Saturday, March 30, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

Duck for Dinner

Some days you've just gotta take the wheel.

When your mama isn't walking fast enough, and you smell something important, GRAB THE WHEEL

And if you see geese - GO GET 'EM

Geese are tasty.  Their poop is wonderful.  You probably won't catch 'em, but it's worth a shot.

We can't win 'em all, or catch all of the tasty birds that fly tantalizingly in front of us.  Sometimes you have to improvise.

Come closer, my goose and duck friends.  I'M NOT GONNA HURT YOU (ok, I plan to eat you)

No need to go home empty-handed.  I wasn't in the mood for fowl anyway.

Tasty and satisfying.  And it doesn't try to fly away while I am chomping.  Kind of wonderful.

Don't anybody try to muscle in on my stick territory - I worked HARD for that fine stick, it's MINE!