Monday, December 31, 2007

Dale Day 3 - Hollywood Trail

The fun was non-stop today - rather than getting upset at NOT BEING ALLOWED TO POOP before we got into the car, I remembered that yesterday we went right over to Mareike's, and that's exactly what happened.

We piled into two cars for some special out-of-the-neighborhood trail walking... up by the Hollywood sign! It looks different from up here, we all thought, nothing like the famous Gooberstan sign. No matter.

Lots of tasty horse poop to keep us refreshed.

We saw lots of horses, lots of people, and a bunch of dogs that I wasn't too thrilled with. I think I was just feeling superior, being in such a good-looking pack of Dales, but everything was cool.

Once we returned, dad busted out the Oscar Meyer's because we were GOOD DOGGIES...

So Mareike, we're all doing great here, kitties are happy, and we're all having FUN!!!


To Aire is Divine

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dale Day 2 - Dales in Da House

First thing this morning, rather than going on my morning walkie, mom and dad rushed me into the Bogie-mobile. Wherever could we be going oh sweet parents, I HAVEN'T POOPED YET.

But - whew! - I recognized the route instantly and in but a few precious moments we were at Mareike's house for day 2 of our Dalextravaganza.

The Dales were happy to see us and after some play biting and barking, I was free to pee. Everybody is happy, we're spending the day just playin'.

At one point dad was working on the fig tree and cutting up PERFECTLY GOOD STICKS. This annoys me to no end. Why oh why must he cut them up into small, useless pieces? Especially when I have a really good pile going.

Humans. I'll never understand 'em.



Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dale Day 1 - Butt Shots

Ok so apparently mom and dad have known about this for awhile now but I didn't know until today... our buddy Mareike is out of town for a few days and we're Dale-sitting! You cannot imagine how much fun this is for me, getting to spend tons of time every day with my Dale buddies.

Mom's one non-butt shot, of the beautiful Jupie :)

So dad and I went over this morning and spent the day there just playing in the yard. Mom came over after she got out of that "work" place she goes to all the time, and we saddled up for a 4-Dale walk in Silverlake. Mom apologizes that all of these shots are of our butts. While yes indeed our butts are adorable, she just couldn't get ahead of everyone and take face shots and we were all waaaaay too distracted to pose. It was a nice walk up a hill (no stairs this time!) and then down, through the neighborhood and taking in some Airedmiration.

Apparently mom and dad went back over to their house for some late-night fuzzy lovin' (they went to a friends house for dinner - somewhere that dogs are not allowed - yes I know, what kind of friends are these that will have you over for food and not invite the most important critter in the house along?) and all is well.

Mama checks on the kitties too (no surprise there, eh?) and they're frisky and frolicking all over.

How cute are these faces, I ask you? Remember that I'm a cat-lovin' dog, so I'm partial to the furry beings.

So Mareike, the doggies are having a GOOD time with us, we're gonna treat 'em like the fuzzy kings and queens that they are, and we're having a BLAST being Aire-sitters!!!



To Aire is Divine

Friday, December 28, 2007

Airedale vs. Hose

The hose makes me angry...


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mamma Mia

Xmas was awfully nice - presents all around for me and the kitties!

My favorite one was from my Grandma Bunny (she's not a real bunny, but she's my honey!) - it was some peanut butter treats from Three Dog Bakery. Mmm-mmm-good Grandma, you sure can pick good presents!!!

My buddy Stanley put up a great post with some cool info about his mom awhile ago - we were asked to do the same. But it's odd, mom is always the one HOLDING the camera, not IN FRONT OF the camera, and it can be difficult to get dad to hold the camera because, well, he's not super-talented at it (he loses interest - kind of like me - see the video below for the proof).

So I think we'll be posting little videos with more mom in 'em since she cannot figure out anything that's particularly cool about herself to post. She really does exist! And those opposable thumbs of hers do come in handy.

Today we did a little stickwork which I was certainly happy for since they left me home all by myself for hours ON CHRISTMAS DAY after the present extravaganza to go to the movies. And mom, exactly WHO goes to see a movie like Sweeney Todd on Christmas Day??? I guess that's a good description of my mom (she's a BIG Tim Burton fan, and oh does she like that Johnny Depp guy...).



Monday, December 24, 2007

The Light Festival

Tonight mom, dad, and I took a walk through Griffith Park to see the DWP Light Festival

A little tough to read, but it clearly says NO ANIMALS. To that I say..... harumph!

So we walked right on through. I AM NOT AN ANIMAL, I AM AN AIREDALE!!!

The lights are cool but the music is cheesy and a little too loud for my taste. And it was really windy which made it kind of cold and lots of dust was blowing in my face. But there were lots of folks driving by (most people drive through it rather than walk, and mom and I have driven through it in past years) and admiring me so that helped.

This car full of Santa's clearly got the Airedale Admiration memo. I'm gonna have to remember that for next time, riding in a convertible would be the BEST way to do the festival!

Have a FANTASTIC Christmas everyone!!!

Big Aire Kisses,


To Aire is Divine