Sunday, January 30, 2011

March of the Penguins... INTO MY BELLY

Yes mama, this was a lovely long mid-day walkie we had today.  Yes mama, I have worked up an appetite.  Yes mama, I want to stop at the Just Dogs Gourmet doggie bakery.

I'm always fooled by the dog statue out front.  Always.

Looks like a lovin' themed window for Valentine's Day.  Dog lovin, that is!

I know what I'm lovin'... A penguin cookie.  Appropriate for how darned cold it's been here in Philadelphia.

So now I present to you a new "the last thing a cookie sees" series:  March of the Penguins INTO MY BELLY

Head first, as always!



Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day - Surprise!

This morning, the view from my bedroom window looked like this - but mama still had to go to work.  Really?  Work?  On a day like this?

So as she was putting on clothes other than her dog-walking ones, we got a phone call.  SNOW DAY!!!

And I know exactly how to do a snow day.  The first order of business is a MASSIVE CUDDLE PARTY.

See?  Even Happy Bunny agrees (and he's the most self-centered toy ever - a few of his choice phrases are "Lets talk about me", "You suck and that's sad", and "Hi, Loser!").


Cuddling accomplished - guess what's next on the Bogart Snow Day menu?

If you said Big Walk in the Snow, congratulate yourself - that's correct!

I fully realize that the snow is up to my chest.  That my mighty paws are completely buried as I scamper about.  AND I DON'T CARE

I can even find the odd stick that is above snow-ground.  Lots of 'em have fallen in the park, the weight of the snow on the tree branches being overwhelming for some of them.  Good for me, tho.

It's almost like swimming, but it's not.  As in, I'm kind of buried but I cannot move.  Maybe it's time to head to higher ground, or lower snow.

I likey what some people do when confronted with overwhelming snow.  This was a huge snowman - simple, yes, but he made up in stature what he lacked in detail.

Rock on, Philadelphia!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cold Night, Hot Soup

My newest fave soup... TURKEY.  Mama makes this for me with turkey, sweet potatoes, carrots, rutabaga, butternut squash, okra, and lentils.  YUM.

Sekhmet is actually a quite helpful cat.  She keeps watch on the crockpot during the day, making sure that all is well.  She is the only cat I will allow to steal a bit of my turkey (as she is the only cat who will willingly let me lick her head, it only seems fair).


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Awfully darned cold here in Philadelphia - the birds in this tree were there for almost my entire trek around Washington Square Park, I thought they might be frozen on!

Gotta keep moving - Gotta keep moving - Gotta keep moving

Yeah, see, that's the ticket.  Nice and slow, see?  Hand over the stick and no one gets hurt...(said with a smirk and a slight lisp).

Not. Fast. Enough.



Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Name in Lights


At 5:26 AM Philly time (9:26 PM Aussie time) my name was emblazoned on the wall of the Australia Museum as part of  artist John Baldessari's Your Name In Lights project.  I was able to wake mama up just in time, and it was well worth it.

I have now had my 15 seconds of fame.  Thank you John Baldessari for including me in the 100,000+ names.  It is indeed a thrill.


Friday, January 21, 2011

John Baldessari and Me

So... I am going to have my NAME IN LIGHTS for 15 seconds as part of the John Baldessari: Your Name in Lights project at the Sydney Festival! So for 15 whole seconds, BOGART HANDSOME DEVIL will be projected across the Australian Museum’s William Street fa├žade. And many will be confused.

My time will be on Sunday, January 23rd at 9:26 PM Aussie time - which here in Philadelphia is Sunday, January 23rd at 5:26 AM. I'm gonna have to wake mama's butt up early to see it - they have a webcam HERE.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Airedale Death Spiral

In the great game of stick procurement, sometimes things don't always go exactly my way.  Humans wind up with sticks that are either held too high, or thrown too far.

But there is simply no reason why I shouldn't have any and all sticks that I see.

Really.  Truly.  I MEAN IT.

Oh yeah?  You think that holding that stick just a little too high is going to somehow keep it in your hands rather than my gaping mouth?


Here's a tip for you doggies - once you get the prized stick in your mouth, begin what I affectionately call the "Airedale Death Spiral".  Hold on tight and run in a circle.

If necessary, bite a little closer to the hand holding the stick.  That always gets 'em moving faster.  And moving faster is what you want - in a circle.

Round and round and round you go, and pretty damn soon the human will get dizzy.  Then you can make your escape, stick in maw.

You're welcome.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday in the Snow

Rittenhouse Square Park.  Still snowy.


I am quite enjoying this snow thing.  Sure it's cold and all, but it does feel good on the toes (when there isn't any of that nasty salt on the streets).  We did find a nice way around that salt - a liberal smush of Vaseline on my feet before we go outside each day - so now no stinging!

Woo-hoo!  Smushy toes and a field of wet, white goodness.



Sunday, January 09, 2011

Bogie, Poo, and Tigger Too

Big day for me - 5 poops, tying my all-time record!

And on top of that, I found this sweet Tigger toy at the free bins outside the Philly AIDS Thrift Store.  SCORE!

Mine Mine Mine

Oh mama, just because I have to stop to pee doesn't mean that I've forgotten about my new plushy friend!  GIMME THAT

Oh, you want me to work for it?  To jump in the air, doing some incredible feat of Dale gymnastics?  Ah... I DON'T THINK SO

OK.  I WANT THAT TIGGER.  You win, I'll do whatever silly thing that you want.  GIMME TIGGER

Snow modelling?  BUT OF COURSE...

Full-on snow snout, spiffy new coat from Max, wide smile with head cocked jauntily to the side - check, check, and CHECK!
You may of course occasionally carry Tigger.  Anyone else will have to pry him from my cold, dead paws...