Sunday, March 27, 2016

2 Years On - GO BOGIE GO!

Two years ago today a 10-pound tumor that had been growing on my spleen, slowly taking over my abdominal cavity and in general being a very bad thing, burst.  Mama rushed me into emergency surgery at the amazing Penn Veterinary School Hospital in Philadelphia.  The prognosis didn’t look good.  I didn’t look good.  Mama’s checkbook didn’t look good.

But damnit, I’m an Airedale Terrier.  We don’t give up when things get tough.

Despite incredibly bad odds, mama and I charged forward and had the surgery.  She even enrolled me in a study on dogs with a certain type of cancer that they were pretty certain I had, hoping that maybe we could have a few more months together if the news was as bad as everyone was predicting and maybe help the doctors learn how to help other dogs in the future.

And then… I surprised everyone by NOT having a cancerous tumor.  And surprise of a second kind… I did have testicular cancer.  Lucky for me the vet thought something might be wrong with “the boys” so she took ’em out when she removed the tumor.  Recovery wasn’t easy, but I refused to be knocked down.

That was exactly two years ago.  Mama and I are a strong, terrier team.  Despite a few little setbacks, I AM A SURVIVOR AND TUMORS CAN KISS MY ASS