Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm Official AKC!!!!

I've been registered now with the American Kennel Club - I'm official!!!

My AKC name is Bogart Handsome Devil

I think it fits.... don't you?


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Harrison said...

Welcome to the club, kid. Don't get cocky.

Are ya' gonna' hit the show circuit? Gotta' say, I had a ball. (Didn't retire 'til I was over ten years old! Irritated the fur off all the young pups!) 'Course it helps if ya' win and I don't know how many Airedale's there are in your showin' area. Have ya' got tough competition?

Have ya' been over to Wonderdog Cal's yet? And be sure to check out Sam the Shepherd's place. Get yourself on the Dog Blogroll there.

I'll be glad to give you a link--and a tip or two 'bout handlin' yourself in show biz if ya' decide to head that way.

Good luck.