Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Stickwork

Working on a stick hunt... gonna go down down... working on a stick hunt... whoops! gotta look around...


Check out this advanced technique... not for beginners, but advanced stick students take note!

This also may be more breed specific - you've gotta have a long schnoz in order to delicately carry two sticks perfectly crossed in the center - and the Airedale scissor bite also comes into play...

I had to carry them home like this the entire way, I was so proud of my stick prowess...



To Aire is Divine

Chez Bogart

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Art-Full Airedale

The Art Institute of Portland is celebrating their 10 year anniversary and they're having a Block Party in the Pearl... did someone say party?

Dad and I made ourselves comfy on some furniture they had out on the street...but dad really, there is no excuse for this:

See how lovely I look in this middle of the West Elm tableau? Perhaps they should hire me as a model for their catalogs...

And a "noble" pose...

But hey this is supposed to be a party, right? So where is the food???

Mmm. BURGER. I haven't had one of these for SO LONG...

Faithful readers will remember that I have a very specific system for burger eating. Say it with me:


(now if you'll be eating a burger from a drive-thru, don't forget the all-important first step of - napkin falls from sky - so that your patty stays where it's supposed to!)

Make sure you dont' drop any important pieces...

The the top bun...

And finally the bottom bun with all of it's meaty, juicy goodness.

You can have your stinkin' vegetables mama. Uh, I mean, look I saved them for your dear mama!


I like this art stuff. It's tasty...

I'm about ready to give up my West Elm station, lets look around and see who else is here...

Look who mama found? Guess what kind of dog this is (yes, she had to ask!)..

It's a giant Schnauzer without a Schnauzer haircut!!! His name is Bowser, isn't he HANDSOME?

I can be a little iffy when I meet other male dogs. That pesky testosterone. But I really hit it off with Bowser.

I can kind of see the Schnauzer in him when I see his whole face - those cool eyebrows - and I appreciate a boy with a rugged individualist haircut like my own.

This lovely lady is an Airedale person!!! She's a photographer, I think she was trying to set up a shot of me looking all cool in her artsy glasses...

They had sidewalk chalk drawing going on... this is an outline of the Schnauzer from earlier!!! He really laid down and let them trace him - I don't think I would have allowed that. But that's just me.

Then on our way back to the Bogie-mobile we walked through Art in the Pearl, an outdoor artist fair.

Some very cool stuff - paintings, jewelry, ceramics, I saw so many different things.

And then I saw this...

And it made me want to do this...

Mama cut off a little of the horse's head, but this was a very cool wooden sculpture. I definitely feel much more artistic after my adventures today...



To Aire is Divine

Chez Bogart

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Take the Pledge

Today I took it... the pledge to fight Animal Cruelty...

YES, I support the ASPCA in its steadfast commitment to end animal cruelty. I will do all that is possible to help the animals in my community live happy, healthy lives.

To that end, I pledge to:

Learn to Recognize Animal Cruelty.

Report Animal Cruelty.

Set a Good Example for Others.

Fight for the Passage of Anti-Cruelty Laws by Joining the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade.

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty



To Aire is Divine

Chez Bogart

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cover Boy




Hazelnut Sunday

Not only is there an overwhelming amount of blackberries in my park, but there are also hazelnuts - on trees! We're off in search of some nutty goodness, but first, nature calls...

That's Mt. Hood in the background, and bicyclists closer in. The bicyclists make me crazy, it's hard to use the full extent of my flexi leash as they're always swarming like obnoxious bees. I have to walk right next to mama, rather than my usual custom of checking out things far ahead of her. Most of the bicyclists are nice, but some are really mean, stupid, and self-centered. There are always a few bad apples in the bunch, right?

So lets take a little detour into the forest. Where I can commune with nature, and find a good place to poop.

Ah success. A tree full of hazelnuts. Go get 'em dad!

I'm down here dad, just in case you drop something.

Lemme get that one for ya...

Got it!

The bounty - two cargo pant pockets full of beautiful hazelnuts.

Time to head home so you and mama can open them. Beware of bicyclists!



To Aire is Divine

Chez Bogart

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Festa Italiana


Today we went to the Festa Italiana festival in Pioneer Square... not too much going on, it was mostly about the food. They had some dancers while we were there, but the tents where the food was being served were making me kind of goofy...

So mama had to distract me a little by showing me how to play bocce. I could REALLY get into this game, I tell ya. All of the balls going back and forth, I could forsee adding some of my own rules. Things like, whoever gets to the ball fastest wins, judging the amount of slobber on each ball, and hey why not throw in some defense?

We wanted to sit down somewhere and just enjoy a beer. Rather than fight the crowds, it was an easy decision to just head over the Hawthorne Bridge to the Lucky Labrador...

Yes my friends, these are hops. The Lucky Lab has a few vines growing behind the brewpub and we couldn't resist popping off a few. No tasting for me, and mama was more interested in checking out how the macro lens works on her camera.

A few other doggies today - but mostly it was about rest and relaxation. Nice and low-key, I don't think I stressed out mama too much, you know, getting her back into the groove. And she trimmed my ears today (you can't see it too well in the photos), so I feel a little bit perkier!



To Aire is Divine

Chez Bogart