Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Mini Me's

Ok, are these the two cutest dogs in the entire world or what?

At first I thought they were just tiny Airedales - pocket Airedales if you will - but they're actually Welsh Terriers. On the left is Shain and on the right is Bethan (I hope I spelled their names right!!!).

They're soooooooooo cute, I only got to sniff them from inside the dog park but that was cool. As you know mom and dad have been looking for a place to take me for my first big haircut, so who better to ask than this gorgeous little set of terriers?

I'm pretty sure that the humans are pretty sure now of where to take me - the Welshies recommended someone that's been recommended to us before - so maybe I'll look as fabulous as they do once I get "done".

It was great to see them because I didn't get my Airedale "fix" this weekend, I miss seeing my other Airedale buddies at the dog park but we keep missing each other! Miss you Kermit, Robin & Jupie!

Love you Welsh cuties!!!!

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Puddin' at the Center of the Earth

Really looks like that, doesn't it?

I sat back in awe as I watched my new friend Puddin' dig this hole. Deep enough for his entire body. No kidding. I mean it.

And then he wouldn't let me in.

I like Puddin'.



Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Where's Bogart?

Ah, another rainy day. And they say it never rains in southern California...

Well they're WRONG!!!

Not that I mind... I used to really really really hate the rain, I thought it was ruining my fabulous fur coat and would avoid it pretty much always. That made it fun for mom and dad to have to take me out to do my business... them running hysterically trying to coax me outside, the rain indeed making a mess out their own furry pelts, and me refusing to go until the very last second, running to do my "doo-ty" then running back inside until I was just under a part of the building that kept me dry. Then stopping. Then looking at them. Then watching them plead with me to come inside.

The looks on their faces was always priceless. I'd let them hang in the wind for a few minutes, maybe look around to survey the neighborhood (as I said, I wasn't getting directly rained on so I was fine), then slowly strolling in once one of them had to leave the safety of the rain-free area to come and get me.

Ah, fun times.

But today before the skies opened up, I had a little chance to run in the park. And we played a fun game of "Where's Bogart?". Well, fun for me that is. It apparently drives mom crazy when she turns around thinking that I'm right behind her and I'm actually off somewhere investigating something tremendously important.

But she'll learn. Eventually.



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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just a Regular Day

Today was just a regular day... other than having to wait for an extra hour in the morning to get into the dog park (they are apparently doing some sort of "maintenance" in the mornings which bothers me to no end... I plan my pooping around my dog park time, you see...) and then realizing that it wasn't going to be sunny but it wasn't going to rain either, I've decided that I will declare this JUST A REGULAR DAY.

I'm not expecting anything amazing to happen, and I fully intend to sleep through most of it.

I do of course need my afternoon jaunt through the park - hey, a pup's gotta pee sometime - and delight in taunting mom a bit.

Gotta keep her on her toes.

These humans can get pretty darn lazy if I don't work them out every single day...



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Monday, April 24, 2006

Bogart at Petco

Today I got to spend the day with mom - always fun - and of course this usually means that prize-winning photos of me will be taken.

Except for today of course, but I'll let mom tell the story - and the reason why there are no amazing new photos of me:

"We decided to go to Petco which is always fun for Bogart... he really loves to run around inside the store and give everything a good sniff. But today we did have a little issue. Right at the entrance of the store, just after we'd walked inside, Bogart decided to pee on the automatically-moving door. I thought for sure that would set off alarm bells or something around the store, so I quickly pulled him inside and began looking for their cleanup station. I only recently realized that they have these here - little areas with paper towels, poop bags, and such - but of course it makes sense. So while I was searching for the paper towels Bogart turned on his charm. Normally I love this, watching him "do his thing" and make everyone adore him, but I was looking for the paper towels to clean up his pee... Finally I found it (why is it all the way in the back of the store?) grabbed some towels and the cleanup spray and headed back to the front with Bogart. After doing a quick cleanup I noticed that Bogart was doing his special little dance while I was wiping.

He really does think that I'm his servant sometimes.

So we walked around the store looking for new exciting cans of dog food for him to try and he took the opportunity to pee on EVERY SINGLE CORNER of the store. At the end of every aisle, near every open bag of food, close to the treat table. So I spent far more of my time running around with the roll of paper towels (which I had by now hijacked as it was pointless to keep going back and forth each time he peed) than looking at the fat content on the cans (which is why we were there - Bogart needs low-fat foods now that he has pancreatitis).

And then of course - since it's Bogart we're talking about - he saved everything for his "big finish". He actually peed on a little girl who had come over to him and screamed in his face. I think she was just scared once she got close to him, and I had to pretend to reprimand him for his - ahem - outburst, but honestly the little crazy kid kind of asked for it. What do you expect if you scream at the top of your lungs in someone's face? A lesser dog would have tried to bite her, but not our Bogart.

He just peed all over her. That's CLASS."

So as you can see, yet another reason why I'm the jaunty gentleman.



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Friday, April 21, 2006

Bogart on MySpace

Bogart looking for friends!!!

Well, the longer I've been hanging around the internet posting on my blog, searching for pictures of hot Airedales, etc., the more I kept hearing about My Space. You know, it's that big website where people put up pictures and profiles of themselves and look for friends.

So I decided to join. My MySpace profile is here:

Come and be my friend!!!!!



Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Lazy Human

Here's what mom was doing today instead of writing a proper blog entry:

That's Behemoth the cat sleeping on her butt - guess he saw an opportunity to be close to something warm and he took it. Actually I've seen him sleep like this on dad's butt most evenings.

And here's what I was doing... far more dignified, don't you think?



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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Well I must admit that I'm still not feeling back to my jaunty gentleman self yet, but slowly I'm getting better. I'm sleeping a lot and when I'm not sleeping I'm eating or pooping.


Part of the problem with my pancreatitis is that I didn't want to EAT or POOP because whenever I did either one of those things it hurt. I was listening in a bit when the vet was talking with mom and dad (when they picked me up - lets just say that I was a little over-excited and couldn't hear every little thing he said because I was just so happy to be going home) and he mentioned something about acid coming out of my pancreas and that was what was hurting so much... but hey, I'm an Airedale, why should I give mom and dad a clue about what's wrong? Shouldn't they just sort of know these things?

I've been going out for little jaunts with the humans - in between naps - and today they took me to the dog park in the morning which was CLOSED... how dare they do maintenance on it when I want to get inside??? I was inconsolable, no matter how much mom and dad tried to explain about the maintenance guy I just wouldn't have any of it. But since no one could unlock the big lock on the gate, I finally gave up.

We did pop in at the Grove for a little Airedale-Show-Off time and a quick sandwich at the Corner Bakery. Just a quick little trip, nothing fancy, just a little ego-stroking for me and some food for mom.

Later on mom piled me into the Beetle and we went to the supermarket - I've become quite a big fan of hanging my head out of the window as we drive and it annoys me to no end when mom is stupid enough to get herself stuck in traffic and there is no air moving around to flip my gorgeous ears back in the wind... still fun to go out though.

So little by little I'll be getting back into the swing of things, keeping my pancreas happy (who even knew I had something called a pancreas or that it would be such a pain to maintain?) eating my special food and mostly swallowing my new medication.

How am I feeling? One stump up!!!



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Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm B-a-c-k...

Well, that was certainly an experience I don't want to repeat any time soon...

Spending all weekend at the vet - getting my paw shaved and having an IV - but I do have to say that I actually feel a little better. Turns out that not only have I managed to get hookworm, but I also have pancreatitis... but mom and dad caught it early, so it wasn't as serious as it could have been.

The doctors and people at the vets office were very nice to me, but lets face it, THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

Right now I'm completely exhausted (I did a major happy dance when I first saw mom and dad this morning) so I'll write more later.

Mom just knew that I was slowly getting back to my old self when she caught me stealing the insoles out of her sneakers... ah, some things never change.

Good to be back in the saddle...



PS - Thanks so much to all of my friends who wrote and were concerned about me... mom told me all about it and it's SOOOO nice to be loved!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Vacation... sort of

Well, it looks like I'm going to be out of commission for a few days... I'm still having the funky poop and when mom and dad took me to the vet this morning they decided that it was best for me to spend the weekend at the vet so they could check me out thoroughly.

It's not really practical for me to call mom from the Gateway Animal Hospital every day to dictate my daily thoughts and I'd rather she didn't come by to take pictures of me in all my glory trying to poop, so I'll just take a few days off.

Mom got a little teary but I just gave her a brush with the nose and thought, well, this is a new adventure...

So I should see you again on Monday!



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Thursday, April 13, 2006

And the Winner is... Hookworm!

Well it appears that my recent intestinal distress is caused by a blood-sucking little nasty called a hookworm.

For those unfamiliar with these parasitic little bastards, just do a quick googling - every site seems to show the little razor-like teeth that they have. I'd been experiencing some loss of appetite and some pretty funky diarrhea, which is what alerted the humans that there might be an issue.

But oh lucky me, they're pretty easy to get rid of. Just some nasty granules that get sprinkled on my wet food 3 times a day for 3 days. The problem is that wet food just doesn't seem tasty to a young handsome dog with intestinal issues right now... so a bit of force-feeding was in order.

First trying the old hide-it-in-a-piece-of-cheese trick. Generally, this works. I have to give the humans credit for this one. The slice of cheese just looks so yummy all folded up with a special wonton center (the filling being, of course, whatever medication is required and not easily administered).

But with these granular packets it's not so simple. They fall out all too easily of a cheese pouch. And I can smell them - never a good thing when trying to trick me. Mom and dad have tried hiding the granules in chicken, cheese, several brands of wet dog food and - my personal favorite - cat food. All to less than stellar results.

So it's been best to force-feed me. I have to get rid of the intestinal evildoers. Then I can eat and poop with gusto again like the fine Airedale that I am. And for all the other humans out there - if your puppy that should have a cast-iron stomach has diarrhea (especially dark colored) and/or isn't eating with relish, bring in that stool sample for a checkup (and do us the favor, collect what we poop out rather than submitting your fine canine to the indignity of the poop probe!!!).

Love and intestinal fortitude,


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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

57 Pounds of Pure Love

Damn I'm getting big. I'm just shy of 8 months old and already 57 pounds according to the vet. All big burly manly muscle, I say, it couldn't be that I'm carrying several extra pounds of hair around with me or anything like that...

While we were waiting for the results of yesterday's fecal flotation test (I know what it's called because mom and dad keep saying it over and over in a stupid voice, for some reason they think that's hilarious) mom decided that we should go to the Corner Bakery for a little lunch. Excellent idea mom. I get to watch the people going by and relax with a cup of water.

Afterwards we decided to stop in Griffith Park for a little walk - you know, for the humans to walk off their big lunch and for me to find a little action. Well, there were huge trucks with lots of people around, mom said they were making a movie, and they didn't want us to get too close. They had tanks and a fake moon and were running around in NYC policeman and army uniforms. Bizarre the things these humans will do. So dad decided to pose me nearby so everyone could see who the real star was - while I am undoubtedly adorable, I just wasn't in the mood and only stayed still for a moment.

Mom called several times today to find out how my poop was, but alas, no answer today. Perhaps it was the complexity of the ingredients or the richness of the aroma that delayed the results... I should know tomorrow what is irritating my innards.



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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Airedales! on Dogster

Are you on I am! I do it mainly to keep mom off of all of the other human-related sites, keeps her busy looking at other Airedales and thinking about me, me, me....

So if you are (or if you aren't but are thinking of joining) I just started a group. I noticed that there wasn't a breed-specific group for the most fabulous breed of all, the King of Terriers, so I started one. It's called, simply, elegantly, Airedales!

Check it out, post, put up your cool photos... it's all good!



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Bogart's Anal Probe

For once in my relatively short life I’m glad that mom’s camera isn’t working.

Today I had to go to the vet because I have some sort of weird skin thing going on on my tummy. That and I’ve had a touch of the diarrhea lately. Mom and dad thought better safe than sorry, and before I could begin to disagree we were in the car and on our way.

I’m sure the vet is a really nice person…. really… but he just has so many requirements. Get up on the table Bogart, turn over Bogart, lets see how much you weigh in front of all of the hot bitches Bogart, now it’s time to gather a stool sample Bogart…

Wait, did he just say “gather a stool sample”? What could that mean? You’re going to stick what? - where? - when? - why?


Mom and dad said they could hear me all the way out in the waiting room and knew that the anal probing had been administered. But as always the Airedale gets the last laugh. Mom and dad thought that they wouldn’t have to “collect” a sample because they allowed the evil vet to do the anal probing? Well guess what - I was totally clean. Nothing to collect. So they just have to wait until the next time I have to poop… then go back to the vet with it in a baggie.

I win AGAIN!!!



No probing-ly beautiful pix today, but always more on my other blog:

UPDATE: As of 6pm the “sample” has been produced, collected, and now resides on some lucky “fecal flotation” testers desk.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Today I was planning to bring you artistic photos of myself in the bath. You know, bubbles posed strategically, me looking happy, wet fur pressed to my skin, avocado shampoo being applied…

But mom’s camera is ailing. She THINKS it’s just the digital card (and she has a NEW camera that she SHOULD use when documenting all of my golden moments) and that it SHOULD be fixed asap.

So no bathing beauty shots of me. Just as well I guess. I was fully funk-a-delic and had a lovely layer of crust (that I carefully cultivated at the dog park and other places around town) that needed serious removal via bubble-filled shower.



Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bogart at Puran's

Mom is lazy.

I don't care if it's Sunday... She didn't want to wake up this morning to take me to the dog park so dad had to do it alone. I got to see the Airedales and my buddy Buster the Pit Bull so I quickly forgot about her snoring at home.

She did make it up to me tho, we went out for lunch to Puran's in Los Feliz which always means fun people-watching. Actually in Los Feliz it usually means people-avoiding as everyone seems to be so wrapped up in themselves I have to be careful not to have a paw out on the street or risk getting stepped on! Mom of course has a theory about this, but as it's on the kind of mean side I'll just let you imagine.

We chatted with mom and dad's friend Steven who is just back from Mexico where he bought a whole ranch. It sounds like it's going to be such a great place but a lot of work... too much for my Airedale blood. Don't get me wrong I like working, but I'm more motivated by the tasty snack at the end...



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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Morning of the Living Airedale

(see me in the background?)

My buddies. The coolest Airedales in the world. These are my friends from the dog park - I only get a chance to see them on the weekends and for the last few weekends I kept missing them somehow...


And mom was actually able to capture some golden moments when they weren't running around and were kind of posing!!!! The handsome boys are Kermit and Robin, the lovely lady is Jupie.

It's soooooo fun to play with other Airedales!!!



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Friday, April 07, 2006

Bogie by the Sea

Today was fun with Oma & Opa... they really like to go everywhere which is great!!! I only got left at home a few times while they were here (which you'd never know because someone - not mentioning any names MOM - kept forgetting her camera) and today I tagged along for the whole day.

It was cool that I didn't have to ride around in mom's little car - we had a big SUV that mom and dad rented for the visit - so that meant I had an entire Bogart Compartment all to myself. It took me awhile to get used to it, I was rolling and falling a lot whenever dad would make a turn at first. Once I figured out that there are really two basic positions and one advanced one I was much better off. The two basic are: sitting upright while leaning against the back corner of the car and sleeping. The advanced one is with paws and head up leaning on the seat in between the two back passengers. I took the opportunity to do thorough ear cleanings on mom and oma as they were usually sitting in the back.

So off we went to the Santa Monica Pier & Third Street Promenade. Pretty cool.

Smells like fish.

I was posing with Oma - notice how I'm trying to get her into proper photo position.

Then we did some shopping and stopped for some lunch. The wait staff of course catered to me and brought me a plate of water (which was necessary as they'd forced me to sit outside of a railing... like a common mutt). But it was fine as I indulged in a lot of people watching and caught some rays. The family was eating greek food which I didn't like anyway, so no problem there.

We were out for a few hours walking around in the sun, I didn't realize how tiring that can really be... I slept the entire way home.

I really like it when oma & opa come to visit - they're fun!!!



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Monday, April 03, 2006

Good Microbrew

Supposed to rain today, huh mom? Supposed to be no dog park today? Supposed to be able to sleep late, right mom?

Well surprise surprise... no rain. So we did get to cruise through the dog park and I managed to not hump anyone the entire time - amazing.

Since it turned out to be such a lovely day outside mom wanted to go get a little something for lunch. Outside, so she could bring me along. Well, of course I approve of such things and ran to get my leash. Dad decided to join us so it was a full house, everyone with their leashes (well mom carries this thing that looks like a leash but has lots of things inside... it's really heavy and she drags it everywhere... and she doesn't call it a leash, it's a bag or a purse or something like that...) and it was off we go.

We got to the Good Microbrew & Grill during lunch hour - lots of great, colorful people to admire me. A few even knew I was an Airedale, so extra points for them.

Turning on my charm...

I just don't know how it's possible for anyone to resist me...

Even I can't resist myself...

Something really great happened as I was getting all of the attention, one of the waiters brought over two huge red bowls - for me! - one with water and one with bones. I tried really hard to play it cool, to pretend that I didn't want to devour those bones, but it didn't last. Crunch crunch crunch. They were yummy. And the water is always refreshing.

Then it's back in the car - we've got housecleaning to do! - because mom says some very special people are coming to visit tomorrow. She won't tell me who and honestly I probably wouldn't understand anyway, so I'll keep you posted...



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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Muddy Paws

I'm always kind of ticked off when I don't get my daily time at the dog park. Mom and dad just aren't the best at explaining to me WHY WE CAN'T GO. I know there is a reason - there MUST be a reason - but it never seems sufficient to me.

Lets see - the earth keeps turning, check... the sun rose, check... so that all means that life continues to revolve around me and that means I SHOULD BE ABLE TO GO TO THE DOG PARK.

Today the excuse was something about rain. So what. A little rain won't kill ya. Even mom says that all the time to the crazy people here in the LA (did I mention she's from New York?). But of course no one knows how to drive here when it starts raining (another tip from mom).

Anyway all I know is that today the excuse went like this: It's raining Bogart, we can't go to the dog park because it will be really muddy... blah blah blah... there might not be any of your friends there... blah blah blah... it's so much warmer here at home in bed... blah blah blah.

Hoo-ey. If they won't take me to the dog park, then they'll still have to take me somewhere...

So it's off to the park behind our house. I intend to stretch this type of thing as long as possible so that my paws aren't the only ones getting muddy...


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Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Baron of Retch-land

Today my tummy hurts. I'm not sure why, but I just know that it hurts.

So I went in search of some nice, soothing grass. You know, what EVERYONE does when they have a tummy ache. And I ate.

And ate.

And ate.

And ate some more.

And then, as if by some magical movement of my muscles, it arrived. A large brick of grass and everything that had been bothering my stomach. Scared me a little (mom wasn't entirely thrilled, even though I did manage to get it out just before we went inside - how about some points for that, mom?) but then as my tummy almost immediately felt better I thought everything was allright.

Until the next urge to run out and mow down a field with my mouth occurred.



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