Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Dogs Gourmet

I have found a fantastic new place, that smells right and tastes right. And it's not too far away, so I foresee many visits in the future (even if I have to drag mama that way).

Just Dogs Gourmet has a very cute store, lots of fun toys, treats everywhere...

Come on - lets go inside!

Oh yes. I'll have one of those, and one of those, and a few of those...

Oh wait, I didn't see these on the bottom shelf, yeah I'll have a few of those too...

Got anything cool back here?

Wrap 'em up - I'll take 'em! What a fantastic doggie bakery, they have all of the ingredients listed for their goodies, and they look GREAT! Can't wait to chomp a few.

Dogs playing poker in their front window = FANTASTIC

The first - and most favoritest of all - is of course, THE SQUIRREL. I never get to catch and eat these crafty little critters in the wild, so today I shall indulge in it's carob-y cousin.




Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Flexi is MINE

Mama thinks that she is in charge because she holds the Flexi. Silly woman.

You will be hypnotized by the incredible, overwhelming cuteness... stare at this button, you are getting sleepy, sleepy...

Hehehe. Mine now.

I am so sure of my ownership of the Flexi (notice all of the chew marks on the handle - MINE - and especially since they're on the handle this Flexi must belong to ME) I can even look casual while laying on the sidewalk.

Yawn. Yes, it's my Flexi, yes you all are under my spell and cannot resist the incredible cuteness. Yada yada yada.

And you know what this really means? That we are going to sit here, right in the middle of the sidewalk, until I decide when to walk. That's right - I decide. Got it?



Friday, August 27, 2010

Tourist or Local?

It's funny because we are both. Tourists - and locals. Mama and I wander around - sometimes aimlessly, sometimes with the aim machine at least turned on - and we see a lot of cool things. But yet we certainly don't know much about our new adopted town at this point, and so it's kind of important to do the "tourist-y" things as well as the "local" things.

While I was pondering that deep thought, mama was taking my picture with a varmint...

So... the Magic Gardens. Because I can't go inside we haven't done so, but from the outside it's still pretty darned marvelous.

It's good to get in close - that's where all of the good smells are.

So many smells and so little time.

We walked to the end of South Street where mama insisted I do the cheesy "tourist" pose:

These sculptures are pretty darned entertaining - for mama, that is. I was on a mission to find new greenery and I COULD SMELL IT...

Yep, new greenery with new smells. I jumped right up, posed for a few quick glamour shots to keep mama happy, then got down to the business of sniffin'.

First a funny face, while she's testing out the settings on her camera...

Then busting out the serious cuteness...

Full body shot to take in the entire awesome Dale-ness...

Getting a little annoyed that this impromptu photo shoot is taking so darned long...

Okay, okay. A little more supAIREmodeling...

The Many Moods of Bogart Handsome Devil...

And ending up with a bit of fun - I had to hold this pose for a moment while mama eagerly snapped away to get it just right (oh those PHOTOGRAPHERS...)



Sunday, August 22, 2010

All Around the Town

We are constantly expanding our horizons, seeing new parts of our newest adopted city. Today was overcast and rainy, but that's no reason not to have a nice, long walkie!

Mama thinks she'd like to visit the Fabric Workshop and Museum sometime. I'm not really interested.

This looks kind of cool...

Perhaps if it were made of jerky. Then I'd find it more interesting.

Aw, cute black kitty. Not sure what it is, but me likey.

New street, new butt shot.

We've wandered around here before, but that was pre-camera-time. Check out the cool public art - game pieces!


Check mate!


Very cool with the backdrop of City Hall. The contrast pleases me.

The famous LOVE Park fountain - a really great place to cool off even on a rainy day.

Even though it's rainy and overcast, that doesn't mean that it's not HUMID. Mama and I are still adjusting to the humidity thing. It definitely does tucker me out, and mama has to bring my thermos along for every walkie in case I get thirsty. Which I always do.

This is the Phillies Phanatic - and I'm just not sure about him. I've seen him all around town, wearing different clothes, and I'm just not sure.

Mama likes this building's facade. Very stylish.

This is the place that Mama really wants to go - the Mutter Museum - apparently they have lots of people-parts in jars with extra pieces, missing pieces, and other assorted jumbles. That's really up Mama's alley.

Sounds interesting to me... but apparently I'm not allowed inside. Oh well. She'll have to wait for another human to go with.



Saturday, August 21, 2010

Signs of Bella Vista

This kind of says it all:

We were out for the evening walkie and tonight we hit the jackpot for finding funny signs and things.

Tonight we explored a little bit more of the Bella Vista neighborhood, just south of South Street.

Come on mama... stop taking pictures and LETS WALK

This made mama chuckle and laugh like Butthead... amazing that a business called BUTKUS cannot make it...

Bee-yoo-ti-ful signage...

This looks interesting... maybe I can rest my paws for a moment while you take ever more pictures...

I kid, mama I kid.

Some cool stuff on the wall...

I PITY THE FOOL... who doesn't take me on my walkies!

This is a good one - People who study laughter are called Gelotologists :)

This is the Philly AIDS Thrift Store, and we've made a mental note to come back and shop sometime. If what is inside is half as interesting as what is outside...

Spam sign...

Johnny Healthometer... the scale with an attitude...

And someone's odd assortment of photos.

I'm also always intrigued by vet offices. Many dogs go running in the opposite direction, but I am truly always fascinated. But hey, this one has something interesting...

The doggie doorpull! Nice!