Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Corner Bakery

I love going to the Corner Bakery with mom at lunch - we go there a lot because she really likes the Caprese sandwich! They're always really, really nice to me there - they bring me my own bowl of water and nobody minds when I destroy a pig ear while they're eating. Mom was trying to take pictures of me sitting outside at the table but I kept on moving (ha!), so the only one that she got was this one with a melted-out background...

But I'm so damn cute I guess it will have to do.

Hard to spot from this photo, but now I have my new spiffy AKC tag on my collar! It goes really well with my bone-shaped Bogart tag (with the little devil horns, whatever was mom thinking when she got that? I'm a little angel....) and I'm really proud to be AKC.

Another rainy day here in LA so just more of the same - playing with boxers outside, stealing a little fresh mozzarella from mom's sandwich when she's not looking. It's good to be adorable...


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