs on the right.

These little guys were adorable - and fancy too!  Their mama was the Scotty winner at Westminster a few years ago according to their dad.  So it's like being in the presence of doggie royalty, eh?  Their little butts did smell awfully good.