Monday, October 17, 2005

Raining Today

Wow, this is my very first thunderstorm - it's all dark and wet outside. Mom let me run out quickly to do my business this morning but she didn't want to come with me... that was odd. So I'm stuck inside for most of the day with mom at her office... this is my in my standard office position, what I do while she works.

So it's back into the car to go back to her office - today I suddenly started to hate my car harness for some reason. It was much more fun to bite it than to wear it.

It's basically my first day learning how to swim - and how to poop almost underwater - with what mom keeps saying is an uncharacteristic amount of rain. I really, really didn't want to poop at my normal time today - that rain is damn cold - even tho mom kept dragging me outside. It was kind of funny to tease her, to go into "kangaroo position" so that she thought I was finally going to poop, only to just sit down on my cute tush and tilt my head to the side in the universal "cute puppy" look.

I have a feeling it's going to be rather uneventful as I'm not going to be allowed to run in the mud. Ah well, maybe another day.


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