Monday, October 24, 2005

The Fire Hydrant and Me

Today it's raining here again - well not exactly raining (I really hate the rain so far) but kind of spitting from the sky and it's really dark. Mom woke up and had to actually wake me up to go out for a walk. That never happens, I'm always up first, scoring a good place to pee so that she'll definitely step in it when she stumbles into the living room, then waiting by the food bowl. I don't know, maybe when it's still so dark it makes me really sleepy...

So we went out for a quick poop walk and I discovered something really cool - there is a bright yellow fire hydrant right outside of my house. Boy does it smell interesting. I had to spend some extra time just sorting out all of the dogs that were there before me. I walked around and around and around and I could tell that mom was kind of annoyed. Whenever she looks like that I just walk around something so that my leash gets nice and tangled - and when she tries to untangle it, I can bite it!

Fun times - guess I get to sleep in her office again today. Ah well, no fun to be had running around outside anyway.


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