Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Potpourri

Cone. Cone. Cone.


Mine. Mine. Mine.

Wait - you have another one? CAN I HAVE THAT ONE?

You will not take THIS one away from me. I have found a perfect place for it...

Hehehe. Hidden. Peed on. Having a big, juicy pine cone to play with one day... good. Having a big, juicy pine cone to play with - and exactly where you left it - a second day?


We spent some time today on top of Mt. Tabor, and today we went up the section that we had to climb, rather than walk in circles. Tough for mama, easy for me with my 4-wheel drive.

The CEO is in his seat, not terribly happily as I was displeased at the amount of time spent on the mountain. And - ahem - mama you were on the phone the entire time, so we actually spent a lot of that time sitting...

Lets walk some more, COME ON MAMA - outa the way, let me drive...

Ok then, PROMISE me that we'll be walking more today...

I was pretty sure that this sign meant "Man Holding Stinky Poopy Bag". Do you agree?

Yep, definitely "Man Holding Stinky Poopy Bag".



Saturday, August 29, 2009

Behold the CEO

A boring Saturday. Mama had to do those CHORE things that she sometimes has to do. While I get to tag along, I mostly have to sit in the car. NOT my favorite thing to do.

She says that I sit either in the drivers seat (obviously) or in the back seat, which is the "CEO seat". As I have a driver (um, that's mama) I get to sit in the back and enjoy the ride. Like the CEO that I am.

Chores done yet mama?



Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Dirty Little Secret

I have a secret.

While on my evening walkie, I like to swing by a local doggie store because they have KITTENS in the window.

I make sure that we go down this street every night since the kittens arrived. Now you'd think I get enough cat action - having 5 of my own at home - but NOOOOO...

I find them simply irresistible.

So I have to do something to redeem myself, and regain my canine dignity. Hows this?



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nature's Perfect Workout

Flexibility is very important. As is explosive energy. Mama and I go for long, regular walkies but we also know that there are other aspects to keeping a Dale such as I in fine, athletic condition.

Are you ready mama?


Getting ready... getting set...





And... CHOMP!!!!!!

Workout - accomplished. Pine cones - natures perfect workout.



Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today was a sad day to be a cell phone. Mama's cell phone, that is. She was trying valiantly to clean our apartment and in a flurry of activity, she took out a big bag of garbage to our rubbish chute. Just a short walk from our apartment. A quick trip. Not going to be away for long. So she left me alone..

But then I heard a slow, hard, clang. And then again. And then again. Apparently that clang was the sound of mama's cell phone banging against the inside of the rubbish chute as it slowly descended into it's watery grave in the dumpster downstairs. She had somehow had it in her hand and released it just as she pushed the garbage bag into the chute.

Apparently the search for the phone was an unpleasant as you can imagine it to be. But she found it - wet and stinky - in a pile of trash.

Mama was - ahem - unhappy about this turn of events. Now we would have to go out to get a new phone. A quick trip to the phone store and another 2-year commitment later, and she has her new phone. She wanted to learn how to use this new technological marvel, I wanted to go for a walkie. Guess who won?

Don't worry mama - things are going to get better!



Saturday, August 22, 2009

Adult Soap Box Derby

Sat-ur-day... heading for the park... I think I'll stop for a b-a-g-e-l...

A quick swing through Couch Park - my fave spot for pine cone games...

And then on to the REAL park action for today - the Portland Adult Soap Box Derby at Mt. Tabor! Wow, there were a LOT of people there...

We headed up to the top of the volcano - all of the Derby entrants come whizzing down the circular road so we wanted to see them from the start, the middle and the end if we could...

Can you believe that otherwise sane adult humans do this sort of thing? The crazy factor is high - very fun and cool to watch.

Wait... what's coming?

A drum marching band - boy, did that make me crazy. I was barking like a maniac when they walked by.

Mama tried to tell people sitting close to us that I was singing along - r-i-g-h-t...

A pensive moment just before the derby racers came screaming down the hill...

What's that? I told you that the crazy factor was high...

All along the route there are crash areas - just in case the racers need to ditch or if they lose control. I added a little special something to this one...

And then they started. An ice cream truck:

The A Team (complete with theme music):

A mouse in a mousetrap (complete with cheese-y goodness):

This was that crazy guy who was running by before - I was actually very intrigued by him, and he gave an excellent ear rub...

Mouse and cheese:

Some more traditional racers:

A... fish?

A coffee cup - with super-soaker special-ness:

The folks who can help in case there is an accident or a wipeout (we did hear that some racer broke his nose, but cannot confirm that):

A more "human"-powered vehicle:

And of course the Finish Line:

Some very Portland transport (mama wants one of these):

And of course the MOST Portland transport of all:

Twas fun fun fun Portland - you crazy town, you...