Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Bad Dogs

During the evening walkie, we walked past the spot where the old Philly AIDS Thrift store was... it's just moved around the block, but they still have a box of books out front for the taking.
Guess which one I spotted?

And just in case you think that I'm going all soft and becoming a completely "good" dog...

I hid behind the book...

I moved just to the side so that the entire book wasn't in the photo (trying to prove my bad-ass-ness)...

I looked pensively off to the side rather than right at the camera...

And then finally... the money shot.  There truly are no bad dogs - just occasionally badass dogs!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Juicy Pear

Water ice!  Today they were out of my favorite lemon, so we went all wild and crazy and got the juicy pear.  Yowza, is it good!
Mama and I share everything.  And we have some very creative ways of sharing water ice.  For the first few bites, mama loads up the spoon and slides it into my mouth so that she can still use the spoon without people walking by getting freaked out that we are both eating from the same spoon.  Works like a charm.  Then she gets brain freeze.  That means that someone has to finish off the delicious water ice before it becomes just, well, water.  That's when I get to go full-on with the spoon.



Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who Wants Whipped Cream?

Bogart, Kafka, and Behemoth have their very first whipped-cream-from-the-can experience. Who likes it? Who hates it? And who hides from it?

Tune in for all the answers…


Friday, June 24, 2011

My Dear... My Card

Many humans think that we dogs have a very primitive way of communicating with each other.  That we couldn't possibly be sending complex messages via something so simple.

I am here to prove you wrong.

First, locate the site of a fellow dog's important message.


Slowly inhale every bit, byte, and piece via your superior sense of smell.  Allow a few moments for your brain to reconstruct the message so that you can understand it.  This may take some time and may involve your flavor-saver beard (if you are lucky enough to possess one).  Do not allow your human to interrupt - this could be important!

Nothing too important today (no girlie dogs in heat, basically).  So just leave a message of your own.  Here I am simply leaving my calling card, to let other dogs (and especially squirrels) know that I have been here. 

As always, I AM HERE TO HELP


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Shit Sucker

Mama told me a great story today during the evening walkie.  Many years ago in Europe, she and dad saw one of these on the street:

Dad, in his normal fashion, called it a "shit sucker".  Mama calls that a "Klaus-ism", which is an interesting way to describe something that, while it makes perfect sense, is nothing that a native English speaker would ever come up with on their own.

And she hasn't seen one of them since.  So today, with some trepidation, I bring to you - THE SHIT SUCKER:

I do not trust ye olde shit sucker.  Curious about it, why yes I am.  But not curious enough to get close.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day Dad... wherever you are.  Mama makes a decent dad, but nothing like you.



Sunday, June 12, 2011

Iron Butterfly

Look at that... up in the sky... it's a bird, it's a plane, no...

It's butterflies made out of old soda cans.

Pretty darned cool, eh?  Saw them on our way to watch the Pride Parade today.  Happy Pride Month everyone - Lots of rainbow lovin' all around!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blame It on the Ra

Thank goodness.  Today mama and I got caught out in a rainstorm.  AND IT WAS DAMN GOOD.

After an interminably long time without rain or break from suffocating heat and humidity, today it rained.  Hard.  For a rather short time, but since I was out walking in it, it was perfect timing.  Put a new spring in my step.  Made my butt wiggle.  And made mama smile and get all goofy.

More.  Rain.  Please.


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hole-y Crockpot Batman!

Anyone who knows my mama knows that she's not the best cook in the world - but she's an AWESOME doggie chef. Every night I get fresh chicken or turkey soup brimming with veggies, rice, and lentils. And several times a week she uses my very own crockpot with which to make my soup-er good dinners.

Well, this morning after she put in the turkey and veggies and added a substantial amount of water, THIS happened:

Yep, the bottom literally busted out of the crockpot. Which took her a few minutes to realize what was happening as all of the water had suddenly gone from being in the pot to being on the floor.
6.5 quart crock pot. Now it makes a lovely frame.

Literal blowout. Bottom blown off. No other way to describe the clean-ness of the break.

Mama tried to save as many veggies as she could, and the turkey hadn't moved so that was ok, but the crockpot had suddenly gone to that great crock-pot-ery in the sky.

Mama thought about being all craft-y and making this into something, but I think it's best that we don't keep souveniers of our crappiest moments, just our better ones. Ok, mama?


Monday, June 06, 2011

Drink Well with Pets and Beyond

Well, well, well.  Mama's photography skills seem to have failed her.  Big time.  I fully realize that this photo looks like I'm peeing.  But it must be some sort of visual trick because I never pee in the house.  So what is it then?

The lovely folks at Pets and Beyond sent us a new Drinkwell fountain to try out.  Aha, that explains it!
It has been some time since I had the privilege to drink from a Drinkwell.  I love 'em, the kitties love 'em, but apparently in the past they have been a bit, well, of a pain in the butt to keep clean.  Mama mentioned something about my fine beard as being an all-purpose crap catcher... and since the kitties all lose fur in a puff whenever they move a muscle (which isn't that much, thank goodness, wouldn't want bald kitties), well, lets just say that keeping the Drinkwell clean was a real challenge for my cleanliness-challenged mama.

Behemoth wanted to try it out first, but I really had to insist that I get to do it.  So he ridiculously gracefully moved over to the cat food bowl - pretending that HE MEANT TO DO THAT.  That's fine with me Behemoth, as long as I get first dibs on the new Drinkwell!

This is the Drinkwell Platinum.  It's much more compact that the previous Drinkwell fountains I have had, which mama says bodes really well for the keeping-it-clean issue.  The back pitcher where the water is kept is easy to remove and easy to fill without as much spillage as the old ones did.  Don't ask how she manages to spill kind of everything, she's just very talented in her own way.

So this is me taking my first sips from the new Drinkwell.  It looks small compared to my big manly, muscle-y manliness, but honestly it's really a great size for us all.  I can get the full beard in, and the kitties can slurp easily.  Win-win!

Yes sure, there's a bit more spillage when I drink than when the kitties delicately lap up the water, but hey, I'M A DOG

Refreshing.  Cool.  AWESOME.

The free-flowing water is just dandy.  I enjoy drinking from the waterfall as well as dipping in for a good slurp in the pool.

There isn't much that's better than a Drinkwell.  Drinking from the hose is awesome, taking a couple of slurps while swimming is cool, but a Drinkwell has the added benefit of being able to do it inside, and all the time.  Do not underestimate the convenience.  Getting the humans to pull out the hose or take you to the pool, lake, or what-have-you takes up valuable cuteness, energy, and time.  Why not just have it ready to go in your kitchen?

Really, there are only two choices.  You can have the most amazing dad in the world like I did, who set up this in my favorite back yard in the world in Mareike-land a few years ago:

Yeah that's right.  MY OWN DRINKING TOILET.  This is the ultimate for ANY dog.

But we are not all lucky enough to have such intelligent humans with crazy ideas and mad skills to make them come true.  So really, a Drinkwell is truly the very-next-best-thing.  And highly recommended by all four of my furry kitty friends, so it's bi-species-al!

Want to buy your own Drinkwell?  Visit the fine folks at Pets and Beyond - they have 'em ready to rush to your house as well as a whole lotta other cool stuff for you dogs and your feline friends.  Oh, and mama recommends that when you buy your Drinkwell that you also invest in the cleaning kit and some extra filters - trust her on this, cleaning is easy with the right tools!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Klaus - we still cannot believe that you are gone.  A toast to the most amazing husband-o, an incredibly talented and creative soul, and the best damn Aire-daddy in the whole world. 

Lulu and Bogart