Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spreading the Love

I love you mama...

I mean, not all the time, there are occasionally some things you do that make me a little crazy or a little annoyed, there have been times when I wanted to go one way and you wanted to go another, and those times when I wanted to sniff a cute doggie's butt and you pulled me away, and the times when I wanted to fight with some other doggies and you put a stop to that, and the times that you've embarrassed me in public by kissing me a little too much, and of course there is the ongoing issue of you hugging me just a little too much, and sometimes my dinner is late because you forget to turn on the crockpot, and occasionally my tiger blanket isn't in exactly the place that I want it to sleep on...

Just kidding - I LOVE YOU MAMA

No, seriously. I LOVE YOU MAMA. No matter what. We're a team. The Gruesome Twosome (plus 5, but nothing is really as catchy when trying to go along with Seven-some). Thanks for all the adventures...



Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beating the Heat

It seems to strange to complain about the heat (when I've most recently complained that it has been raining non-stop for months) but this sudden jump to the 80 degree mark is putting a cramp in my walkie-style.

Mama and I both are feeling it - even though I got a major hair strip in the last few days, I'm still getting tuckered out just doing our regular walkies. I did get a spiffy new thermos of my very own for our walks (much better than a water bottle because a thermos has it's own cup, you see) and now mama's thinking I might need to get a cooling vest to keep me cool enough for when we move to the east coast.

I love ya mama for thinking of ways to keep me comfy... and for understanding that less walkies are NOT a valid option...



Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lake Tai Rock

Woo-hoo! It's STILL summer! For more than a day! It's CRAZY...

Time to head down to the waterfront with all of the other hot and steamy folks here in Portland who aren't yet used to the heat.

I thought I might like to jump in until I remembered that the Willamette is deep and dirty. Fun to run the paws through, but that's about all. So I busied myself watching some overly-tan people whizzing by in a bright orange speedboat. Again and again and again.

You would think that if someone was going to keep going by - because obviously they knew they were being watched (that boat was LOUD) - they would do something either different or interesting at least once. And you would be wrong.

We don't normally walk through SW Portland past the main downtown area, but today we were feeling like explorers...

And we found this: Lake Tai Rock. Just in front of City Hall in a lovely, shady park. A gift from Portland's sister city in China. It is a large, irregularly-shaped rock with a lovely pool of water.

Which I found FASCINATING. These plants must be kind of special because they don't just get to sit in still water, they have their own gurgler. Yes, I understand that gurgler is not a word. But really, that's what it was.

Did I mention that it was FASCINATING? Not only did that water water feel good on my toasty paws, but that gurgler was driving me insane.

Behold - the large, irregularly shaped rock.

As well as this smaller cousin-rock.

Did I mention that I found this FASCINATING???

Who knew that mama was filming? So yes, you can see my little freak-out, and realize that you too would do the same.



Thursday, June 24, 2010



I've almost forgotten what a day without rain is like. Almost. Not quite, tho. I am SO HAPPY that it's not cold and rainy today!

Mama and I are reconsidering my h-aire-do at the moment. Now that it looks like the worst of our cold and rainy days may be behind us for awhile, I think a little more deforestation is in order. A little manscaping. Nothing too drastic, just enough so that I won't feel like I'm always carrying around an extra fur coat with me everywhere I go.



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a Week it Was

Time flies when I'm not blogging...

I've spent the past week still doing normal, everyday dog things, like watching this little bird's excellent worm-catching technique (lots of worms out here in rainy Portland)...

Checking out new and exciting flowers in full bloom from all of our recent rain...

Mind the bumblebees!

And avoiding enraged crows intent on preventing me from walking past their special spots. This one was SERIOUS, not only was he squawking his feathery head off, he dive-bombed me and mama several times. His aim is flawed, thankfully.

Here he is working out the coordinates for yet another unsuccessful diving mission. Ha ha my winged friend, VICTORY IS MINE every time you miss me and one of those times you may fly a little too close to my waiting mouth and then who's your daddy, eh?

This just made me and mama laugh. It was a mini trailer.

Still love me?

Hehehe - you silly humans are POWERLESS TO RESIST! I will not deprive the world of my fuzzy mug for such a long time again, I know your delicate hearts cannot stand it.



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Beautiful Game

Bogart is multi-talented. More than I knew. And yes, there's video:

He is apparently watching World Cup games while I'm at work. Getting inspired. At least one of us can!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

I am not a Poodle

But I DO love them...

Especially the girlie poodles. I am also not a doodle-anything or anything-doodle. Despite the fact that many humans have never seen anything as cute as me and most assume that I am a "something"-doodle.

With another day of sunshine promised by the weatherman, we thought we'd get in a full day of walking - so it's off to the eastside!

On the eastside walkie, one of my favorite places is this parking lot. It has a spectacular pine tree which always produces the most excellent cones in large numbers.

I can catch a few, and relax for a moment to contemplate the rest of my walkie.

And of course I can get in a little exercise - you know, circuit training...

A little back and forth, side to side action.

Some flexibility training...

And some cardio.

Then a few moments of relaxation.

Before we head out to Laurelhurst Park!

Come on mama, you're lagging behind!

Pond is still green, still full of ducks and geese.

And Airedales posing majestically.

We will definitely miss this park. While a little far away from where we live, it's always worth the walkie.

And of course the folks who put out the free bucket of doggie water.

Thank you Portland for a great summer day!