Friday, December 20, 2013

A Dale Near a Manger

So today I was doing my normal morning walkie through Old City, when I SMELLED SOMETHING. Mama wasn't sure why I decided to go in a new direction, and quite honestly, neither was I. But I knew that I had to get to the bottom of that smell. So we wandered further up Race Street, and suddenly, THERE IT WAS:

A live nativity scene with sheep, goats, and a donkey.

Well, there is something you don't see every day. Or smell every day. I thought they smelled quite wonderful, in fact.

Please Do Not Feed the Animals - I have no idea what this means.  Those little buggers seem hungry to me, they're eating the hay (I'd have to be pretty hungry to eat hay).

The donkey was hilarious.  Most of the time he sat in the back, behind the cutouts of the (kind of freaky looking) Mary and Joseph.  It was as if he decided that it's just too damn cold outside and he wasn't going to put on any dog-and-pony show (well why should he, he's a DONKEY) for anyone.  I appreciated his attitude.

This little furry guy was my favorite.  Not only did he smell the best, but he was affectionate and well, just so damn cute.

And then it happened - the ladies came outside with their buckets of goodness, and much excitement came over the herd.

The goats are the smartest - they seem to have this whole "live nativity scene" thing figured out.  Be shameless, bleat like crazy, and you will get fed first.  A-OK in my book.

Everyone else was a little slower on the uptake, busy with their hay eating, even though the ladies had much more delicious treats.  Come on guys, THEY HAVE SNACKS

And then, as if by magic, they all headed over to the snack bowl.  Even the lazy donkey.

The ladies did indeed have the good stuff, and everyone was apparently good this year so they were going to get goodies.




Saturday, December 14, 2013

Workin' For a Livin'

Tonight mama and I had to go to work. She had to drop something off at her office, and well, I had to help.

Once I arrived, I got right to work.

Mama worked above desk, I worked below.

Within mere minutes, I had found what I was looking for.  Fully in the interest of helping mama, I found a delicious tennis ball that she keeps under her desk.

Oh mama, I FOUND IT.  We can head to the park now.

Assistant Bogart - at your service!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Run Wild and Free, Bella

There is a new Airedale-shaped star in the sky. Beautiful Bella has passed away. While I am sad whenever any Airedale leaves us, this one is particularly poignant. Bella is MY MOM. 

Pretty girl, you will be so missed by your family, and even though we have not seen each other since I was a baby, I hope that you know I love you and will make you proud. Rest in peace under your favorite tree sweet mama. 



Your devoted fuzzy son, Bogart

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Sorta-Culturalist

Today I got lessons from the one-and-only master of the backyard garden, Grandpa!

Nobody, and I mean nobody, grows vegetables and herbs as well as he does. Oh I know that this garden may not look fancy, but what comes out of it is amazing, and I just had to see for myself exactly how it's done. Here I am examining the squash for ripeness (and to smell it to see if it was worth peeing on - it wasn't).

This is IT. Tomatoes, squash, beans, kale, eggplants, cucumbers. Holy mackarel.

I was curious and wanted to get an up-close and personal view of these fine veggies. Luckily Grandpa trusts me enough to let me walk through the garden.

Here Grandpa is explaining his theories about compost. Who knew that it was so amazing? Mama, can we have compost at home? Hm... on second thought that may be difficult in our little apartment. I'm not willing to give up any of my personal square footage and I'm pretty sure the kitties won't either. Next!


Gotta get in there to check out those pots and how they work. I just may learn something today.

See this? Grandpa is apparently good at many things, even more than growing tomatoes. He made this play house. See the roof? Yep, that's a truck camper top. Clever, eh?

Thanks Grandpa for an amazing day. Thanks for trusting me in your house not to break anything (which I didn't). Thanks for the air mattress for me and Mama to sleep on. Thanks for letting me rest on your porch and only dig up a little of your flowers. And many thanks for the smoked pork, which I inhaled as soon as I got home. YOU THE BESTEST


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm Gonna Party... Like It's My Birthday...

Because it is!

I turned 8 today, which is cause for celebration!  I'm a birthday-loving boy, and mama knows just how I like to be spoiled on my big day.

Cookies, of course.  Some sort of special Birthday cookie is always in order.  I like these from the Just Dogs Bakery here in Philadelphia.  Picked this one our special myself.

Major walkies - of course.  And because today wasn't humid or outrageously hot, the evening walkie was extra long so that I could visit all of the dog stores in my neighborhood and let everyone know that today is a holiday.  And so that I could score free birthday treats.

Dinner must also be special.  Mama cooks for me (I have my own crockpot and everything) so a chicken soup isn't anything out of the ordinary.  But today I got a little something extra in my soup - chicken livers - which I gobble up even before the soup cools down.  IT'S THAT GOOD.  Served in a special Gmundner keramik Austrian plate because only dogs eat out of dog bowls.


I do feel special, and I do know how much my mama loves me.  We are the BESTEST team!  But really, thanks mama for the special cookies, chow, and walkies - you really know how to make a guy feel SPECIAL.


Friday, August 09, 2013

Dales in Need!

Many of you may have heard about the seizure of nearly 30 Airedales in Kentucky. Airedale Rescue immediately offered assistance. Unfortunately, the poor dogs are evidence in a criminal case against the owners and it is unknown how long they will have to be held at the Humane Society. The Humane Society is in desperate need of volunteers to help wash and walk the dogs. Officials say even a five-minute walk is like a get out of jail free card for them. If you'd like to volunteer, donate or learn more about adoption, contact the Human Society of Henderson County at 270-826-8966.

ATRA (Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption) is taking donations via check or Paypal on their website:

Or donate directly to the Humane Society of Henderson County via Paypal to this email:

Please help in whatever way you can - every dollar, every minute helps these wonderful dogs.


Bogart & Lulu

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the dog and cat mama's out there!
And don't forget to give your mama an extra smooch today (they LOVE that)


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hot Dog to HOT DAMN

Heat. And humidity. Damn, it's getting warm again here in Philadelphia. Not sure how I'm going to get through another summer in the city.  After a stroll around Rittenhouse Square Park for the art fair, I may just pull up some nice, cool concrete and wait to cross the street until that light turns green.
Uh oh.  Mama has THAT look in her eye.  Like she's up to something.  Something potentially really annoying.


I've gotta admit that this is kind of cool. Literally and figuratively. It took forever - I wouldn't let mama use the spiffy, expensive clippers that she bought and insisted that she do the entire thing by hand. With doggie safety scissors. 

Yes she has blisters on her fingers, but I think you will agree that IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

Duck for Dinner

Some days you've just gotta take the wheel.

When your mama isn't walking fast enough, and you smell something important, GRAB THE WHEEL

And if you see geese - GO GET 'EM

Geese are tasty.  Their poop is wonderful.  You probably won't catch 'em, but it's worth a shot.

We can't win 'em all, or catch all of the tasty birds that fly tantalizingly in front of us.  Sometimes you have to improvise.

Come closer, my goose and duck friends.  I'M NOT GONNA HURT YOU (ok, I plan to eat you)

No need to go home empty-handed.  I wasn't in the mood for fowl anyway.

Tasty and satisfying.  And it doesn't try to fly away while I am chomping.  Kind of wonderful.

Don't anybody try to muscle in on my stick territory - I worked HARD for that fine stick, it's MINE!