Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Dales

Ah, another fun and exciting Sunday at Mareike's, spending the afternoon with my Dale buddies...

We all had a great time, but of course most of my interest always seems to go to Kermit - the one-eyed Dale - who lets me hump my frustrations away. Thanks again man.

This time there was a guest dog - her name is Bree - she's the pretty striped girl and she has a very "special talent" with the hose.

All in all, a SUPER FUN day!!!



Wednesday, September 26, 2007

23 Squidoo

Nope, the title is not a typo.

I've started two new "lenses" on Squidoo - one about the Dog Blogging phenomenon, and one on the even more phenomenal Airedale Terrier Blogging phenomenon.

If you're a member of Dogs With Blogs I'd LOVE to include your blog on the Dog Blogging lens... mom just got started on it so it's still a little bare, so do let me know if I should put your blog up on there. And if you have galleries on FlickR or videos on YouTube let me know that too - I'd like to populate the site with ALL DWB material! Just leave me a comment here or on my Chatterbox or drop me an email - and I'll put yours up asap! Also for anyone already listed, I mostly pulled description info from your blog, if you want to write something special for your description let me know that too!

Check 'em out!



To Aire is Divine

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Hollyridge Trail

Ah, what a nice way to spend a Sunday...

First we've gotta gas up - this is Los Angeles after all - so I help guard the Bogie-beetle while mom pumps gas.

I check the receipt carefully, and then we're ready to roll!

We went to the Hollyridge trail in Hollywood...

Gotta be careful of those rattlesnakes and mountain lions...

But basically it's just a place to have fun!

There were lots of people on horses, but mom's camera was being persnickety (again) so no cool horse pictures.

I did get to meet lots of cool doggies - ALL GIRLS TODAY - always fun. We walked for a few hours, then it was time to go home. Definitely a fun, easygoing afternoon.Link



To Aire is Divine

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bogart in Gooberstan

I am SUCH a happy boy.

I've just received this from my best Goober-buddy Stanley:

He wrote an incredibly cool post on his blog talking about how how his mama saw my blog and Sunshade's blog, and we inspired her to get back on the Airedale-horse and get herself another Dale after losing her beloved Rosie. Which was, of course, Stanley and so all is now right in the world...

Thought I'd include a shot of the famous Gooberstan sign...

I LOVE YA MAN... thanks for making me an honorary member of Gooberstan - Bogartoober it is :)



To Aire is Divine


I got tagged by my Aire-buddies Maggie & Mitch to play a Vehicle tag game… to pick a vehicle that expresses my personality.

Other than the current Bogie-mobile (black VW New Beetle) which gets lots of people to smile as I drive by (much like I do), I’d have to say that this gets a bit of the Bogie-mystique right:

It’s a Ural Retro sidecar motorcycle. Yup, it’s the one that mom wants to get (I will supposedly be subjected to riding in the sidecar at some point if I like it). Riding free with ears flapping in the wind, (like Mitch would be if he was allowed to ride on his dad’s new Indian) and certainly unique (I don’t see a lot of them even here in Los Angeles which has plenty of unique vehicles) with a lot of personality - well, that’s me and that’s the Ural.

I have NO idea of who to tag since I haven’t seen many other dogs posting this one, so I’m gonna go with: Stanley, Butchy & Snickers, & Noah and his gals!



To Aire is Divine

Friday, September 21, 2007

Winter Storm???

So mom heard that there was going to be a winter storm today here in Los Angeles. Ok... we could certainly use some rain (we haven't had any since April and even then, it wasn't much), and maybe we'd even get some thunder, lightning, or gosh maybe even SNOW. She got REALLY excited because she misses "real" weather. Yes it's September in the desert, but it was in the newspaper and on the news...

I spent my first big Winter Storm day in Pasadena. You can judge for yourself how winter-y and storm-y it was...

Notice all of the snow on the streets and the silly humans - unprepared - wearing shorts and flip flops.

I stopped for a cold drink at the outdoor "ice" fountain...

A little game of hide-and-go-seek (mom kept the leash on so she would be able to find me in a snow drift or through the violent hail in case we got separated)...

Traditional winter foliage...

Ok how wrong is this... a giant Drinkwell fountain like the one I use at home, outdoors, just where I'd like a big drink, and it even has a kind of FIRE HYDRANT in the middle of it, I ask HOW MUCH MORE PERFECT COULD IT BE FOR A DOGGIE DRINKING FOUNTAIN... and it's got metal chain surrounding it, a big Keep Out sign. Bastards.

Me and Dad outside of Gordon Biersch - another place that won't allow well-behaved dogs to eat al fresco, but will allow screaming, pooping human babies. Go figure.

I couldn't figure out why this little guy didn't want to play - he looks just like the coyotes that run down my street every night (and that I LOVE to chase) but he didn't run even when I barked. I lost interest quickly.

On such a winter-y day, I considered taking up a hobby. At the pawn shop I saw lots of cool guitars... maybe I could be a rock star... I've got a nice long tongue, I've heard that this could make me a STAR...

Well it appears that we weathered the storm rather well - all 80 degrees of it - and the ride home in the Bogie-mobile went well (no skating on any ice or reduced visibility because of wind and rain). Whew... I guess I can remove my tongue from my cheek now...



To Aire is Divine

Monday, September 17, 2007


For my birthday my Aire-buddy Stanley sent me a package of Pegetables - and I went goofy. Even though there I like very few doggie treats, these were an instant hit. I'm not sure what it was about them, since the texture is very treat-like (not like food, I mean), the colors are bright and vegetable-y, and heck, they're VEGETABLES.

So unbeknownst to me, mom sent an email to the lovely folks at Pegetables to let them know just how much I love these things. Also because she couldn't find them at our local Petco or little pet stores.

Well this weekend a special package arrived - for MOI - with a nice, big packet of Pegetables. WOO-HOO! The first one I wanted was my favorite one, a CELERY. Now I have no idea if I like real celery or not but I LOVE the Pegetables celery!

I've also indulged in a CARROT and a CORN and can say that they're all pretty darned yummy.

After indulging I needed a little rest. We've been out hiking a lot lately too - later in the day, that is, to avoid the evil heat - so after the physical exertion and the excitement of the Pegetables, I had to rest.

On MY sofa.

Yes, it's MY sofa.

Ah, life is good. Get yourself some yummy Pegetables, I think they're great for big and little dogs who like to chew!



To Aire is Divine

Friday, September 14, 2007

I Can Make You a Man

Today's food-ical interlude, courtesy of chef dad - welcome to Chez Bogart:

Start with only the best fresh ingredients...

I like my carrots GRATED, not sliced...

Add some water to the pot with the carrots... simmer while moving on to the good stuff...

Slice that beef tripe into small pieces...

Mmmm... Corazon (beef heart - we had to learn this because we go to a Mexican butcher)

I must sample the corazon to be sure that it's fresh and chopped to my specifications...

Looks pretty good dad...

A pat from the vegetarian... notice the foaminess beginning to develop on my mighty beard...

Add the meat to the simmering pot...

Sometimes I get a little rice, sometimes pasta. This week - rice

Mmm... liver - don't forget to chop that into little pieces!


Smells mmm mmm good

Ah, the proverbial full bowl...

It's awfully good... I'm going to start eating while dad finishes up...

He adds a few scoops into a plastic quart-sized baggie...

Then weighs it (I usually get about 1 1/2 pounds)

And here is the finished product - a weeks worth of organ-y goodness!

Even kitties LOVE it!



To Aire is Divine