Friday, October 14, 2005

My first visit to the Post Office

So it feels like mom goes to the office every single day - do people really do that? I'd much rather just sit at home all the time, but she feels the need to get in the car and then go out to where a lot of other cars are, and then sit there for awhile and swear. I think it's called "traffic" or something.

Today on our lunch hour we went to the post office. I'm really not sure what they do there, but there were a lot of people waiting with big boxes. Everyone thinks I'm the cutest, so that's always fun, but then those big giant hands start coming toward me and I try to hold on to mom.

Mom had a big box too, and I had to wait while she went up to a big machine. I got very excited when something started to come out of the machine (paper! yeah!) and I tried to pull it out with my teeth. I really thought I was helping, but noooooooooo. Mom took the paper and put it on the box.

Hey, at least I poop outside...


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