Sunday, May 31, 2009

Top of the Volcano

No reason to be inside on such a pretty day, but I'm not a fan of direct sunshine either. What's a boy to do (and how can he convince his mama that this is in her best interest as well)? Of course - bark until she heads toward our local volcano, Mt. Tabor.

Walking around is great - oddly there weren't a lot of people there today, especially for a warm Sunday - but resting is equally fantastic.

And of course, easy access to my favorite toy/food source, pine cones.

Look ma, no pine cones on my tongue!

Ok, mama, I'm ready to roll! Lets head to the top of the volcano!

Oh wait, did I give you the impression that I wanted to run up all of those stairs? Um, no. I'd much rather stroll up the soft grassy area with attached salad bar.

Oh, all right. I'll walk with you.

Come on mama - you wanted me to walk with you, didn't you? Keep up!

Ah, more fantastic shade - finally - on the 3rd set of stairs. Yep, mama was getting pretty warm and a little tired by this point. Watching my muscle butt in front of her I think inspired her, tho.

I can feel her getting closer...



Saturday, May 30, 2009

Everybody Loves a Parade

Yes, it's another hot day in the City of Roses. High eighties. Hot days are best spent in the park if you ask me. And mama ALWAYS asks me.

She thinks she can outrun me - I always have to remind her about my 4-wheel drive as opposed to her puny 2-wheel drive. And I wear a fur coat while I'm passing her!

Sometimes the foul woman taunts me. Yes I have just left her in the dust, but there is no need to get testy. She had a tasty stick while I was sitting in the relative safety of the shade. I wanted that stick.




Once I have accomplished my goal of getting that fine stick, there is nothing like throwing my head back and letting out a mischevious laugh. And then dropping the stick and leaving it behind as I am SURE there will be others.

What is all this?

Oooohhh... there is going to be a parade tonight. Lots of crazy floats in the streets near our house.

Pretty crazy - Pretty cool

After the walkie we went home to have dinner. Mama actually made potato leek soup and cucumber salad! And from what I hear, they were actually tasty. I was satisfied with my green tripe, thank you very much.

Suddenly there was NOISE. The sounds of marching bands - notice that I said bands and not band. Where did they come from?

We went outside and ran smack into the staging area for all of the bands in the Starlight parade - all practicing at once!

I must say that the cacophany of sound coming from all of those bands was a bit freaky to my sensitive ears. I especially disliked the drums and the tubas.

However the baton twirlers were FASCINATING.



Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Saw the Sign

Ah, signs. Today was a day of interesting things catching my eye. Sometimes funny ones...

Sometimes more poignant ones.

I too dream of a new dog harness. As much as I enjoy my green "adventure harness" it's not completely ideal. Mama likes it because she can grab it and pull me off of my feet if I get into a scramble with another dog. Sometimes for me tho it moves around too much for my liking. I'm thinking something spiffier mama,perhaps a little more trim to show off my athletic physique, maybe think about that for my birthday.

Other signs point toward HEAT. 85 degrees here today in the Pearl. Take me home to my Drinkwell fountain!



Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Last night I got a bath. I'm feeling fresh and frisky now that I've lost some of my funk. It's sunny and warm outside with no chance of rain... Gotta go! A lovely morning walkie by the river, then it's time to have a volcano walkie.

Lulu here. This is not Bogart's paw, it's mine. When we arrived at Mt. Tabor, Bogart stopped to chomp on some grass and I looked down and saw this ladybug. It was sort of following me. So I reached down and offered it my finger, to which it decided to explore.

Why did a ladybug catch my eye? The day after Klaus passed away, there was a ladybug at my door. I studied it for awhile (I was particularly slow-moving at that point) and watched it walk close to me, walk around my hand, then fly away. I have had several more encounters with friendly ladybugs since then. While I would never say that Klaus was in any way related to the ladybugs (he would HATE that) it does kind of warm my heart a little when I see one and think of him.

This ladybug, however, had me in tears. It found Klaus' wedding ring (which I wear on my middle finger, just below his big silver one) and stayed there. For a long time.

And then flew away.

Bogart here - yes, mama was all teary-eyed watching a ladybug, I was busy taking care of business.

Such a pretty day on the volcano, not too many people, not too hot.

Salad everywhere! Making me hungry...

Mama was thinking gardenburger, I was thinking fries.

I can wait. I know she won't eat every one of those delicious fries without allowing a few to either drop or be placed directly into my waiting mouth.


Oh yeah... Awesome fries and I have to assume that the gardenburger was tasty (I just cannot bring myself to care).

Mama had something profound to say about this photo that she felt compelled to take... but she forgot.

Enjoy the long weekend if you have one!



Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Yep. Breakfast. But not Breakfast at Tiffany's... Breakfast at Kettleman's!

On Saturday mornings, mama and I walk up to Kettleman's Bagels. Our order is always the same. Two pumpernickel bagels, toasted, with butter. One for me and one for mama. A glass of water - ok, that's just for me. Dad always called me the "cafe dog" because mama always took me to cafes and gave me water by the glass. Because you know, I'm so sophisticated.

Ah this is one of those weekends when there are lots of chores to be done. Most of which apparently involve procuring large amounts of food for dogs and cats. Of which I wholeheartedly approve. Yet if I must sit in the car while she shops then I require some stretching of the Dale muscles. And yes, Laurelhurst park will do nicely.

Mama made the mistake of allowing her shoe to become untied. Whenever she does this I take the opportunity to rush her, knock her down, hold her down by the shoulders, and administer a first-class face licking. Here I am, about to strike:

Without dad, we can't take any photos of my amazing abilities. But take it from me, it was pretty darned hilarious when she hit the ground and tried to resist me. Resistance is Futile!!!

What could possibly distract me? Mama had a cunning plan. Spotting pine cones in between rolling around on the ground trying to avoid sharp objects and getting too dirty, she grabbed one and threw it. Despite my best effort to resist, my instinct took over and I chased it, allowing her to get up. Shoe still untied. But hey, we're talking about pine cones here...

Oh yeah... check out the tongue...

Say what mama? You want to walk not? Oh, I don't think so...

No, I will not walk and you will not take these pine cones from me. Unless you want to try, in which case that could be hilarious and I will quickly put them all into my mouth and run in the other direction.

Are you feeling lucky?