Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Blogging Canines!


I've met some other dog bloggers with people who knit!

Take a look-sie at Blue & Annie

And Gracie!

Oh yeah, and read their human's blogs too....



Monday, November 28, 2005

Dog Named Cat of the Year

Ok, at first I was confused too... how could a dog be a cat?

But then I remembered that I live with 4 cats and some have noticed that my behaviour and eating habits are decidedly "feline"...

It's a very cool story, RIP Ginny!


Sunday, November 27, 2005

Horsing Around with Bogie

I almost forgot...

There was also an area with horses - ok, now I'm still learning about other animals so I wasn't really ready for the horses - they're sooooooo big and have a great stinky smell, I couldn't stop staring at them.

Dad says that next time we'll bring carrots for them (I voted for bringing cat food, my favorite treat, but dad knows best) so they'll come closer to us.

I hope you can see them in the background of the pictures, there were 4 of them and they were huge!!!


Sunday in the Park with Bogart

So.... mom and dad are determined to find new and exciting places for us to walk. As much as I like walking when I've been dragged outside and out of a furry puppy sleep, it's hard to get me going sometimes.

Dad found a great new place to walk that mom and I hadn't been to so today we went. It was a little cold, but I was having a really good time because it's a trail that's very dog-friendly - with a special station for doggie poop bags and an area with an always-full bowl of water. Lots of great new smells too.

I met an incredibly cute doggie named Eli - another kind of dog that I've never seen before! - he was really mellow and didn't mind at all when I kind of jumped on him in my puppy enthusiasm. He's got such great ears!!!


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Dinner with the Artist

Tonight I got to meet someone famous - he's a friend of my mom and dad's, his name is Christof Kohlhoffer and he's an artist. We have some of his paintings around our place (I've seen them before and wanted to bite them but they're always just high enough that I can't get to them - so far...).

He's a really nice German guy, we all had dinner together. I was especially intrigued by his shoes, the picture will show you why:

I've never seen so many bright colors in shoes before! Mom always wears boring black shoes, but these were mesmerizing! I couldn't take my eyes off of them, or my teeth.


Friday, November 25, 2005

The Coolest Car I've Ever Seen!

Wow, when I went out this morning for my first pee of the day, I saw this car parked outside...

It was totally covered with computer keys (well, so mom says, I mostly dictate what I want to say to her and she does the actual typing) in some great designs...

I do recognize the Homer Simpson (mom and dad are big Simpsons fans) and the other stuff just looks really cool.

Today is another day with dad, he's already dragging me all over, making me walk a lot (so I'll build strong muscles, he says)... but that's ok because I really love spending time with him. He's so cool and he always looks so happy when people say how adorable I am (as you already know, that's so important to me). And he's strong - he can pick me up when I'm doing something that he doesn't like (mom can't do that so easily anymore... gotta use that to my advantage). Dad is super-cool.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Mom says that today is a day when most people eat a lot of turkey - well, she doesn't eat turkey (or any meat, how weird is that?) and since we're not having a lot of people coming over to the house to admire me (or for any other reason), we've spent the morning watching TV. First it was the Macy's Parade and wow did that look scary... those crazy balloon things and everybody screaming and people pretending to sing on floats. Not for me.

I'm staying here and watching the National Dog Show. So far it's been really educational, I haven't run into dogs that look like most of the doggies I've seen so far. But then the terrier group came up and mom got really excited... there was an Airedale there but they didn't show him getting all felt up by the judge or doing his runaround, we just saw a little of him at the end. But he won 2nd place!!! He was a good-looking Airedale, with a really nice beard.

So I lifted my head for the Airedale 2nd place finish, then dropped it to the floor again and made my grumbling noises. Back to sleep.

But dad had other ideas... he wanted to take me for a hike so off we went into the Hollywood hills! I'm getting better at this hiking thing, much better than before. I even complain less (but I've decided not to drop that completely - you never know when it's going to come in handy to whine and give the "cute airedale face").

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Mustard Seed Cafe

Wow, today I had THE coolest experience so far of my time in Los Angeles...

Mom found an Airedale Yahoo Group and signed up, and she mentioned that I have my own blog. Well so many nice people sent me email that they had looked at it, thought I was adorable (yes, praise works really, really well for me) and loved the blog! One very nice lady, Michelle, sent us a note that she lives nearby and that her niece works at a local cafe called the Mustard Seed Cafe in Silverlake and that we should visit sometime.

Well mom told dad the story. Usually I go with mom to work but today I got to spend the day with dad, which is always fun because it means that he'll make me run really fast and I always somehow work in getting really, really dirty and muddy. After our morning run, dad thought it might be interesting to go over to the Mustard Seed Cafe because he was hungry, and it seemed like they would be dog-friendly if we sat outside. Fine with me! So we went and met the really nice waitress who was so excited to see me (I'm soooooo getting used to people loving me at first sight) that she called her aunt to say that there was an Airedale there. And of course, her aunt was the nice lady that sent us the email about going to the Cafe in the first place....

So we'll be going there a lot in the future, I'm sure. Thanks Michele & Tanner (and thanks for the picture)!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

World's Ugliest Dog Dies

The World Notices Bogie!


We just got an email that we're going to be the Cool Dog Site of the Day at www.dogmark.net!!!

Thanks so much!!!!!!


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bogie Doo Dah!!!

Today was the annual Pasadena Doo Dah Parade, and mom was determined that I was going to go see it!

I would have been happy to stay home and sleep, especially since it was pretty hot outside, but she insisted so we got into the car with dad and drove to Pasadena. We met two of mom's friends who are really nice and then tried to get a good spot on Colorado Blvd. so we could watch the parade.

No spots on the shady side so we had to sit on the sunny side at first which was HOT. I was sucking down ice cubes and water like it was going out of style. And I slept through the first bits, except when it got noisy (like when Elvis came through - my first Elvis sighting - long live the King).

There were lots of really silly people dressed in really silly outfits - mom was having a great time. Then we had a chance to sit inside at a great Brazilian restaurant and watch the parade from inside -- YESSSSS!

It was much cozier inside - air conditioning, I could lay on the floor and sleep for awhile, and mom snuck me a little bit of mozzarella. I was happy.

And of course, everyone thought I was the cutest puppy at the parade - so I felt good. I'm starting to look really "Airedale" now, mom thinks it's my nose.

Definitely at fun day!


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Knitting with Bogart

OK, so mom wasn't all that pleased with this...

But I was just following what the cats told me to do (reminder to self: don't always listen to the cats, they don't always have my best interests at heart and will convince me to do things that they find amusing).

I can't remember which kitty started it (probably Kafka, but I can't be sure), but mom really likes to knit. She's making socks for all of her friends for Christmas. So she was in the middle of making a sock and made a little miscalculation when putting it away for it was still within easy reach of furry paws.

So the kitties started running around with this half-finished sock in their paws and I saw an opportunity to jump in and have some fun too. Got myself nice and entangled in the yarn that the kitties had conveniently gotten tangled on many surfaces.

Oops!!!! Sorry mom....


Thursday, November 17, 2005

I got chipped!

Today I went to the vet for my next round of shots (gosh but it seems like I need a lot of shots) and got to see my mom's favorite vet Dr. Jimerson at the Gateway Animal Hospital. First dad walked with me in the park so I got kind of dirty and smelly... which was fun!!!

He really liked me - thought I was so cute - and told me that he hadn't seen an Airedale in a very long time! Of course the told me this while he was petting me so I didn't mind a bit.

I actually started snoozing while he was talking with my dad about me, and I didn't even feel it when he gave me my shot.

Then they decided to get me a microchip - it's an incredibly cool thing, it didn't hurt at all when they put it in my shoulder - so now if I ever get lost the people that find me will be able to get me back to mom and dad!

And I get a great new tag to wear on my collar. Which by the way is starting to get a little small now because I'm getting sooooo tall.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bogie and Pearl

Today I got to play with another puppy! I'm always so excited to see other puppies, and this one was just about my age!

She's a boxer, the daughter of Bo & Roxy (the other boxers that I met - scroll down to see them) and she's sooooooooo cute! She came in and we played a little bit, lots of sniffing of butts and ears, then she found an old pig ear that I forgot about and ate the whole thing! I was more into playing myself, and so I was just watching her a lot.

How incredibly cute is she??? I love staring at her face with all of those wrinkles... and her skin feels like a kiwi!

Otherwise my day was pretty boring - lots of sleeping - so it was nice to have a little excitement!


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bogie Loves Behemoth

Remember that I was telling you that I have to share my house with 4 cats? Well, I want to introduce you to my very favorite new feline buddy - Behemoth.

Behemoth isn't very big, in fact he is smaller than I was when I first showed up here in Los Angeles. He was a street cat who managed to sucker mom into taking him in, getting him dewormed and cleaned up, and he still has really crooked kitty teeth. Almost as shark-like as my puppy teeth.
I really like Behemoth because he is the only cat that seems to want to play with me, and who doesn't mind too much when I get all excited and run right at his face. He'll just playfully swat me in the nose with his paw (no claws out like Kafka) so I know that I'm moving too fast for him. I appreciate that.

He's showing me all sorts of new games, not to mention where all of the fun stuff is hidden - moms shoes, furry fake mice, balls with bells in them, and of course almost-empty boxes that still have something in them that mom wanted to hide from all of us.

But at the end of a long, hard day, the best thing about Behemoth is that he is equal-opportunity - he doesn't mind being a feline who curls up with a canine to stay toasty warm.


Monday, November 14, 2005

Bogart Vs. The Vacuum Cleaner

Ok, so I've just had my first experience with the vacuum cleaner.

At first I thought to myself, it looks harmless, even though in the annals of dog history there are many entries about the wickedness of this particular machine. How horrible it sounds, and how one must quickly run far, far away whenever it is plugged in.

So I sat down and gave it a good, hard look. How bad could it be? How noisy? How offensive?

Well, lets just say that I found out and I'm not proud of my reaction. Running and hiding with my tail between my legs isn't a good look for me. I'm gonna have to work on my oops-the-vacuum-cleaner-is-out-must-hide-now-and-run-away-quickly moves.


Saturday, November 12, 2005

21 Pounds!

As of today I officially weigh 21 pounds - just about 3x the amount I weighed when I first came to Los Angeles.

And I'm looking good....


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cats, They're Just Weird

Today is a rainy day here in Los Angeles - I really hate going out in the rain to have to pee and poop. I try my best to look at mom for sympathy, but she keeps dragging me outside.


I'm with mom at work today and dad just sent me the funniest pictures by email of two of our kitties - Kafka and Behemoth (I've already introduced you to Kafka, I'll post more about Behemoth soon) sleeping in my crate!!!! Now while I'll admit that my crate isn't my favorite place in the world at this point, it's just weird to have kitties sleeping in there. And sleeping all curled up together! They're never that nice to each other when I'm around... they're usually swatting me in the nose or doing that hissing thing when they see me.

Cats. They're just weird.