Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Feeling Lazy...

Today I'm just soooooooo lazy.... I decided to sleep all day, but mom keeps dragging me outside. I keep trying to tell her that I JUST DON'T HAVE TO POOP but she keeps insisting. Not that I'm a big fan of pooping inside, I'm actually almost housetrained, but wouldn't it be easier to just leave me alone and let me SLEEP?

And yes, I really do like to sleep with my head off of my little bed - I insisted that mom bought this one for me at Petco!

I got to play with the boxers again today - I'm starting to relax a little more now and have more fun with them, even tho they're sooooo much bigger than I am! And I'm a little worried about another friend of mine, Heidi, who is one of their little boxer puppies. She's about my age and belongs to a good friend of my mom's and they live in Florida.... be safe Heidi!!!!


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