Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Man and his Stick

My midday walkie in pictures:



To Aire is Divine

Monday, May 28, 2007

Getting Tagged..

Ok, I admit it.

I've been a BAD BOY.

I've been tagged like a gazillion times in the last week or so by so many cool doggies for so many cool things and I just haven't been able to get it together to put up some fun posts. It's not that I don't want to, it's more that mom is just so lazy (she always uses the word busy rather than lazy but to me it's the same thing) and rather than doing something just half-heartedly, she and I would rather just spend some time reading other doggies blogs.

Hey, maybe the world doesn't revolve around me after all!




To Aire is Divine

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Slumming in Santa Monica

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday... and mom and I are wandering around trying to figure out something fun to do. Somewhere that we haven't been for awhile, where we can walk around and stop to eat outdoors.

Since we almost never wind up at the beach area (and oddly, most beaches here do not allow dogs) mom thought we might as well go - there is the Third Street Promenade which is a walking outdoor mall (yes we have a LOT of those in LA) that's just 3 blocks from the ocean. Let's go!

We walked around and of course I got a LOT of attention - we even ran into a few other Airedale People which is always cool... they chat with mom about the fun and challenges of having Airedales (wait... there are challenges???) and rub my head and butt. Me likey.

Then we went down and walked along the Pacific Coast Highway for a bit - again, avoiding the beach lest we be ticketed for the evil of walking a perfectly civilized dog (I write my own blog, for goodness' sake) on the sand.

Some of those so-called Hollywood-party-girl-starlets could learn a thing-or-two from the way I roll... after a long, hard day of partying I just call my chauffeur (ahem, mom) and have her drive me home. This way no matter if I've eaten or drank too much, who I've sniffed, or what I've rolled in (don't ask), the paparazzi never catch me and I get to sleep in the back seat all the way home. Ah....



To Aire is Divine

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Goin' to the Grove

Ah, the weekend is here! After a leisurely walk around the Echo Park lake (gotta check in to see that all of the ducks are still there and of course, poop) mom and I were discussing where we should go for lunch.

Mom and I haven't been to The Grove for awhile, so off we went in the Bogie-Beetle.

Alas - the bane of my existence - the batteries in the camera died quickly after we'd sat down at Johnny Rocket's for some evil vegetarian grilled cheese sandwich (really, how can she eat that stuff?) so there aren't nearly as many fun photos as I'd hoped for.

But it was fun - and tiring - it's pretty warm outside again today. And because it's the weekend it seemed like every person on the west side of LA was at The Grove today. A lot of them were at the movie theatre, but even more were walking around the outdoor mall, getting in my way. More dogs being carried than walking on leashes, which is so weird to me (I'd love to test out having mom carry me around sometime).

I just tucked into a can of my yummy Solid Gold Green Tripe so now I'm ready to sleep. In bed next to mom. Because SOMEBODY has to keep her warm and safe while dad is in Austria!!!

Just doin' my job dad, mom promises there will be no Bogie-dirt in the bed when you get back...



To Aire is Divine

PS - Sending out lots of Bogie-love and Aire-Zen for my dad's brother Dieter who had a bad accident... I hope you're ok!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Peeing on Pasadena

It seems that there is still work to do as far as whipping mom into shape. Yes we take many smaller walks, but I haven't taken her on the full Pasadena tour (approx. 3 miles) in awhile. And of course it's better to do this when it's really warm outside and she has a full backpack (for her upper body workout, naturally). So today was that day...

My intestines seems to be functioning at a much better level on the whole recently, and well there is just no other way to say it - I'm pooping up a storm. Good, healthy poop, but instead of my old once a day regimen now it's anywhere from 3-5 times. Mom likes that they're well-formed and easy to pick up, but lets just say that she still has a way to go in the always-prepared-with-poopie-bags department.

For some reason I really like to poop all over Old Town Pasadena. Whenever we walk along the sidewalks with their cafes and trendy shops my butt gets working. I particularly enjoy the looks on diners faces after they've made the universal "ohmygosh, isn't he adorable" face to the one they make when I get into kangaroo position and take a nice, healthy dump right on the sidewalk in front of them as their entree arrives. Ah, life is g-o-o-d...

After a long walk a boy needs a little rejuvenation, so a stop at the water fountain is a must. I'll lap up a little, but there are so many people around that I wanna sniff, and so many opportunities to leave pee-mail that I just wanna GO!

So anyway, we both survived the long walk and I slept on the way home, happy in the knowledge that I have a relatively well-trained mom.

To Aire is Divine

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Byeee Daddy-o

My dad is now in Austria for a few weeks, which to me means that I have to work harder and focus all of my energies on mom - for my pawsonal gain, that is.

I have the bite-the-inner-thigh thing down (for when I want to go outside), and I am pretty expert at the tilt-the-head-to-the-side thing (for when I want to go outside). I’ve even perfected the body-slam-into-the-front-door thing (for when I want to go outside). But with dad gone, I feel like I have to do more

I must be firm. I must not let her think that she can slack off in dad’s absence. What does it matter that she works two jobs, her priorities must be firmly in place, and we must go outside… often.

The day started out well - a nice morning walkie in the park. For those following my poop news, today I was an absolute machine with 5 poops, all looking sausage-like. No gravy, not too soft-serve. Kinda creamy.

Then for my mid-day walk mom thought we’d try to see if we could get into Griffith Park. This is the park we used to walk and hike in all the time until the gigantic fire they had not long ago.

Apparently they don’t trust us because we weren’t allowed anywhere near our old parking or hiking area. So mom had to think fast…

We decided to walk along the road from the LA Zoo back through the park. Fantastic! All new terrain to sniff and leave pee-mail for other doggies. Inside the fence there were lots of people hitting little balls around, I got excited thinking I could play that game, but they all looked too serious. They were riding around in little clown cars that sounded like lawn mowers and wearing funny hats. Mom said they were “golfers” - uh, ok. They won’t let me play with their balls so what good are they to me?

It was pretty darned warm, so we walked back to the car for a refreshing beverage.

Then for my final daytime walkie, we just went into the park behind my building. I saw s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g…

Neither mom nor I could figure out what it was but it was getting me all hot and bothered. I had to take out my nervous energy somewhere, or on someone, or on something…

Gophers!!! I was this close to bagging one today…

So dad, rest assured that I am up to the challenge of being MAN OF THE HOUSE while you’re gone.



To Aire is Divine

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Foxtails... the beard's natural enemy.



To Aire is Divine

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Viva Cuba

Today dad and I (and Heidi!) went to the Echo Park lake for the Cuban Festival... talk about fun!

Ok, the music was a wee little tiny bit loud for me, but there were LOTS of people and LOTS of doggies!!! I was in a friendly mood, so dad let me sniff pretty much everybody.

These dalmation puppies were soooo adorable, I've never seen a dog with spots like that before (my cat Behemoth has spots, but hey, he's a CAT).

This little guy was a little terrified of me (guess I looked like Godzilla to him), but once I got in a good butt sniff to determine that yes, he was a dog, all was well.

Music, food, dancing... it was pretty darned cool. I had no idea there were so many Cubans here in Los Angeles but I've gotta say - me likey!



To Aire is Divine

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Performing Monkey

Because I'm sure that many of you are on pins and needles to hear the most important stuff first and enquiring minds need to know:


A little "soft serve", but not "gravy" (to use the humans' terms)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programme...

After work mom was hungry. Yes, really hungry. So hungry she could eat a wall (I was happy to help show her how to do this as I've done it many times myself). After working in the morning, she picked up dad and me and off we went to the Good Microbrew. We really do have to start getting more creative in where we go to eat... I mean, I like the outside patio and all but it seems like every time we go there is some problem with our food (ahem - they never have guacamole for mom's Coachella sandwich like it says on the menu, it's just sloppy to slice up some avocados and call it guacamole!) and mom and dad complain.

Anyhow... I got to meet another little cutie, this time a mini Schnauzer. She had the coolest eyebrows, I was really impressed, and of course since she thought I was tall, dark and handsome, I was intrigued. There was lots of table-to-table sniffing going on, and we shared a few bones that the waitress brought for us. I even showed the waitress how I can shake paws - she didn't believe it at first - but get me sitting down and then say "Guten Tag" and up goes my paw. Say "Auf Wiedersehn" and up goes my other paw. Say "High Five" and I'll give ya five. Earned me another bone so I was a happy camper.

I'm not a performing monkey, I'm a performing junkie (when treats are involved)!



To Aire is Divine