Saturday, January 31, 2009

Work of Aire-t

A true artist cannot control his artistic impulses.

Yes, I re-dug my hole. There is just something about it, the placement, the depth, the communing with nature...

And once again, dad filled it in.

Dad, I'm really worried about you. I thought you shared my artistic impulses. I thought you UNDERSTOOD...

But alas, no.

My talents are not limited to yard deconstruction - I also work in other mediums. Take vinyl balls for example...

To me, they are far more mouth-full-ly pleasing when deflated.

I gaze once again on the Mairesterpiece - vowing that it shall one day (yep, most likely soon) rise again!

No need for me to only excel in one area, eh?

Notice the recurring theme in my current work...

Yes, it must return. In fact, I am plotting my next dig as we speak. Go ahead dad, go inside, I'll be g-o-o-d...

See? I'm even POSING with your version.


Inside - what is this? A DOG SHOW on Animal Planet!!! Gotta watch the Terrier group!

What a fine looking Airedale this is - truly an excellent specimen. Deserves to WIN!

Yeah, I could do that - IF I WANTED TO... but lets face it, waaaaaaay too much time spent on the grooming table for me. I'm really enjoying my winter fuzzy bear look, so I guess the show scene is out for me.

And up just after the Dale is the Kerry Blue Terrier! Looking ALMOST as good as my pals Persephone and Buster!

But not quite...



To Aire is Divine

Friday, January 30, 2009

Laddie Boy

Do you guys know about Laddie Boy? The very first White House celebrity dog? He belonged to President Harding, and he was quite a dog - I'll even bet that if there was an internet back then, he would have probably been the first dog blogger. The Smithsonian has a fantastic article all about Laddie Boy:

You can read the entire Smithsonian article (with AWESOME pictures) HERE

Goooooooooooooooooooooooo Airedales!



To Aire is Divine

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Separated at Birth

Hehehe... Dr. Dre's dad took this photo of me (on the left) - and I've gotta say that I DO see the resemblance...



PS - yep, the picture on the right is a piece of popcorn!!!

To Aire is Divine

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dr. Dre Does Portland

Small but mighty, Dr. Dre wanted to explore Portland. It was freezing cold out today - and as the humans planned to go into some stores and stuff, I had to stay home and "guard the house". Ok not my favorite, but oodles better than "guarding the car"...

Chinatown - Old Town Portland - two tough guys posing.

Grrr... by this time it was COLD - enough photos guys!!!

Dr. Dre got serenaded outside of Powell's Books by a local violin player...

Checked out the pig statues on trendy NW 23rd...

Stopped for a bagel at Kettelman's - notice how my dad carried his table number. Because real men don't carry plastic table numbers, apparently.

Then time for some shopping in Urban Outfitters...

All of this excitement makes Dre a tired boy.

One last stop at the Dapper Cap - yes, this is a tiny hat, not exactly Dre-size but close. I really think these could be a full spread in Dogue:

Now how badass is Dre here?

Just hangin' out...

Ah, finally back home after a quick stop at the Lucky Lab and the Hawthorne Fish House. It's good to be home...

I'm gonna miss ya Dre - can't wait to see you again my friend!



To Aire is Divine

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hangin' with Dr. Dre

Look who's here! It's my buddy Dr. Dre!!!

My Choodle/Poohuahua mix pal. Check out his sweet mohawk!

I had to let him know that I get to eat first - especially the cat food, which we both enjoy far more than the dog food they try to feed us.

Yup. He waits like a champ.

Just another minute Dre...

Even my cat Behemoth is bigger than Dre!

We're gonna hang out tomorrow too - I can't wait!!!



To Aire is Divine

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Change a Pet's Life Day

Saturday, January 24th is CHANGE A PET'S LIFE DAY

On this Saturday, Kyra Sedgwick & her adopted dog Paulie will be teaming up with Hill's Science Diet Shelter Nutrition Partnership for Change A Pet's Life Day.

This is a national free adoption drive

* The free adoptions are limited to the first 10 adoptors at each participating shelter *

Do you have room in your hearts & homes to adopt a homeless pet for the rest of it's life??? Do you have room in your lifestyle to devote QUALITY time to a homeless pet??? If so, please visit this site for participating shelters in your area...

Before adopting any pet, be sure to discuss this issue with the entire family. Here are some questions to ask yourselves before adopting a pet:

Is your family ready to adopt a pet?

If you already have pets, do you have room for another pet?

What type of pet is best for your family?

What type of pet will get along with your other pet or pets?

Are you willing to spend time training your pet?

Can you afford yearly health care maintenance for a pet?

Is your home & yard set up to keep a pet safe?

There are many more questions to think about. Seek advice if needed from your local shelters, veterinarians, pet trainers, etc. Please be informed about pets before adopting so that you can make the right choice for a homeless pet & for your family.

Please help transform the lives of shelter cats, dogs & other pets by giving them a second chance for love & a happy healthy life.

If you aren't able to adopt a pet, you can still make a difference in the lives of shelter pets by visiting and entering the Three Bag Challenge Sweepstakes for a chance to win a five thousand dollar donation to the shelter of your choice.

Please help save a life.



To Aire is Divine

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Occasionally I think that my mama and dad are a little, well, crazy. Sometimes I cannot understand the things they do. I've always chalked that up to being just a well-that's-another-species kind of thing, and I sometimes get a nice chuckle at their expense. But tonight they did something SO spectacular and semi-crazy, that I can say that I am not embarrassed by them, but PROUD:

Yes, that is mama standing in front of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Parked in downtown Portland. If only I had been in the car I too would have been posing in front of the giant, mobile sausage. Apparently they cut across two lanes of evening rush hour traffic to snag a prime parking spot so that they could then run back several blocks just to pose with the meatmobile.

Dad also could not resist getting in on the meat-y action:

You know how we kids always think that our parents are SOOOOO uncool? Well WE ARE WRONG :)



To Aire is Divine

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hail to the Chief

Ah yes, it is a FANTASTIC day today! My homeboy, Barack Obama, becomes PRESIDENT today. We are both black-and-tan, so I do feel like we have a bond, you know? That was a pretty sweet limo he was riding in this morning, and how cool was it when he and his wife Michelle got out and walked? Awesome-ness.

So I was feeling inspired by all of this sentiment. I decided that I too would like to walk. With my secret-service guy in tow...

Nobody messes with my dad!!!

We spent a lovely hour or so traipsiing up and down the extinct volcano that is Mt. Tabor. My trusty security detail keeping away the autograph hunters and groupies (although if there had been any female Airedale groupies they'd get whisked backstage if ya know what I mean - wink wink nudge nudge)!

Because we have had such windy conditions here recently, there are lots of trees that have been knocked down and branches everywhere. To me this is a good thing - easy access to sticks - but many of the humans don't see it that way.

In addition to sticks being torn asunder, there are absolute FIELDS of pine cones. I really cannot believe my eyes at how many there are...

Ok, you guys can go, I'm gonna stay here.

Walkie = hungrie. Since we were already close to Hawthorne, lets pop in for some fish and chips at the Hawthorne Fish House, shall we?

I did get some although there are no pictures to prove it. It was cold and windy outside so mama was busy eating her Gardenburger with her fingers trying to keep warm. At least they didn't make me "guard the car" while they ate inside...

Sometimes you just have to show them who's boss. The humans have "talk to the hand", I prefer the far more colorful "talk to my butt"

Hehehe - I got you to look at my butt!!!

Ah well, I'm still basking in the afterglow of this historic day, and hoping that all goes well for my boy Barack.

I haven't received the call yet about that diplomatic post I've been hankering for by the way big guy - you know, Ambassador-to-somewhere-yummy or Secretary-of-something-delicious? Whenever you need me man I'M HERE FOR YOU

Just waiting for that phone to ring.

Oh wait, you do have my email address, don't you? Just gimme a shout...



Chez Bogart

To Aire is Divine