Thursday, April 30, 2009

Going Out for Chinese

Ah yes... look who I've found! A GIRL AIREDALE!!!

I think she's the first girl Dale I've seen in Portland... all of the other Dales have been boys. Hubba Hubba!

Ah. She's pretty.

My attention was caught by this gentleman riding by... look who he has on his lap! A KITTY!!! You know how much I love the felines, so I went in for a big sniff. Lets just say that Kitty wasn't as into me as I was into him. No offense taken, he just doesn't know me well enough to appreciate a full body licking like my kitties at home do.

We thought we might stop at the supermarket again, but tonight instead of a vicious dog outside mama just got lazy (she said she was tired, but lets face it, she is lazy about cooking). Some Chinese food perhaps?

No worries mama, I'm here to help you decide. Even though I'm pretty darned sure you are not going to order anything here that I will like. I'm just not into that tofu stuff.

But the smell - even from outside - is intoxicating...

Making... me... HUNGRY...



Wednesday, April 29, 2009


After a very un-sunny start, this evening was actually rather nice. Even though mama still has a sore throat, I had to insist that the evening walkie was substantial.

We thought about stopping at the supermarket - but then discovered that there were some guys outside selling newspapers and they had several dogs with them, who just didn't look friendly. So rather than leaving me outside with them, we walked on. But we still need to eat. If we can't get a frozen pizza, then the real thing will have to do. Lets make an escape - to Escape to New York Pizza on 23rd, shall we?

Mmm... mozzarella. Goodness.

And how about getting back to that substantial walkie? We walked all the way down to the river. They seem to be setting up tents for a Cinqo de Mayo festival (note to self - come back next week for some bueno chow).

A long walkie makes me feel all introspective. Some dogs see the glass as half empty, some dogs see it as half full. I prefer to see the world as a half full ferris wheel:

Yes, half full. Ferris wheel. That'll work.

Lets head home... I didn't get much of that tasty pizza and I think it's time to bust open a can.

Out of my way people! There is green tripe in my immediate future...



Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cruisin'... on a Sunday afternoon

Ah, the Bogcedes. My home away from home. I have always commandeered the back seat as my command module, but today I suddenly decided that I wanted to be in the co-pilot seat (where I always sat in the Bogie Beetle).

So rather than waiting until the car was stopped I just walked forward to claim my spot. Mama needs me as her navigator, after all, since we don't have GPS or anything...

More luxurious and comfy than the front seat of the Bogie Beetle, I must say. Generally this would be where dad would be sitting (or mama, if dad was driving). I feel kinda comfy here.

Yes... this will do nicely.

What mama? You say that you're kind of hungry? Well guess what, so am I. Where are we? Northeast Portland, eh. It's a little dreary outside right now, so lets find somewhere that we can both sit outside and that is kind of covered. I'm in.

Rather than driving around for hours and in circles, lets just go to Panera Bread. They have a nice outdoor patio where I am welcome and that is covered just in case it rains.

I'm feeling VERY protective of mama these days. If I'm not in her lap then I'm putting myself between her and pretty much anyone who comes close. Since I'm Man of the House now, I have to make sure that I take good care of her - dad would want me to.

See dad? I give her extra-big kisses for both of us.

I've got this Man of the House thing in the bag. We're both still in shock about everything that has happened, but I want to make sure that dad knows - I'M TAKING GOOD CARE OF MAMA FOR YOU.

Of course all of this love doesn't come without conditions. I'll take some of that tasty panini and a few ice cubes, please.

Mmm... tomato.

Lets finish up here, I'm ready for some adventure mama!

In reading through my recent comments, I was asked about the Green Tripe food that I've been eating. Voila - here is a photo of me posing with a can (ok, I'm eating but hey, that's posing isn't it?). The company that makes it is called Solid Gold, and we get ours at either the local pet store or Petco. Mama says that it's awesome because I always eat every single bit of it - I concur - but there is one caveat... IT STINKS. It is truly a unique kind of stink, if you've never smelled tripe well you're in for something very, very special. But it's good for me, creates excellent poop, and I like it. SOLD!



Thursday, April 23, 2009


Stuck in the car, lots of traffic, and what is that I hear?


Damn, but that really hurts the ears. I've got to get the right tone in my head so that I can sing the pain away...

Uh oh.


Much to the amusement of the guy in the truck next to us, I sang along with the slow-moving ambulance for almost a minute. Doesn't sound like a lot of time until you're next to me...

I've gotta sing until that sound is gone...



Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Oh, the agony of choice.

I'd like a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger please - hold the nasty ketchup.

I will wait patiently - sort of - until the Jack in the Box worker notices my adorable face sticking out of the window. Then I shall unleash the mighty bark so they understand exactly HOW HUNGRY I am.

Ah, the masterful junior bacon cheeseburger. Yum. While in the Bogcedes, I do a modified version of my patented burger-eating-technique. Yes the burger still falls from the sky and the wrapper opens as a napkin, but I have a habit of inhaling the burger more so than carefully picking which end to eat first.

I SAID NO KETCHUP AND THERE IS KETCHUP ON THIS CHEESEBURGER!!! Oh well... it's not like mama is going to eat it or anything...

On the way home we spotted some artwork. Since I am also a work of art, it seemed natural that I would pose in front of it while mama snapped a photo.

Ok, that's enough... this is interrupting my walkie time!

I spotted this, ahem, sculpture from a block away. It is just outside of PNCA the art school so I assume it's someone's project. But still I must investigate.

Uh, it smells funny.

I know - let me DIG into it - I'm sure the artist won't mind...



Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Guess who got a hairecut today? Spring is springing all over here in Portland (at least for a few days), and that means it must be time for me to lose some fuzz. So mama dug through a bunch of boxes and found the rakes. Usually this was dad's job - to de-fuzz me - but mama does a really good job. She rubs my butt a lot during the process so I almost fall asleep as the fuzz magically separates from my skin.

Today's deforestation produced this:

Almost bigger than my head, but now I've lost a lot of my scruffy "ruff" and you can actually see my eyes now.

Today was going to be supermarket-shopping-excursion day, so we drove over to the east side. But it got hot fast, and mama didn't want to have to leave me in the car while she shopped. So the day wouldn't be wasted, I suggested another romp in Laurelhurst Park.

And no time in the park would be complete without some pine cone action. On the search, sometimes you find pine cones..

And sometimes you find stinky tennis balls...

But when the cones are good, they are very, very good.

Marauding dogs and humans had better keep their distance as I will fiercely guard my stash.

I'm sure you understand.

I can be fast and furious if another doggie tries to muscle in...

To the victor goes the spoils!

Dirty foamy tongue = HAPPY AIREDALE TERRIER

Wanna kiss mama?