Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow B'Aire

It is cold.  Very cold.  While we didn't get the Snowmageddon that some other east coast cities got (I'm lookin' straight at you Philly - not that sorry we moved right about now!), we did get around 8" of snow.  Because I have feet like velcro snowshoes, I have to endure this indignity each year and put on the booties.  I know, I know, I'm always unhappy when my feet get stuffed with ice balls and my toes burn from salt and de-icer, but I just don't love 'em.  I do wear them, though, after mama reminds me how crappy it is when I don't (and she doesn't let me out to pee until I put them on).

So there's that.

Stay warm and un-salt-y!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Go Steelers Go

As we live in Pittsburgh now, it seems that we have become a part of Steelers Nation.  Mama and I don't watch much sports, nor get involved in any of the hoo-ha surrounding it, preferring to do our own sports of urban-park-hiking and stickwork (with some tennis ball action thrown in).  Yet today after 1.5 hours of hard park walking, we came across this fine piece of stirring public art and felt the need to stop and pose.

While I don't understand a thing that is happening on a football field during one of your games, I do understand your need to chase a ball when it flies by you.  I do that too.

So Steeler Nation, this is for you.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Snowman, 2. Bogart, 3.

Oh, snowman.  You pathetic little frozen beast.  Not even much of a snowman - just three slightly smaller sized lumps smashed on top of one another.  Your arms aren't exactly anatomically correct either, it would be difficult for you to accomplish much of anything with those oddly-placed appendages.

You only have two.  I have three.  I WIN


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ready for the Polar Vortex

Brrrrrrrr.  It suddenly got super-duper cold here in Pittsbrrrrrrrrrrgh.  While I am adventure dog, and I enjoy a good romp in the snow just like any other self-respecting canine, this bitter wind bothers me.  Especially as I get older, I have far less tolerance for the wind not just whipping through my fuzz, but whipping me along.  And don't get me started on salt/de-icer/whatever-else-you-humans-are-using-on-the-sidewalks.
The salt/de-icer stings like no tomorrow.  Really, humans, would you walk on that stuff?
I'm going to share a little secret with you.  Now dogs, I know what you're thinking.  Why would we give away any of our secrets?  Who actually likes to wear booties?  But the honest truth is that they WORK.  I know, I know.  I hate to wear 'em as well.  But I have to admit that they make the walkies a whole helluva lot better.  When my paws sting it's miserable - for me and for mama.  My toes start 'a burning, and mama falls to the ground to try to wipe 'em off, we're both anxious and stressed.
Here's a tip - but them one size too large for your dog.  Use a pair of arm warmers - or a knee sock with the foot cut off for you creative and/or cheap types - put those on (this helps the booties stay on).  Then slide on the slightly-too-big booties.  Not super tight with the Velcro.  I guarantee that your dog will do the "my feet are on fire" walk when you put them on.  Maybe always.  But once outside - voila.  Once they figure out that their feet ain't burnin', it's all gravy from there.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year - Supermodel Style

There is this very cool bench in Schenley Park that is painted for every holiday.  We've never been able to run over and pose in front of it before, because we have been boring and always take the same trail.  BUT NO MORE.  This year is going to be about lots of changes in our lives (and damn it, only good ones for a change), starting with lots and lots of new trails and walking tours around our new(est) adopted city.

So off we went, veering from our trusty Bridle Trail to the Upper Panther Trail.  It's quite lovely, and goes in the same direction so that we can make our big loop (one of mama's requirements) back to the Bogiemobile.  And just at the very end of the trail - BAM.  Holiday bench.  So we stopped, I busted out a few supermodel moments for the camera, and back to the Bogiemobile we went. 

And yes, I did get a few treats for my trouble.  I have mama well trained.