Thursday, June 29, 2006

Loving the Mailman

Well, first day post-foxtail, and I must say that I'm definitely a little woozy-er than I was the last time this happened. It might have something to do with the heat - it's verrrrrrrrry hot here now - making me antsy but tired. I was definitely feeling a little sorry for myself this morning.

But then there was a knock at the door - which I answered with my best big boy bark to let mom know that someone was there - so mom opened the door and there was a package. No mailman (I've already scared away a few others with my big, booming voice, they throw the package down and run... amateurs) just a package. Mom picked it up and then looked at me.

It's for you Bogart!

Wheeeeeeeee! I had no idea that I could actually receive a package but there it was... addressed to me (address blurred so that the pupperazzi don't find me at home with curlers in my hair of course). Mom handed it to me and I naturally ripped it open... something smelled awfully good inside.

It was a Greenie! A big one! FOR ME!!!!!

I looooooove my Greenies. I was jumping, and doing my Aire-dance, wiggling my butt like James Brown. Mom opened the package for me and there it was in all it's Greenie-ness...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the coupons are FASCINATING mom if you say so...

It took only a few minutes to devour that beautiful Greenie, but at least that was a few minutes that I wasn't thinking at all about my sore paw.

Thank you Greenies! That was an awfully nice free sample that I got!



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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Riding the Foxtail-Go-Round

Ok, I feel like crap. Mom was pointing the camera in my face but lets just say that I didn't feel much like being photographed (odd, I know). I think my fur looks funny after a day of recouperation.

Yes, I did have another foxtail, it's official. I got to see my very favorite vet again, and was all excited when he came into the room. Until I realized that this meant I was going back to the place with the mask that makes me all woozy. And then waking up with my paw hurting more than it did when I went in, and all confused.

Luckily mom didn't make me wait long, she came and scooped me up not long after I woke up. I was so excited to see her I almost busted a stitch or two. Whew - I didn't - so we went outside where I quickly took the opportunity to poop. Then she helped me get into the Bogart-mobile and took me right home. I'm on happy puppy pain medication now, so I'm sleepy and suddenly that throbbing in my paw doesn't seem so bad...

More tomorrow on the evils of foxtails once I wake up (I anticipate LOTS of sleeping)...



Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Here We Go Again...

Ah, crap.

Looks like I may have another foxtail - this time in my other front paw, just between my toes, exactly like the last one. How is that even possible? Mom checks me thoroughly every single time we come home after a walk. I could feel something kinda growing for the last few days and was licking my paw, even mom noticed and was trying to trim the fur between my toes to see what I was trying to get at. But it looked like nothing, however it didn't feel like nothing.

And now today it's all puffy again. Just like the last one. Except on the other paw. Mom and dad are going to wait a little this time to see if it tries to come out on it's own so that I can avoid another surgery.

I wonder if we still have any socks left...



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Monday, June 26, 2006

"Eddie" at the Rainbow Bridge


Awwwww shucks.....

The terrier who played Eddie on Frasier (Moose!) has passed on.




Sunday, June 25, 2006

Harnessing Bogie Energy

Ah, the dog park. I haven't been able to indulge in some canine interaction on a regular basis for awhile now since dad fell and hurt his paw. I mean, mom takes me a few times a week and all, but it's never a guarantee these days as there are soooo many things that she has to take care of.

So this morning I woke her up bright and early (oh, I'm sure she likes it) and dragged her butt to the dog park. At first we were the only ones there! Woo-hoo! An all Airedale park just for me!!!!!! But then other dogs and people showed up, and I actually was really relaxed and just played with everyone.

It didn't even bother me today when Dave was sucking up to mom at the same time that I was trying to!

Of course the biggest disappointment was that my Airedale buddies weren't there... Kermit seems to have something in his paw (gosh, I hope it's not a foxtail!!!) and since he wasn't feeling well they didn't make it. Hope you're all better soon Kermit!!! I need you to kick my butt around and make me run at the dog park!!!

On the way home I could tell that mom was up to something. She had that evil glint in her eye. Made me a little nervous. And my fears were confirmed: she pulled out a new car harness for me to wear that she got on one of her last trips to the adult Disneyland: Target.

While I have to admit that it's pretty sporty, I'm not really thrilled about wearing it. It's a size large and just barely fits around my manly muscled chest. And the bit that goes into the seat belt just isn't long enough for a big dog, so mom is going to get crafty and rig up something herself (uh oh) so that I can sit, stick my head out of the window, and not go flying through the windshield if she has to stop quickly. Apparently every other person driving a car here in Los Angeles is an idiot and doesn't know how to drive (according to mom) so we have to be careful.

I suppose I appreciate the concern...



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Friday, June 23, 2006

Unidentified Freaking Object

OK, I'm really not liking those big booming sounds that are going on all over my neighborhood. Last night on my late-nite peepee walk, I heard a big one and tried to run away as fast as I could... with mom attached, of course. Apparently I almost took her arm with me - but not her. Oops.

Why do humans do these sort of things? You'd really think that for creatures at the top of the proverbial food chain and with overdeveloped brains (opposable thumbs... overrated) they wouldn't be so fascinated with things going BOOM. It's really amazing, watching them "ooooh" and "aaaah" at these ridiculously loud sounds.

I've been warned that this nonsense will continue for some weeks as the country is celebrating it's birthday. Well I say lets just get out the cake already, the hell with the exploding things!

Today when I was cowering, uh hiding, from more of those evil sounds, I saw the oddest thing that also scared the bejeezes out of me. It was a large, floating thing, and it slowly whirred over our house. I watched it for some time until mom noticed what I was doing, then I tried to act all cool like it didn't bother me (oh boy did it bother me) and that I was just trying to catch it. Then as she looked outside I took the opportunity to scoot back inside.

What was it? The Goodyear Blimp, of course!



Thursday, June 22, 2006

Like a Chicken With it's Head Cut Off

Mom was soooooooo busy today.

I got to go out for lots of short trips rather than a long one, which was ok (it's still blindingly hot here) and I did get to see pictures of dad's Franken-foot (ewww, it's scary-looking even for me) because he went to the doctor today. He's getting better and walking around a little more on the crutches, and I'm spending a lot of time with him in bed watching tv. He's a COOL dad.



Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Wow, does this summer thing ever end? I mean, I know that it's technically just started but..... DAMN. It's warm. Ever-lovin' warm. Way-too-freaking warm. If I could sweat like you humans do I'd be perpetually damp, but luckily for mom it's mostly concentrated on my fabulous beard.

We did go for a stroll in the park later this afternoon - thankfully mom is as afraid of the noontime sun as I am, so we don't venture out at high noon anymore.

This means more sleeping time for me, which I'll happily take advantage of.

I kept asking the horses how they do it... everytime I come over here to visit them they're outside in the hot sun. And they don't seem particularly bothered, they're just cool characters.

After the mini-romp in the park mom threw me back in the car (yes, I didn't want to get inside it was even hotter in that all-black VW capsule she calls a car) and we went over to the Silverlake Car Wash. Mom kept threatening to turn on the water with the windows open so that she could wash the car and me at the same time... I say BRING IT ON MOM, I need to cool down. But then she didn't. Oddly enough sanity overcame her (which doesn't happen all that often) and she just got quarters for laundry.

But mom, I'm up for it if you wanna give me the car wash treatment next time!!!



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Monday, June 19, 2006

Hi Ho Silver!

For me!!!!

My other blog ( has won the Silver Award of Excellence from the American Association of Webmasters! It’s fantastic to see that all of my hard doggie work has been noticed and appreciated.

Thank You Thank You Thank You



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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Ohmygosh, that was FUN!

A very long day in which mom dragged my butt all over town... first we got to the dog park - early for a change - then we had some errands to do, then we went to Lovebirds Cafe in Pasadena for a sandwich, then we walked around Pasadena for a little while...

Then mom went out without me - I was cross until I realized a few hours later that she had brought dad home!!! Well, I was so excited they had to lock me in another room when he came in (don't worry, I did manage to find a pair of mom's shoes to begin the destructive process on in the meanwhile). I'm soooo happy he's home, I cannot begin to tell you. I missed him soooo much, and even though he's got a bandage on his leg (well, it's a MUCH bigger one than I had, mom wasn't kidding about his being much worse than mine was) he's happy to see me too.

But no time for long emotional reunions, it was time to get back in the car for the Dogfest! I had no idea of where we were going and mom pulled up at a house I haven't been to before. I thought things were a little odd, until... our friend Marieke popped her head outside! Woo-hoo we were at Marieke's house! And that can only mean one thing...


We went inside and there were all my best Airedale buddies!!! They have a great house and a fantastic backyard that I began to explore. We didn't stay long because we had p-l-a-n-s...

So back into the car and off to Griffith Park near the Old Zoo. We had a nice little hike in the hills (4 Airedales at once!!!) with our moms trying valiantly to keep us from stopping at the many "all you can eat buffets" (that's piles of horse shit for the uninitiated). Fun and I got a tiny bit tired. I was really impressed at my Airedale buddies, they walked so perfectly together and weren't nearly as distracted as I was...

So then it was off to the Dogfest at the Autry Museum. We parked, mom forgot things in the car not once but TWICE... then we entered. Well, you would have thought that big Hollywood movie stars had just arrived. 4 spectacular Airedales walking amongst our public, we cut quite a pretty picture and everyone loved us!!! I of course used the opportunity to catch as much petting as I could and made it clear to everyone who came by exactly who the 10-month old was.

We sat on a blanket to watch the movies, but I was more interested in the field full of other dogs. Yes I was barking, and yes I was distracted, and yes ok I wasn't on my best behavior... but the other Airedales made up for it for me by sitting and being beautiful. So it was a success.

It was so much fun that I'm ready for the next one... and to spend more time with my Airedale buddies so that they can teach me to be the best Airedale I can be!!!!!!!



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Friday, June 16, 2006

Aire Dry

Boy was it H-O-T here today... too hot for this Airedale. Mom's been so busy helping dad and taking care of things that it was difficult to explain to her that I was SO FREAKING HOT. It took her almost a whole day, but then the light bulb went on in her teeny human brain and...

SHE GAVE ME A SHOWER! Brought me into the shower with her and got me all soaked. Yes, I protested vigorously at the beginning, but then once it dawned on me that yes, this feels really good to be cool and wet, I actually started to enjoy it.

I always end each trip to the shower stall with a full-on "Aire Dry". That's where I speed out of the shower as soon as the door opens, running at top speed through the entire apartment. Nothing can get in my way as I run willy-nilly giving myself a true air drying. I'll lay down on occasion, rubbing myself into the carpet or on whatever is nearby, I'll make a leap on the couch to try to rub myself dry on the pillows, heck I've even tried to rub myself against the cats in my bid for sweet drying freshness...

Note to self: Cats don't play that game very well.

The weirdest thing happened - mom took some photos of me running around but when she was trying to take them off of the camera to put them up here for the world to enjoy, they disappeared off of the memory card. Oooooo, spooky. So no photos as now it's too dark to take 'em.

So I feel pretty good now, and I hear that dad is coming home tomorrow! I've been told that I have to contain my excitement because he's got a big ol' bandage on his leg, but I know I'm gonna be so excited mom's going to have to have me tied down!!!



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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Getting a Leg Up

Wow, I've never seen mom move sooooo fast... maybe she's not as lazy as I've given her credit for lately.

Dad is still in the hospital and mom had a lot of stuff to do this morning before she went to visit him. I tried my best puppy-dog eyes to make her take me with her to see dad, but she explained that doggies just aren't allowed in hospitals. Huh? There didn't seem to be any issue when I had to go get the anal probing at "my" hospital, and they even allowed humans to go in there...

Yet another injustice that I must fight against.

And speaking of fighting, I have to say that I've been feeling a little too aggressive lately. Especially for mom's taste. In the last coupla days as soon as I've gotten to the dog park I've been picking fights. Mom's not sure why - heck, even I'm not sure why - but something must be done. Granted I still have my fuzzy balls so I might tend to be a little protective at times, but mom thinks it's more than that. That it goes deeper into my fuzzy little hammer head. I'm not sure, but I've been warned that we're going to "work on it". Uh oh, that's never good.

So mom went to see dad and when she finally got home I got to go for my daily walk. I thought my bladder was going to burst because she took so long, but luckily I was able to hold it just long enough. We took a nice walk over by the horses and through the park, not too long because it's still sooooo hot here, but enough to get in a good canine workout.

Then when we got home I got a surprise - mom got me a HUGE bone as a present for being such a good boy and protecting dad yesterday! Yippee! Me likey getting presents...

But even without the present I would still have protected dad. He's my bestest buddy...



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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Bad Break

It's been an awful day.

First I got into a few little "disagreements" with two Rottweilers at the dog park this morning. So rather than having them escalate into something serious, mom and dad took me out and we had a long walk. That was ok.

Then for my afternoon walk, dad took me for a long one. We got to run through the sprinklers and everything! But then dad had a really bad accident... he fell down an incline in the mud and broke his leg. He had to call mom and an ambulance, it was crazy! Mom got there super fast to take care of dad (and we were in the middle of the park and she found us!).

I stayed with dad the whole time and sat like a good boy. I could tell that he was hurting and he needed me to take care of him. So I did, I stayed right next to him the entire time. Then when mom came she took my leash and we both let the firemen take care of dad.

Mom just got home (it's really late for her to get home) and told me that dad is going to be ok. He's having surgery like I did when I had my foxtail removed, but his is bigger and hurts more.




Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tag... I'm It!

Today I was presented with a shiny new copper-colored nametag. My old tag had gotten very worn out (can't imagine how that happened) and you couldn't read it (well, those of you who actually can read - that's not high on my to-do list) anymore. So I needed a new one.

Mom had to blur out our telephone number - and a good thing too - otherwise my fans would be calling me day in and day out, wanting advice, asking personal questions, and generally getting a little piece 'o me. And until I learn how to operate the telephone (believe me, I'm working on it) it just won't be a good thing. If everytime someone calls and it's for me and not for mom, she will start to get cranky.

Mom went to Petco WITHOUT ME (bitter, party of one) but I was pleasantly surprised that she sprang for the Deluxe model rather than the cheapie. The copper tone goes really well with my fuzz, better than the old red one or with the cheapie super-goldtone one that I thought she would get.

So in a bid to forgive her for not taking me along, I allowed her to take me for a long walk outside. It's really hot again today, so I did take pity on her and waited to enforce this until later in the day. Hence some of the shadows in the pictures.

I really like to run through the tall grass - well what's left of it - it's getting very brown now and is almost gone compared to what it was a few weeks ago.

This is where I get my foxtails picked out - the first picking, a final one happens once we're back in the house - to avoid another trip to anaesthesia-land. I'm all for that and stand at attention while mom picks away. But first she has to remind me and coerce me down the incline.

Yes, I DO love my new tag mom, thanks for making me look good in front of my buddies!



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Sunday, June 11, 2006

I'm the Cool Site of the Day!!!

Dog Cool Site of the Day!


My "other" blog is today's Cool Dog Site of the Day on! I'm joining an esteemed group of other great dog sites, thank you so much for choosing me!!!!



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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dogfest Film Festival


Take your dog to the movies!!!

Dogfest Film Festival
June 17th, 2005
Autry National Center (Griffith Park)
4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles

Doors open at 6 pm, Films screened at sundown

Tickets $15 (Canines and kids under 12 free!!)

This is an outdoor event - please bring your own blankets or chairs. All dogs must be on (non-retractable!) leashes!

A night of independent dog-related films under the stars! Proceeds benefit PAWS/LA. For more info:

I'll be there!!!!!!



Yes, I've got the World Cup fever, can you tell? I've just discovered how much fun it can be to have a ball kicked to me that I can grab.

I was playing at the dog park with a big ball, then dad found this one... just my size!

This is my newest buddy at the dog park named Tashi - isn't he adorable???? These are the many moods of Tashi...



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Just Another D-a-a-a-y

I start pretty much every day in the park behind my house... collecting foxtails on my paws, peeing on as much as I can, and finding new ways to creatively "ignore" mom and dad.

We spend a lot of afternoons at Corner Bakery - mostly just me and mom - getting a sandwich and being admired (well, SHE gets the sandwich and I get admired).

Then we hop in the car and I ride shotgun, catching some breeze in my 'stache, directing traffic, and of course, being admired.

Then some more time in the park for further human training... that's the basics.



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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Aha Grasshopper

Gee, I thought today was going to be uneventful. It started out with the “June Gloom” that I’ve become verrrry fond of… keeps it from getting boiling hot here and making me pant.

Then we had to go to the mechanic because mom’s car sort-of overheated last night when she went out with one of her friends (that’s what you GET mom, for leaving me at home while you go out to party!).

For some strange reason I am suddenly very afraid of the mechanic and his dog, Ferocious. She was really MY GIRL for quite awhile, but now that I haven’t seen her for a bit I was really, really nervous so I opted to stay in the car. After dad pulled me out against my will, we drove home in his car to wait for the Beetle to get fixed.

Apparently mom is crazy (in more ways than one) because the mechanic couldn’t find anything wrong with her car or tell her why the evil overheating light went on. But he did figure out what was wrong with the drivers’ side lock, so we went to the Volkswagen dealer to buy a part. I really, really wanted to go inside with mom and dad, I thought I could be very helpful in persuading the parts guy to maybe give us a discount, but alas I had to sit in the car. Again, thank you June Gloom.

But then it cleared up so a hike in the park was in order! I ran into a lot of doggies today (looks like a lot of dogs had the same idea to drag their humans into the park today) which was great fun. And all of them were friendly and didn’t seem to mind my enthusiasm.

Then something really funny happened. A giant bug landed on dad’s shoulder! He looked around at first like something had hit him, but before he could see what it was mom pulled out her camera and was taking pictures. Cool, huh? Of course don’t get that thing anywhere near me, thank you very much…

So at home dad and I snuggled nose-to-nose. He’s the BESTEST dad…



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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Woofstock Canada

A Festival For Dogs!

St. Lawrence Market Neighborhood, Toronto

Saturday & Sunday June 10th & 11th

See all the info here:

Looks like fun!!!!!!!



Monday, June 05, 2006

Where's Bogie?

Hm... looks like my server is having some issues. All day today I haven't been able to access

Don't they know that the world needs me? That the sun may not rise in the morning if I am not available online? That my stories are just that important?

Well, I've notified them in any case. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow morning for my first pee of the day this won't be an issue.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Morning Dog Park

Here I am illustrating exactly how filthy a tennis ball can possibly get at the dog park. Just for the benefit of others, of course. Notice the tongue...

I got to spend some quality time this morning with my buddies at the dog park... sorely needed as I've been cooped up for so long now. And no sock to weigh me down!

Those fantastic Airedales were there which I love... it was really funny because mom kept trying to take pictures of them and...

This is what you get when you try to take a picture of an Airedale running toward you...

If you're lucky you can get this lovely shot of their tail as they go by...

So sometimes it's easier to focus on the doggies who actually sit still. Like Miso, the French Bulldog...

Yes, it's Miso's world and we all just orbit around her greatness

And of course Buster, my best pit-bull friend

Time to sleep - again - it's gonna be a hot one again today!



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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hot in the City

Again for those who've missed it.... Mom is lazy.

Because she likes to sleep so much, we managed to miss my Airedale buddies by literally a minute this morning, which was very disappointing as I've missed them sooooo much! But at least we got their parking spot!

Another broiling hot day here, I'm really glad I got my haircut recently. This evening I was watching mom clean something that I've never seen before. It's big, it sits on the floor, and it's silver-y. She spent a lot of time cleaning all of the dust and dirt off of it (I helped by carrying away the dirty paper towels, but I felt that she wasn't as grateful for the help as she could have been). When it was ready she plugged it in and turned it on.

Well. That was exciting.

It started to blow air at me - kind of like being in the car with my head hanging out the window - but I'm still not really sure about this thing. It made another large fan-thing on the ceiling move, which really freaked me out.

Although it does feel a tiny bit cooler in here, I'm still not sure. More investigation is needed.



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Friday, June 02, 2006

Ding Dong the Stitch is Dead

Which oh stitch? The DAMN STITCHES IN MY PAW!!!!

Can you tell that I'm excited? You should have seen me burst out of the vets office... they're OUT!!!!

To celebrate we did a quick tour around the dog park - not too long because mom didn't want to risk anything happening so soon after the stitches are out (hey, even I can't argue with that logic). And since it was later than usual I didn't even see most of the dogs that I like to play with in the mornings, and the dogs I did see were grumpy and I had a few little tiffs. So it was time to go.

Did I mention that I'm excited that the stitches are gone?!?!



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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Summertime and the Living is... Easy?

Wow, is this what summer is like?

According to mom, I was born in August in Virginia. I haven't really experienced a full summer yet. It does seem to be getting hotter and hotter and hotter outside, and I've noticed that I'm tired an awful lot of the time (mom doesn't seem to think this is such a bad thing, I really cannot figure out why).

Today everyone must have been tired - even the camera - because all the photos were fuzzy. Well not cute fuzzy like I am, fuzzy like really fuzzy unusable and what-the-hell-are-you-putting-that-on-the-internet kind of fuzzy. So no photos today, just lots of panting.

Hm. Summer. In Los Angeles. Which is basically a desert. Hm.



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