Monday, April 30, 2007


I had soooooo much fun this weekend chatting online with all of the other dog bloggers from Dogs With Blogs!

It was a DWB Wine and Cheese Pawty and admittedly I was disappointed that I didn't get any cheese (bad tummy) or any wine (not over 21), but I still managed to have a good time. I mostly reclined (those watching my webcam can attest to this) while I had my secretary - ahem, my mom - typing for me which was very, very comfy. Lots of Airedales there on Sunday - we kind of took over the chatroom for a little while - but it was FUN!!! And for me and Oscar is was GREAT pickings as the girls outnumbered us!!! A visit from Miss Sunshade, my dreamgirl, made my day!!! Both of the Maggie's were there (Miss Maggie & Maggie2), as well as Putter and Faya all the way over in Switzerland! And the Airechicks were there! And JaffeBoy, Jaffa, Comet and Blu, gosh I feel like I'm missing so many great doggies that I talked with, but I had such a good time with you all...

Congrats DOGS WITH BLOGS - I remember you back when I was the only member other than Charlie and Opy!!!!

So after the chat we went out for lunch, to the local Good Microbrew. Always fun, and they never have a problem with doggies in their outdoor eating area (I'm always AMAZED when restaurants won't let dogs on their outside tables!!!!).

Mom STILL wouldn't give me any of the yummy cheese on her sandwich (something about me still pooping like pudding, but whatever) so I tried to steal some from a neighboring table where they'd left some behind.

Oops - BUSTED!

I did try to get at least a little beer - in honor of DWBs anniversary, of course! - but Dad finished his WHOLE beer by himself... ah well, maybe next time.



To Aire is Divine

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bend it Like Bogart

So mom FINALLY let me open the present that smelled sooooooo good... I couldn't figure out what it could possibly be until I saw the return address sticker... IT WAS FROM MY DREAMGIRL SUNSHADE!!! Now I KNOW what smells so good!

Now I am officially a part of Team Airedale with my spiffy new soccer jersey!!! It even has my name on the back!!! This is so damn cool, I've never had anything like this ever before, so I had to put it on RIGHT AWAY.

At first dad had some trouble - apparently my barrel chest and big, muscly arms didn't want to fit in easily... I'm sure David Beckham has the same problem...

But once I got it on I was looking FINE...

I got out my soccer ball so that I could pose properly, and see how it felt to be a real Aire soccer player...

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN, I'm so happy to be a part of the AIRE LEAGUE!!!

Big kisses to my dreamgirl,



To Aire is Divine

Monday, April 23, 2007

Back in the Saddle

First of all, a big hearty THANK YOU and AIRE KISSES to all of my friends who sent messages, left comments, and just in general were worried about me. I got them all and send along my thanks!!!

The diarrhea was AWFUL. I felt lousy, mom was going a little crazy, and dad wasn't here. The worst was when mom had to shave my butt (yes it was humiliating but there are no photos, and I'm pretty sure that she suffered more than I did). I had to go outside every 15 minutes and it made me miserable to be inside (I don't have my own yard so we had to go to the local park constantly) so mom and I were both completely exhausted! But thanks to the great drugs and a little bit 'o time I'm feeling almost 100% now! Dad is back too from Austria, so that always makes me super happy...

I think mom has finally caught up with things and will be able to devote her time 100% back to my blog again (well, according to me this is what she should be doing)... and I got a package in the mail today that she won't let me open yet, and it smells awfully good...



To Aire is Divine

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vet Day!

Since my butt isn't healing itself, mom bundled me up in the Bogie-Beetle this morning and off we went - bright and early - to the vet. She's a SMART mom, she remembered to bring a special "sample" for him that I gladly produced first thing. Hot off the presses, as it were..

I don't really have a fear of the vet, I just get nervous in the waiting room. So many animals, today there were dogs, cats, and even a rabbit! Gets my juices going. And apparently they had a few emergencies, so we had to wait longer than usual in the waiting room. Mom brought me outside for a couple of quick poops so that I didn't get too anxious...

And then it was my turn in the exam room. We have a really nice vet who doesn't force me to get up on the table for everything... makes it much easier for me that way. He was happy that we brought the "sample" with us (and me too - much nicer than something up my butt, thank you very much) and they'll be doing some tests. They gave mom some medicine that I have to take for the next week or so (which may change depending on what they find out tomorrow) but I think it's already working... I already slept in the car on the way home (and I haven't slept much at all in the last few days) and I'm feeling a little zonked right now.

So thanks everyone for the get well wishes, I'm working hard on feeling better!!!



To Aire is Divine

Monday, April 16, 2007

Not Right... Yet

Sorry I haven't been in the mood to post for a coupla days... after The Brick I felt better, but then things started to get weird...

I've had pretty funky diarrhea, which is always fun. Mom shaved my butt yesterday to help out with this situation (actually it looks and feels pretty good) and yesterday was gravy, today is pudding. So it's progress.

But the weirdest part is when I'm inside our apartment... I stare off into space and don't want to lie down. For the whole day. Sometimes I stand still and just zone out, other times I walk back and forth between the front door and the terrace door. And just stare. Mom kept thinking that I would lay down and fall asleep since I wasn't feeling well, but I don't. I STAND UP. When I'm outside, I run and play like normal, so it seems like I'm feeling fine.... yes I know, it's WEIRD.

Since today I got a little better mom said we'll wait to see if I really need to go to the vet. If I cannot relax, then we'll go tomorrow. Ok, gotta bug mom now - I want to go outside every 15 minutes or so and this 15 minutes is up!



To Aire is Divine

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Brick

Thanks to everyone who has been sending me get-well wishes!

I'm feeling MUCH better now, now that "The Brick" is gone.

Allow me to explain. There was one other time in my life - ok, months ago - when I had a similar bout of lethargy. And this time, I wanted to cure myself the same way. So I dragged mom out and we had a massive grass-eating expedition. Luckily mom caught on, and allowed me to eat my fill. Chomp, chomp, chomp, I sucked down pretty much all of the grass left here in Los Angeles (it's been really, really dry this year so there isn't much grass at the moment). And then as the recipe says, put in a warm place and allow to rise.

Yes, at about 3am the rising was done and I woke mom to tell her the good news. She threw on a sweater over her counting sheep pajamas (yes she actually has those) and out we went. We walked just a short distance away from our place when I was ready to roll. Mom stood back to give me some room and...

The Brick appeared.

When I have a bunch of junky stuff in my stomach, I add grass and mix well. Then out comes what is now known as "The Brick" - a huge hunk of dirt, stick pieces, hair, other unidentified floating objects, all held together in a large brick-like shape by all of the grass. It comes out in one large chunk. It's not easy to get that out all in one piece, but I'm very motivated to get rid of it.

Yes it's really yucky but afterwards I feel MUCH better. I took one extra day before I'd let mom post (we both just wanted to make sure that The Brick fixed my tummy) but now it seems pretty definite.

Puking The Brick did the trick.



To Aire is Divine

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tired today...

I woke up today still feeling really t-i-r-e-d... which is odd. Usually I wake up mom but today we both overslept and she woke me up! We went out for our morning walk and poop (both of which were successful) but I just feel like I'm out of energy. I've been sleeping most of the morning, and not really in the mood to play or eat treats. Weird, huh?

Mom is keeping an eye on me (ok actually she's worried about me, her fuzzy baby!) because having low energy is just NOT my style. I'm not sure what it is either - I just feel sleepy. Hopefully I'll just get a LOT of sleep today and wake up tomorrow refreshed!

Does this ever happen to you guys?



To Aire is Divine

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Just Can't Get Enough

It's cold here today.

Ok, relatively cold. Dark and overcast the entire day. Mom and I had our hike in downtown Pasadena, thinking that maybe it would clear up - nope. At least it wasn't that hot... mom calculated today that the walk is just under 3 miles but it's a FUN walk - most people smile or acknowledge me so I'm a happy camper.

So we were coming home, climbing up the stairs to our place, and there was a package in front of the door. Mom looked a little puzzled - she wasn't expecting anything - and then she started to laugh. The package was addressed to MEEEEEEEE!!!!! Get this damn harness off of me mom, I've got a package to open!!!!

The package was from my great Aire friends Maggie and Mitch - gimme, gimme, gimme!!! Mom was going to help me open the package but I started it myself. It was a tough nut to crack. She opened it for me a bit (so I could still have the satisfaction of ripping it open myself) and while that was interesting and all, I like it much better when the package is already completely opened for me, gifts easily displayed (and reached).

Oh yeah the card - yada yada yada - mom appreciated that one (it has a GREAT drawing of an Airedale on it!), I tried to eat it.

Ohmygosh, these are the COOLEST presents I've gotten!!!!! A squeaky carrot (one of Maggie's faves) and a packet of two yummy treat sticks - one from Maggie and one from Mitch!!!!!

I was playing with all of my new stuff, especially a treat stick, and mom went to clean up the mess (I also found the bubble wrap scintillating). When she returned she seemed a little shocked that the entire stick had disappeared - yes, it's in my belly now!!!!! Mmm, mmm, good!




To Aire is Divine

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just Ducky

We spent the morning at Echo Park lake... I haven't been here in awhile, there is always something interesting to see. Lots of people sleep outside by the lake (I've tried to pee on them but mom always makes me stop...), there are fish and turtles in there too, but the best part is the DUCKS.

Ok, they aren't all ducks there are some geese, seagulls, pigeons, and other birds but to me they're all just ducks.

And they make a helluva ruckus when you run through them while they're sleeping. I'm not even that interested in chasing them very far or even catching them, but take a listen to what I'm talking about:

And some of them are BIG! Still, it was nice to go somewhere different than our usual walkie so no complaints from the peanut gallery.



To Aire is Divine

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Wow that was WEIRD...

Don't know how that happened but if you visited my blog earlier today you got an EYEFUL! Yes I was porno hijacked, sorry for any delicate sensibilities that were offended. Guess that means I'm popular or something...

I changed my passwords so hopefully all should be well now...


To Aire is Divine

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quality Time

This is where I spend all of my quality time when mom isn't around... chillin' on the bed with the boy cats. Kafka is the orange tabby, Behemoth is the grey and white guy. Kafka is particularly warm and snuggly. I'm just doing my job, keeping the bed warm for when mom wants to sleep again in oh about 12 hours or so...

But then every good boy needs to go on a nice, long midday walkie in Griffith Park... lets go mom!!!

A little stick work, a little running off the trail down the steep slope (mom HATES when I do that!) and lots of trotting in the hot sun.

I was going after big game today - the bigger the stick, the better.

Hey look, no fire! This is how pretty it looks when it's not burning.

Mom got me nice and tired but I'm thinking she was more tired than I was... she brought along a bottle of water but I got the whole thing (she's a GOOD mom).



To Aire is Divine

Sunday, April 01, 2007


A great surprise this fine Sunday morning...

Mom and I slept in late (which is REALLY unusual for me, but since dad has been gone I've been sleeping in bed next to mom and she's WARM), then had to go out to pick up a friend of hers at the airport. I wasn't that thrilled about having to drive out to the airport again (no Airedales at the Aireport) especially since I hadn't had my morning poop yet, but ok, I'm up for the adventure.

I thought we'd just pick him up and drive home, but after we dropped him off mom took a different route toward home... hm, why have I been here before? Where are we headed? And then mom pulled into a parking spot.


I got so excited in the car I couldn't stand it. Get me outa this car I was barking!!! My Dale buddies are just inside!!! I flew out of the car toward her house - I have no idea how I remembered which house was hers - and flew up the stairs.

And there were my buddies!!!!! Robin, Kermit, and Jupie!!!!! Whenever we first see each other we run, jump, bark, and run some more first inside the house and then into the back yard. Mom and Mareike sit and talk and I immediately find Jupie so that I can get a little humping in.

This time I didn't completely monopolize Jupie's fine Aire-butt, I spent some time trying to convince both Robin and Kermit to take a walk on the wild side (ahem, they're both boys...) but no dice.

There was also a sweet guest dog named Buster who I wasn't sure about at first... but pretty quickly it became apparent that he was both sweet and submissive so as long as I can feel like "I have the nuts so I am the king" all was well.

Then we walked over to have lunch at Good Microbrew and my love for Mareike was strengthened. Many, many pieces of lovely burger fell from the sky directly into my mouth. I even indulged in some french fries. I had to hold the line when she tried to trick me into eating a tomato slice or some iceberg lettuce. If you're not gonna eat that then neither am I!!!

I'm always sad when we have to leave Mareike's house, I have THE BEST time playing with my Dale buddies. I came home and flopped down, completely exhausted, where I have been for the last few hours (I may wake up to eat dinner, maybe not).

H-a-p-p-y P-u-p-p-y



To Aire is Divine