Thursday, October 13, 2005

I have a name!!!!!

It's been funny listening to my new mom and my new dad talk about a name for me. Dad keeps calling me Gooby for some weird reason (is that even a name? certainly not a name for a sophisticated pup like me....), and mom is at the computer pretty constantly trying to find doggie names. I guess it's not that easy.

I just call them mom and dad.

But it's kind of funny to watch them argue about my name. With dad, everything sounds kind of like Gooby. He has a funny accent, so I can't always tell what he's saying. Mom is obsessed with gothic things, so she keeps coming up with crazy names that I've never heard of. I didn't expect that I'd get a name anytime soon.

But today that changed. Mom and dad both suddenly came up with my new name: Bogart. Like Humphrey Bogart (some big movie star that I've never heard of - hey, I'm only 2 months old). Apparently a short version of Bogart is Bogey - which is kind of like Gooby to my doggie ears - but they seem to call me Bogart when I'm doing something they don't want me to do, and Bogey the rest of the time.

That's okay with me!


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