Sunday, November 30, 2008

Northwest By Northwest

Most of my weekends revolve around walking - sometimes around new neighborhoods, other times around places I've seen but have had a good time exploring. Northwest Portland is one of those latter places - I've been here a lot of times, but every time is fun. There are lots of cool little stores to explore, and the people are always full of Airedmiration so it's off into the Bogcedes!

I really like to be the navigator - but since I have to sit in the back, I have to settle for being a backseat driver...

Luckily for mama and dad, I can backseat drive from either side - no need to just be behind the driver.

Ah, NW 23rd Street. Full of cute little stores and boutiques. And lots of dog-friendly folks!

Come on dad, I wanna see everything!!!

Thanks Kiehl's for the water bowl... I needed a little refreshment..

What I didn't need is that damn plaster horse again. Dad points it out to me every single time we walk around here. And it drives me NUTS. I don't know why but I just really, really, really hate it.

As you all know, when I walk I wanna chow down. We tried to stop at Goldblatt's delicatessen, but the line was long. And to eat outside we'd have to order from the "to go" menu which would take forever. Next!

Ram's Head it is. A brewpub with tasty chow, and after one odd false start (what is it with all of the folks around Portland lately? No one wants to serve us if we sit outside - yes it's been a little rainy, but it's PORTLAND for dogs sake...)

Bogart B.A. (Before Airedmiration)

Bogart A. A. (After Airedmiration)


Are we done here yet? I mean, how long can it take you two to eat? I eat in 5 minutes, it always takes you two long darned long... I'm ready to roll!

(pretending to wait patiently)

Woo-hoo! More walking. We went in search of a dessert for dad, he had a hankering for something sweet and yummy. We stopped at several nice places, but nothing was exactly "right". So mama suggested St. Honore - she's SO smart...

Puff pastry with fresh cream.

How about a little for the adorable chien?

See? I can be civilized... delicately eating with a spoon... totally worth it.

On the way home, we passed another Christmas tree in the Pearl - you can see it behind the totem pole - which I pointed out to dad. I'm very helpful that way.



Chez Bogart

To Aire is Divine

Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Season... GO!

Hey mama - what are we doing here? They're lighting up the Christmas Tree in Pioneer Courthouse Square tonight and I WANNA GO

A quick ride into town - it got awfully dark awfully fast - and we're HERE!!! There is going to be music, performances, and then the tree lighting! Lots of people (makes me a little teensy bit nervous, but ultimately I did ok) and lots of dogs!

Party like a ROCKSTAR

Hey, what happened to my ears? Yup, I'm particularly fuzzy these days, mama mentioned that there will be some hair removal coming soon to which I say Nay, Not Necessary...

I've gotta protect my mama from any evildoers who get too close... I know she appreciates this...

Woo-hoo - the colors, the colors...

There were SO many people, they had projections on the buildings, and the tree was just about to be lit... and we just couldn't get a good photo of it. Too many people standing around, and traffic folks trying to keep us all moving.

So what is a dog to do? That's right, turn around and HEAD FOR FOOD

Time for a Gyro at the local food carts. Downtown Portland has some very cool areas where they have collections of food carts in parking lots - so you can get pretty much any kind of food you want in a nice takeout container, all right next to each other.

This was our first time at the falafel and gyro cart. The man who runs it even makes his own hot sauce (which was YUMMY). Mama had a hummus sandwich (which was good) and dad had a gyro (which was great)

After so much excitement, this is what the world looked like... I must be having a GOOD TIME...

Happy beginning of the holiday season everyone!



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Chez Bogart

To Aire is Divine

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving... Thanksgiving... Thanksgiving...

I am thankful for all of the rain - that allows me to funk up faster - here in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

I am thankful for my daily walkies that keep me looking buff, keep me mentally alert, and keep mama and dad from getting chunky.

But most of all, I am thankful for ALL OF YOU, my doggie and kitty friends all around the world, checking in on me and watching what I'm up to. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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Chez Bogart

To Aire is Divine

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hiking the Holgate Trail

Hey dogs - do you like a good hike? Several hours of fun and frivolity out in nature? Enjoying a beautiful, crisp fall day in the great outdoors with your humans?

Me too.

But some walks are more dog-friendly than others. For example, today we decided to do the Holgate trail to the top of Powell Butte. Maybe get a nice view of Mount Hood from the top. Nature calls...

Now that I've satisfied nature's first call, it's time to answer the call of the wild. Off on the trail!

The Old Holgate trail is particularly beautiful and varied - so many new things to see, smell, and pee on.

Even though it rained a few days ago, it's pretty dry out here. No big puddles or anything.

So many different plants that I haven't seen before...

The view from the top is FANTASTIC - it's tough to see in this photo, but see the pointy white thing in the center? That's Mount Hood, covered in snow.

Now that we've walked all the way up, it's time to run all the way down! Woo-hoo!

Ok dad, I'll stop running. We'll just do a spirited trot, then shall we? Which trail to take down - everything goes in the same general direction...

Lemme see if anyone left a message on which is the best trail to take.

Elderberry trail it is.

Even mama with her lousy sense of direction can find her way home from here - they have signs all over the place - but luckily dad has a GREAT sense of direction. Mama always gets lost, I just like to go FORWARD no matter if I'm going in the right direction or not, but dad always saves the day and gets us where we need to go. Thanks dad...



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Chez Bogart

To Aire is Divine

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Viva la Pringle

Ok mama, whatcha eating? Are those PRINGLES I see?

I fully realize that those aren't dog treats but I WANT ONE

I see how you enjoy partaking of the mighty Pringle and yes, I understand that I musn't have many of these. Not really meant for pups. But oh the Pringle-y goodness...

Just one more and I promise I'll stop begging. For now.



Chez Bogart

To Aire is Divine

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