Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Day at Panera Bread with Moby

Today I got to go with mom to another one of her favorite places, Panera Bread, for lunch. She always gets the same thing, some weird kind of food called soup (which looks completely unappetizing to me) - she can be so boring sometimes.

She sits me down outside to watch her table (and I guess they don't like it when you bring doggies inside - the barbarians!) while she runs inside to get her food. Doesn't look like much to me - mom is a vegetarian and eats really odd, untasty-looking food - so I sit under the table and munch on a pig ear.

While I was waiting for her to come back with her weird human food, I met the cutest little doggie - just about my size! - and we got to play for a little bit. I liked the way he smelled, he liked the way I smelled, so we played for a few minutes until he had to go to his own table with his humans. They seemed really nice, they played with me too.

His name is Moby and he's a real cutie - I got to kiss him and run around tying up my leash around him, that was fun. Moby is incredibly cool, he can do an amazing trick - he can stand up on his back legs for a really, really long time! I wish I could do that, I was really impressed. But these days I'm far more interested in eating shoelaces than learning exotic tricks...

So a big hi to Moby and his sweet humans! Hope to see you at lunch again sometime!

And a really big thank you to the nice old man in the Iams jacket who gave me a doggie chew toy! That was sooooo sweet, I really enjoyed destroying that in the car on the way back to mom's office.


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