Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Day with Boxers

So I'm quickly discovering that I really, really hate rain. Maybe I'm not used to it yet (like dad said this morning - but he was covered in a bright yellow rain suit with a big black rain hat, so what does he know?) but it's just sooooo cold! And the drops seem so big...

That's ok because mom scooped me up and we drove into her work - verrrrrrry slowly - and we made it just fine.

I had the funniest encounter today with two other doggies - they belong to a guy that my mom works with, they're gigantic! They're boxers - a boy and a girl - and I tried to stay still while mom took a picture of me with them but it wasn't easy... (did I mention that they are huge compared to me???). They were really excited to see me, and they didn't jump on me or anything, just a lot of sniffing. I thought the big boy had a cute face so I licked him and he licked me back. It was fun, I'm looking forward to playing with them more.

I thought we were going to start my clicker training today but since it' s raining so hard outside mom thinks it's not a good idea. I heartily agree. I'd much rather sit inside on my doggie pillow and sleep.


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