Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My First Real Day in LA

Wow... that was a short rest. I was sleeping so soundly with my new mom, and suddenly a loud noise went off and she jumped and it stopped. Woke me up too, and I almost forgot where I was.

Time to wake up, and that means one important thing to me - FOOD!!!

I have my own bright green bowl, but I was way too excited. My new mom feeds the cats first... they can be kind of mean when I try to sample a little of what they're eating in their bowls. And she has to go around and feed all four of them..... but then it was my turn, and I have to say that I loooooooove my new doggie food!!! I'm eating Nature's Balance, today was Fresh Fish and Sweet Potatoes (whatever they are, I don't care, they're FABULOUS). I gobbled up every bit of my chow and tried again since the cats weren't eating theirs very fast.

The cats make this awful sound when I come close to them while they're eating -- makes me a little nervous -- so I think I'll just pop over and get some of the dry puppy chow.

Today I had my first real car ride -- my mom took me to her office! I have my own little spot there which is very fun, and all the people in the office think I'm super cute. Most of them are too, so far there isn't anyone that I don't like petting me. I don't remember too much about the day since I slept for basically the entire day, only getting up once to go out and poop and then going with mom to lunch.

Ah, the life is easy so far here in Los Angeles. I get a walk in the park behind my new house every morning and then again every night when mom and I get home. Then we feed the local stray cats (Scruffy & Yodel) and then it's back home for more sleeping!!!!

So far so good...

The puppy

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