Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Abominable Pizza

It's pretty quiet here in Philadelphia - still lots of snow on the ground in my parks, not many people or dogs to sniff.

But there are other creatures lurking in the night. Creatures that must be tamed!

Yes, this is one such creature. Colloquially referred to as a "snowman", I do not trust him for one minute. Those beady eyes, scrawny arms, and sad attempt at some sort of breathing device, he's nothing like any man I've ever seen.

Of course he's still mine, of course. Gotta mark the territory.

And check around to make sure that no one will try to move in on my said territory. I get to pee on him, but no one else does. Understand?

I shall return, oh "snowman", to further share my wisdom (that is, to pee on you).

Uh oh. Mama is cooking again. That can only mean one thing.

This was an innocent frozen pizza until mama got to it. Now it's a, well, it's just a burned hockey puck that even I won't touch. Practice makes perfect? (Well, maybe eventually).


Sunday, December 26, 2010

What's Up Bogie?

Miss me?  I missed you!

I know that I haven't posted in awhile, and I apologize.  I've gotten all of your emails and messages... and thank you for your concern!  I've been busy, mama was a little "out of it", and the cherry on the sundae, our old camera died.  Mama tried to continue by posting a few grainy cell phone photos on my Facebook page, but lo, it is not the same.  But thank goodness for grandmas because mine bought us a new one for Xmas!

So exactly what was I up to?  Posing for potentially-embarrassing holiday photos...

Making sure that mama knows how much I love her...

Getting presents while pretending to still be interested in this holiday-photo-thing...

I got a super spiffy new coat from my pal Max (you should check out his book, Life to the Max, I have it and it is very inspirational!) which I am wearing with pride.  It's very cozy, fits me really well, I really like it.

Lots of long walkies, a warm coat, and STICKS.  As you can see, I'm doing pretty darned well.

Time to head off now, get back on the blogging track, pick up those 2010 sticks and RUN!


Friday, December 10, 2010

How Do You Teach an Infant Algebra

Damned if I know.

No, these don't help.
And this definitely doesn't help. Flying robot with little art guy in his hand. Ok... no.

You learn something every day, eh?

Get your ugly sweaters kiddos!

Oh, so many things going on in Philadelphia tonight. Makes a boy hungry.

Lucky for me, this Japanese restaurant understands what a dog needs - water and biscuits. I approve!


Saturday, December 04, 2010

Fry Day

Wow... lookie here. It's the Heinz Ketchup Road Trip truck. Offering up some tasty-ness to humans and canines alike.

You do realize that I'm a dog, right? But that I do love french fries and ketchup, right?

Apparently Heinz has these cool new packets - for squeezers or dippers - to make eating fries on the road all that much more enjoyable. Yes, I did get some fries (with ketchup, thank you very much), and for the record, I am a DIPPER.

It was a day FULL of treats with a swing through the Just Dogs Bakery. The golden retriever next to me is stuffed - which I discovered after sniffing him for some time.

Oh, the agony of choice.

I did a little shopping while mama was buying me some bakery goodness. Have to check out the latest toys and things.

They always have such cool window displays here. I APPROVE. But what is that in the corner?

KITTEH. Keeping his eye on things, as kittehs are wont to do.

For my trouble, I got my fave - a squirrel cookie. Do you remember how this is done? Allow me to show you...

Bite gingerly, moving the cookie so that it is properly placed in your mouth...

Head off!


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Lighting Up the Aire

Woo-hoo! More Xmas trees! Tonight we actually made it in time for the lighting of the Love Park tree. We missed the City Hall one by a few minutes, but it was in full flower when we got there so... And I'm pleased to report that these two are much nicer than the all-white one I saw earlier this week.

Just across the street, in front of City Hall, is the source of a lot of recent controversy here in Philly. The Christmas Village. An outdoor group of vendors - food, wine, presents of all kinds - it's really lovely. But apparently lots of people in their hyper-PC-ness wanted to call it the Holiday Village, and the sign was taken down. Well now it's back up again, and after walking through it I can say really folks, it is set up as a Christmas-type area (Santa is there), so don't get your panties all in a bunch. Anyone and everyone can walk around, see lovely handmade things, and enjoy a glass of mulled wine.

Even dogs.

Although this guy looked a little shifty to me.

I couldn't go inside the food and drink areas so I cannot attest to their yumminess, but lots of happy, satisfied humans coming out so that's a good sign.

Yeah, mama's camera doesn't do justice to things shot in low light or at night. Most of the pictures come out like this one. But just squint your eyes and you'll see the loveliness...

And, somehow, mama managed to make the newspaper with her heroic quote about the whole thing - "Oh, who cares?". Yep, that's my mama...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tree Lighting?

We arrived at Rittenhouse Square Park tonight, bright-eyed (mama) and bushy-tailed (me). There was supposed to be a tree-lighting ceremony, and while our timing meant we'd miss most of the pageantry, we still decided it was a good idea to go.

Well, there are lots of plain, white lights around the park. In a semi-holiday-ish fashion. Arranged with no particular care.

But then again there was this - a crane still working to place lights on the tree, at least an hour-and-a-half after the tree was to be unveiled. And again, all white lights. Not super creative, not super festive there Philly. Didn't even really catch this dog's eye. Of course I still pooped in the park, but I was expecting a bit more.

We may try some of the other holiday trees around town, in a never-ending search for cool twinkly lights (to poop by).


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black (and Tan) Friday

Oh, you silly humans. Today you are all at the malls, in the stores, shopping your hearts out. And I get to explore the city with a lot more room.

I can play games, run, frolic, and chase anything that moves - without being on a short leash or tripping over slow-moving humans. Woo-hoo!

I can also stop and smell the...

Well, they're not roses... not really sure what they are... but they do smell interesting, ...

Ok, one quick pose - get the horse-drawn carriage in the background! Oh such incredible composition skills you have mama (not to mention those super stylin' gloves)...

It's a nice, relaxing day, and I think I'm going to light up a big one. A big stogie. You know, MY kind of stogie.

That's right - I am a stogie aficionado, and you should see the looks I get while walking through the streets of the big city, stogie cocked jauntily out of the side of my mighty jaws. Yeah... I'm a cool character.

Yes, yes, it's me... no autographs, please!