Sunday, January 27, 2008

Super Tenny

Back on my birthday in August, my buddy Stanley got me a verrrry special present.

It was a ball. On the outside an ordinary-looking tennis ball. But oh, this ball was sooo much more.

Not only did this ball provide all of the grimy-used-tennis-ball goodness, but when placed between my Crocodale jaws, it SQUEAKS.

To say that I love this is a huge understatement. There is nothing like holding a conversation with mom with her talking and me squeaking. Drives her nuts because she's trying to figure out what I'm saying.

I've been working on this tennis ball for some time - I take it with me for walks, it watches as I do my daily stickwork, and today it got quite the soaking in the rain. But it's still MY SPECIAL TENNY.

No one comes between me and my tenny!


The tenny is mine and we shall rule the world!!!

Hehehe - mom, that's what you get when you try to outsmart THE BEST...



To Aire is Divine

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cafe in the Rain

Today was a little rainy, a little grey, a little windy. Since mom and I both love it when we have real weather here in Los Angeles (especially some rain!!!) we piled into the Bogie-mobile and decided to have a little mother-son day walking around in Pasadena.

We had a niiiiiice long walkie down Colorado Boulevard, lots of Airedmiration, and it is really lovely to breathe in this weather!

Then we came back to our favorite cafe, Lovebirds. Mom got the same sandwich she always does, but this time they managed to put waaaay too much mozzarella cheese on it for her taste. Guess who will be the beneficiary of extra-yummy-mozzarella-falling-from-the-sky?

Yum Yum

Then I was getting antsy and wanted to walk some more before the heavy rain started. Mom understood. I know that lots of my doggie friends have snow and rain (and it can be annoying!) but since we have almost none of that here, I get very excited about it.



To Aire is Divine

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wubba Wubba

I'm getting MUCH better at being able to tell when a package arrives with my name on it... today one arrived all the way from Australia and I knew IMMEDIATELY that it was for me. It's from Charlie & Opy - they thought it was my birthday a week ago (lots of doggies did and wished me happy birthday - but it wasn't my birthday, mine is in August, it was another doggie named Bogart!) and so I kind of knew the package was coming, but I wasn't prepared for all of the yummy goodness to come...

I ripped and ripped and tugged and tugged and FINALLY I got the thing open...

IT IS A WUBBA!!!! I've been Wubba-deprived forever, this is my very first Wubba, I'm soooo excited I can barely contain myself!

I immediately decided to introduce my new Wubba to all of my current stuffy friends. Then I took it aside to get to know it a little better - and I like what I'm chewin' on!

There was another present inside that I'm not going to mention yet as we haven't been able to properly photograph me with it. Mom promises to work on getting a good photo soon (yes, it will be worth the wait).

THANK YOU Charlie and Opy!!! Even if it wasn't my birthday, you made today SPECIAL!!!



To Aire is Divine

Monday, January 21, 2008

Stormy Weather

Looks scary, doesn't it?

We don't get that much serious weather here in Los Angeles and the TV-weatherman was threatening us with lots of rain and wind today... all the better to find some yummy salad out in the park.

As is always here in LA, nothing is as it seems. It was relatively cold to be sure (ok, 50s to 60s) but no torrential rain or hurricane-force winds. So no excuse for mom to not take me on a walkie through the ENTIRE park.

Got it mom?




To Aire is Divine

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's a Habit

Yeah! I got to spend part of today with my Dale buddies!!! But first mom, dad, Mareike and me went to The Habit for some tasty burgers. It's always great to eat with Mareike, she really understands my take on what makes a good burger - nothin' on it but meat and bun. And large pieces always seem to fall my way when she has a burger...

Then it was time to see my Dale buddies and try out some more of dad's homemade jerky. No camera could catch how fast they all gobbled up all of the heart, yam and chicken jerky that he brought for them. They loved it!

It's always fun to see them - and to see how much they like my jerky. Fun to run in the garden (with a new palm tree that now is where the giant hole used to be - if mom's batteries weren't crappy there would be photos of that too) and to groom my buddy Kermit. Sundays are fun...



To Aire is Divine

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Goodnight, Sweet Dave

I'm soooooo sad to find out today that a buddy of mine is at the Rainbow Bridge. This is Dave. Longtime readers of my adventures will remember him from my younger days romping around at the Silverlake dog park. Before my testosteone kicked in and I couldn't go there anymore without wanting to start somethin' with someone.

Dave was always my pal and just LOVED mom. And she loved him right back, every morning, and every time he'd wander over to say PET ME!

Dave did LOTS of great things and was always a snappy dresser. Cause as the saying goes, "every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man"...

The Echo Park Animal Alliance is helping out his mama with the vet bills, they're a great organization and can hopefully help her a lot!

Run free my friend...



To Aire is Divine

Friday, January 18, 2008

Jerky on the Road

Remember Fritz and DeeDee? Those crazy Boxer babies are growing fast... and dad brought over some of our latest jerky - beef heart jerky - for them to sample. I wasn't there as I was out with mom for a little walk, but luckily there were at least a few pictures taken of their cuteness...

DeeDee got jerky for jerky! Check out those ears... she is the tan-colored Boxer, Fritz is the brindle-y brown one.

Aren't they adorable???? Eating lots of jerky exhausts the little ones.

The jerky was a HIT, and Fritz even stole the bag out of dad's pocket to get more. I wish I could have been there, but I got some jerky from mom when I got home so no complaints...



To Aire is Divine

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Package! Package for Bogart H. Devil!

Whatever could it be???

Gimme... gimme... gimmeeeeeeeeee... ok, you open it.

Ohmygosh, it's from Stanley & Stella!!!!!

What is that dad???

Oh, it's a SNOZZLE!!!!! I saw that Maggie & Mitch had these (Stan is THE Snozzle Man) and was intrigued... now I've got not one but TWO of my own!!!

Mom thinks these pictures are hilarious, I fail to see the humor.




To Aire is Divine

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Today a large box arrived with dad's name on it. I was a little concerned as the box was almost my size. It turns out that, well, basically it's for me - it's a DEHYDRATOR. So the humans can make jerky for me at home!

Wasting absolutely no time, dad sliced up some beef heart and fired up the machine. And in a few hours, I had this:

I think I'm gonna like this.



To Aire is Divine

Monday, January 14, 2008

Crank Up the AireZen Machine!!!

I've just heard that our dear Miss Maggie, Queen of Socal, was hit by a car... please go visit her blog and send the AireZen (or WireZen, or RetrieverZen, or even KittyZen - whatever you do best!)...

Get better SOON pretty girl!!!



To Aire is Divine

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Behind the Velvet Rope

Today I was actually inside the (ok not velvet, it was vinyl) rope. The humans and I ventured into Old Town Pasadena for a little lunch. It was H-O-T, so I spent most of my time under the table, shading my eyes from the sharp gazes of the public and the harsh rays of the afternoon sun. Am I giving the razzberry to passersby who are not as fortunate as I to be seated at the best table on the patio? Or am I just doing a fancy tongue-shot a la Stanley & Stella?

Then after the meal it was time for a walk - to get those digestive fires going.

Just picking up some messages, then it's time to head back to the Bogie-mobile.