Monday, November 29, 2010

Tree Lighting?

We arrived at Rittenhouse Square Park tonight, bright-eyed (mama) and bushy-tailed (me). There was supposed to be a tree-lighting ceremony, and while our timing meant we'd miss most of the pageantry, we still decided it was a good idea to go.

Well, there are lots of plain, white lights around the park. In a semi-holiday-ish fashion. Arranged with no particular care.

But then again there was this - a crane still working to place lights on the tree, at least an hour-and-a-half after the tree was to be unveiled. And again, all white lights. Not super creative, not super festive there Philly. Didn't even really catch this dog's eye. Of course I still pooped in the park, but I was expecting a bit more.

We may try some of the other holiday trees around town, in a never-ending search for cool twinkly lights (to poop by).


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black (and Tan) Friday

Oh, you silly humans. Today you are all at the malls, in the stores, shopping your hearts out. And I get to explore the city with a lot more room.

I can play games, run, frolic, and chase anything that moves - without being on a short leash or tripping over slow-moving humans. Woo-hoo!

I can also stop and smell the...

Well, they're not roses... not really sure what they are... but they do smell interesting, ...

Ok, one quick pose - get the horse-drawn carriage in the background! Oh such incredible composition skills you have mama (not to mention those super stylin' gloves)...

It's a nice, relaxing day, and I think I'm going to light up a big one. A big stogie. You know, MY kind of stogie.

That's right - I am a stogie aficionado, and you should see the looks I get while walking through the streets of the big city, stogie cocked jauntily out of the side of my mighty jaws. Yeah... I'm a cool character.

Yes, yes, it's me... no autographs, please!



Thursday, November 25, 2010

Is There Anyone Out There?

If it's Thanksgiving, then it must be the National Dog Show on TV! I always tune in to see what my fellow terriers are up to.

This was the Airedale - a handsome devil from what I can see, but I can't see much.

They didn't actually show the Airedale's performance - and while I am interested in the other terriers, I did really want to see the Airedale strut his stuff. I mean, even though he's pretty blurry here, how can you have a dog show without the King of Terriers?

Mama and I decided to spend Thanksgiving together, the entire day, as I am the thing she is the most thankful for this year and she is my most thankful thing in return.

We are both equally thankful for the kitties, but they weren't interested in exploring the city during the rain (and even some snow!) today with us. We threw caution to the wind, going outside without my raincoat.

It's very strange to be in a big city on a major holiday - the streets are empty, devoid of people and other dogs. I like it because it means that I get more room to roam.

And Rittenhouse Square Park is MINE, ALL MINE I say!

I have assumed since I got here that this lovely park belongs to me, but haven't had any proof until today. And the newest decorations are lovely, I approve.

I would like to see it lit up, as I noticed there was a plug and all, so perhaps another time, eh?

You would think that because it was raining we would walk less and just do a quick turn through the park, but you would be wrong. Rain does not deter this Dale in the dispatch of his duties - and today doody is my duty - so I shall do a thorough exploration of "my" park without any pesky interruptions from people who think I'm adorable or dogs who might want to wrassle.

And I am thankful for ALL OF YOU, my faithful readers, who tune in to hear the almost-daily ramblings of this Dale. You make my butt wiggle!



Monday, November 22, 2010

Deck the Park With Trees of Holly...

Out of my way! I'm on a mission!

I must poop, and I must find exactly the right spot. THIS IS IMPORTANT, PEOPLE...

Notice how my demeanor has changed - now I am just strolling along the foliage in Rittenhouse Square park. That's because I finally pooped - after a days' worth of non-pooping. WHEW!

These must be new - I haven't noticed them before.

Investigative Reporter, Bogart Handsome Devil, LIVE on the scene.

Is this... Holly? It looks like it, it has red berries and bright green leaves. And it's a big Holly Tree, actually if I am not mistaken.

Yep, there are Christmas lights in there. MUST be a holly tree.

I was thinking it might be mistletoe, and then I could get some kisses from some fine girl dogs who might be wandering by... but who am I kidding, I can get those any day of the week just with my rugged handsomeness.

I'd better check it out thoroughly, though. You never know what could be lurking down deep inside.

Or over here.

All clear folks. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along!


Chicken Soup - Thanksgiving Style


Mama makes my chicken soup a few days at a time now in my handy-dandy crockpot. With thanksgiving coming this week, she's added a few new veggies for my fuzzy pleasure.

I don't really care about the veggies, but don't tell her that. She's excited about it.

Instead of my regular sweet potato, carrot, and beans, I get sweet potato, carrot, okra, rutabaga, and celery - mmmmmmmm

It looks good now - I'd take it as is - but after a few hours of stewin', it's going to be PERFECT

Even the carnivores in the house agree.

Kafka did try to steal a chicken breast out of the pot while mama wasn't looking, but I thwarted his attempt. He comforted himself by taking the chicken container out of the trash, running around with it, and then settling in for some carnivore fun of licking it clean. Go Kafka!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry and David's-Tastic

During the evening walkie, I discovered something FANTASTIC - the Harry and David store puts out not just a water bowl, but a bowl full of BISCUITS for passing pooches.

THANK YOU Harry and David's! Treats inside for mama, and treats outside for me. AWESOMENESS.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

South Street Strolling

Ah... sunshine. I know that winter is coming - I can feel the ruffling in my fuzz - but I intend to enjoy you as much as possible while you're here.
Must explore parks...

And bask in the glow as much as possible.

Hey wait a minute... what's that?

I see something behind your back mama... you know that you are going to have to give it to me!!!

Hehehe. STICK.

Thanks for that - now I'm drivin'.

You know that you mentioned that you wanted to see the new South Street bridge, so lets go!

Just opened, brand spanking-ly-newly-done South Street bridge. No graffiti or trash or anything "city-like" on it yet.

Have I mentioned that I'm kind of freaked out by flags? Especially when they're really waving around. All of that movement is kind of disconcerting (I can't really wrap my head around this whole wind thing you humans seem to all know about).

But it is an awfully pretty view. Still nice to meet ya, Philadelphia.