Sunday, February 27, 2011

Me and My Shadow

There is something ominous in the streets of Philadelphia... all you have to do is look up - yep, it's a trash bag in a tree.

And that's not the only thing that is worth looking up for - look!  It's MY SHADOW

It's been awhile since it was lovely enough outside to catch me and my shadow.  All the more reason to grab those sticks kids, and hold on for the ride!

I like to visit all of the parks in the neighborhood, stick proudly in maw.  Also makes it very easy to move through crowds.

Up stairs, across parks, it's all good.  And there are a LOT more sticks to be found here...

... on our way to Old City.  Both mama and I really like walking around this part of the city, looking into gallery windows and checking out new potential restaurants and shops to visit.  And on the weekends, the Airedmiration is INTENSE...


Saturday, February 26, 2011


Uh hi. My name is Bogart Handsome Devil and I'm a bone-a-holic.

These days I am partial to turkey bones, yes I will try almost any bone that you put in front of me, but I really, really like turkey bones.

I consider myself a pro at this chomping thing, yet mama always insists on watching me until the entire bone has disappeared. Fine with me - if I was just chomping bones all alone that would mean that I have a PROBLEM.

The weather has been wet, grey, and generally uncooperative for indoor or outdoor photography. So what's a boy to do? Strap on the bright red raincoat and LETS GO

Faster, faster, faster! The wind is in my sails! I must run toward my park...

For sticks, of course. This kind of weather isn't my favorite to walk in, but it's my absolute favorite to enjoy the aftermath (or brief interruption) of...

Sticks, glorious sticks! This way...

That way...




Monday, February 21, 2011

Hot and Hairy Passions

This is the first video from the folks behind the Clean+Green sprays...

It made mama laugh - all I could see were kitties fighting (and hey, I see that at home all the time!).  And all of the Clean+Green sprays we've tried (the carpet and upholstery one, the litter box one, and the furniture refresher one) have all done the trick so we are fans.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love, Bogart

Oh hello there.  I'm just having a little rest at the feet of the mama, having claimed this pillow as my own.  You rang?

Well, what is this?  My nose-button is heart-shaped!

Oh that smells good.  When did you get that, mama?  Did you go to the Just Dogs Gourmet bakery WITHOUT ME?  The only way I can possibly forgive you is if you GIVE IT TO ME NOW

Ok, haha, yes that's hilarious, my heart-shaped eye patch.  You're a comedian.

Gimme cookie.  Sure, I'll be your Valentine - you KNOW that I'll always be your Valentine mama - since you don't have a human one.  Did I mention that it might be time to give me that cookie?

I like this holiday.  All I have to do is show you love and you give me cookies?  SIGN ME UP


Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm Too Sexy For...

This stick.  Too sexy for this stick.. Oh stick, stick stick stick.

I'm too sexy for this wall... too sexy for this wall, that's me I'm so tall.

Must be true - I can reach it - sending you all lots of love and happy-sexy-times for Valentine's Day (someone have some extra for me - and mama would like for someone to have some extra for her too).


Saturday, February 12, 2011


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor... would you be mine?  Could you be mine?  I've got some awfully cool things in my hood, like Independence Hall... see?

Yeah, I don't think it's that fascinating either.  ONWARD!

So mama saw this in the distance and diverted us from our normal walkie pattern.  It's an AVON LIPSTICK TRUCK.  She was immediately smitten.  In exchange for a kiss-print, she was going to get a free tube of lipstick from Avon.  YES PLEASE.

I chose a lovely red shade for her, knowing her tastes and all.  She's not exactly a coral or pinky-nude kind of gal.

And - voila!  Kiss print accomplished, free lipstick pocketed.  THANKS Avon!  It's actually really, really nice, it's a pretty swirly red and it makes mama look purty.


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Taking the Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge

The 40-pound bag arrived to much fanfare here at Chez Bogart.  Both Bogart and the cats were absolutely FASCINATED by the box.  Sniff sniff sniff, scratch scratch scratch.  I was just tired from dragging the large package up 3 flights of stairs, and they used my tired-ness to their advantage - while Bogart's mighty front paws held the box down, Kafka and Willie (the two orange tubby tabbies) began chewing on the box.  I'm sure they would have gotten inside if they had had more time - but it was time for the creature with the opposable thumbs to step in and open the box.

Eukanuba Natural Lamb & Rice for Large Breeds - this is right up Bogart's alley!  The bag design looks fantastic - I think it sends a message of serious nutrition - and Bogart thinks it sends a message of DELICIOUSNESS.  It's not often that he whines when food is involved, he is not a fan of most commercially-made dog food, but this caught his attention.  Gingerly I ripped open a corner of the bag so that he could sample his new food... but then that mighty paw came out of nowhere, ripping open a much larger hole (easy access, I'm sure he was thinking).  Pieces scattered all over the kitchen floor.  But then, like a game of connect-the-dots, they were gone.  Bogart had hoovered up every one.  Fantastic for me - no cleanup! - but I was also so happy that he likes the food!

Bogart gets homemade food supplemented with occasional kibble.  Chicken or turkey soup with vegetables and rice, made in his very own slow cooker.  I am particular about what I feed him, and always nervous about food recalls and contamination.  We have never tried Eukanuba food before (I don't know why, I think we've tried almost every food in the pet store at one point or another).  It looks good, it smells good, there isn't a lot of crap in it, and most importantly, my super-finicky-used-to-having-everything-homemade dog LIKES it.

So Bogart will be embarking (pun intended) on the 28-day challenge.  A little something crunchy to go with his daily soup (croutons, anyone?).

Lulu and Bogart

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Pearl's Puppies are Here!

Aw, I just know there is going to be a happy ending to this story - a big THANK YOU to all who have donated to the care of Pearl, Lily, Crockett, and their pups!

JUST BORN - Pearl's Pups!  12 healthy Dale babies!  7 boys and 5 girls...

Updates on these sweet OK Airedales


Thursday, February 03, 2011

Help a Dale in Need

This is a heartbreaking story.

In Oklahoma, a man surrendered 3 Airedales to rescue (I'm going to give him a teensy tiny bit of credit for at least surrendering and not dumping them into a shelter).  The two lovely females are both heavily pregnant, and the male is the daddy.  It appears that these dogs have been used as puppy-making machines based on the history of the man.  The three dogs have lived their lives in a filthy outdoor kennel and have had litter after litter of puppies. They have no social skills and are petrified right now.

This lovely girl-Dale-mama is Pearl:

Pearl is 7, and she is also Lily's mama.  Isn't she gorgeous?  She's just about to have her fine Dale babies.  No puppies for Pearl yet, but she is heartworm negative (yes!), both ears are infected, she has whipworms, and is in need of a dental.

And this pretty girl-Dale-mama is Lily:

Lily is 5, and is one of Pearl's babies.  She is due to have her pups at the end of February.
This is Crockett, super-Dale-dad.

Poor guy, must be scared out of his mind.  And then a bath?  Geez...  Crockett is a beautiful boy, and the father of both girl-Dales litters.

Got some cash?  They sure could use it right now.  We could only spare a little, but every little bit adds up.

Here is a direct Paypal link to help out these sweet Dales:  For Pearl, Lily, Crockett and their Pups

Got no cash?  You can still help! We are leading an effort to win The Animal Rescue Site's Challenge (along with to get badly-needed funds to help out these sweet (and many other) Dales.

Each link will take you to The Animal Rescue Site.  Search for Oklahoma Airedale Terrier Rescue.  They are located in Oklahoma City, OK.

DO IT TODAY.  DO IT DAILY.  DO IT FROM EVERY COMPUTER YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON. We have no connection with the OK Airedales rescue group (we live in Philadelphia, after all), but we have been really touched by this story, and we're always happy to help out some Dales in need.

Need more info?  Please click HERE

Much Dale lovin',

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tubby Tabby Time!

At Chez Bogart, we love us some tubby tabbies.  I have three - Kafka, the short-haired orange tiger, Willie, the long-haired ginger lion, and Aeon, the brown and white taberina.

While we may say they're fat - or big boned, or fluffy, or whatever - they basically don't care about what we think.  That's fine.  But as they are my kitties I want them to be healthy for a very long time, so methinks it's time for them to go on a secret diet.  Feeding them less food (or food they don't like) is out of the question.  With hours and hours of time to plot their revenge, both mama and I agree that this could be dangerous to our apartment and everything in it.  So we have partnered with Hill's Science Diet to give their Science Diet Adult Cat Light food a shot.  A few days ago a very large box arrived with oodles of dry kitty chow inside, kindly provided by Hill's.

This should be interesting.

So for the next few weeks, there will be some feline action on my dog blog.  I will keep you updated as to their progress in losing a pound or two each, and if they stage a feline revolt.

And as an extra-special treat, our friends at Hill's Science Diet are giving us 5 sample kits to give away to my feline friends!  Because I cannot think of a clever way to give these away (I'm sure the cats could, but I don't want to wake them up from their 23.5 hour daily naps, they get all cranky and claw-y), I am going to do this the easy way.  The first 5 cats (or cats' people) who leave me a comment asking for a sample kit will get one.  Please leave your email in your comment so that I can contact you and get your physical address.