Sunday, October 31, 2010


No costume for this Dale - I'll leave that to other doggies who don't have their mama's as well trained as I have mine. We did see some cute costumes out there today, but didn't manage to catch any decent photos of them (uh... gotta work on your covert photography skills mama).

But we did see this:

And this:

It's almost like part of the Pumpkin Village People (although it would be harder to do the arm movements for P-U-M-P-K-I-N than it is for Y-M-C-A).

Time to enjoy a Halloween snackie. Mama somehow visited Just Dogs Gourmet this week without me (grrrr) but hey, I still get a black cat cookie out of it so I will forgive her. This time.

As covered in previous cookie-eating posts, ALWAYS BITE THE HEAD OFF FIRST

You can try for the tail first, but it never works. Concentrate on the kitty command module.

See? All is right in the world.

Hope you all are enjoying your Halloween - black cat cookies all around!



Saturday, October 30, 2010

My New Harness

I am always thrilled to try out new doggie products. Food, treats, toys, you name it, I'll try it and give you my fuzzy, honest opinion.

Recently we had the opportunity to try out a new collar from - and boy do they have a huge selection of cool collars for the stylish pup. I rarely wear a collar, I'm more of a harness guy, so rather than trying out some new bling, I opted for a new harness.

My new harness is similar to the one I wear everyday, except that it's black and from Timberwolf (my old one is a Petco special). I'm liking it already.

And it's so tasty too!

I decided to give it a try-out on a long walkie today in Rittenhouse Square park. It's a crisp autumn day with lots of people and doggies out, so I could do a little modeling.

I really like that it's black - you can barely see it in these photos and it's the same in real life - so there is more of this handsome Airedale to see. Win-Win!

It fits me well and is completely adjustable. It doesn't rub me anywhere it shouldn't, and I think it enhances my masculine-ness.

See? Functional AND fashionable. Mama was originally a little skeptical because this harness was softer than my old one (she thought it might not be able to handle what I can dish out), but apparently it can take a good Aire-pulling and the hardware lays really well on my muscle-y chest. She's sold on it now too!

All of this Airedmiration can be tiring for a boy. Thanks again DogCollarsBoutique! I absolutely LOVE my new harness!!!



Saturday, October 23, 2010

Now We're Cooking

Visitors are a GOOD THING. Especially when they're not vegetarians. I love mama but I just don't need any more vegetarians in my life at this time. I miss my omnivorous dad.

Mama's dad and sister came over, I'm pretty sure just to do this for me - cut up a huge hunk of beef into small, Bogart-sized pieces.

Need any help?

I mean, anything I can do - really anything - to help you with that, I'm your guy.


Ooooo - sampling! Have I told you that YOU ARE AWESOME?

Mama, I simply cannot thank you enough for bringing them over. They are awesome. All around. Just perfection. Buying, cutting up, and freezing me some individual bags of beefy goodness is making me wiggle all over. All of the things that you just cannot do. I am greatly looking forward to a break from my beloved chicken soup.




Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Mama always tells me that I'm a piece of work. I choose to believe that this means art work. So I have a habit of standing next to artworks around town. Philadelphia is great for this, as there are murals everywhere.

I kind of fit right into the painting, don't I? And of course, take advantage of the "tree" as any good dog would do.

We did seem to be on a tree theme this evening.

As you can see, it was getting dark. I'm not feeling the darkess during my evening walkie, it's really supposed to be sunny at this time. But the darkness does occasionally yield very interesting things, case in point:

This is a very cool artwork outside of Jefferson medical school. Unassuming by day, at night when it is lit from inside it casts a wonderful light projection on the buildings and sidewalk surrounding it.

Lots of different languages, but I was searching for the one that could be understood by all dogs: a good place to pee. I did not find it at the base of this fine artwork, but did notice a particularly good spot only a few feet away in some grass. All good!



Sunday, October 17, 2010

I, Copilot

Me want.

A super-cool Vespa scooter with a bullet-shaped sidecar. OH YES.

I would look AMAZING riding in this. Oh, and mama would look cool too.

Maybe add a snazzy scarf and my Doggles - can we get one mama, PLEEZE???



Friday, October 15, 2010

Airedale Art Critic

So... we are supposed to head over to the waterfront to see some new interactive art-thingy. Apparently mama is still a bit confused, because we crossed over to the other side of the bridge from where it was happening. See those floaty things? I sure do.

They have caught my attention and mesmerized me even from this far away.

Come on, I wanna see the art!

Light Drift is an interactive riverfront lighting experience presented by the Mural Arts Program as part of DesignPhiladelphia here in Philly. Right now it looks like alien pods landing in extremely tight formation on the Delaware.

I am confused.

And kind of excited.

The signage tells us that yes, we are in the right place and these are the soon-to-be-glowing orbs we are looking for.

Soon we began to quickly lose light, and...

Those suckers started to glow! I went in for a closer look and full inspection of these funny pods.

I even tried to hop in to see if I could get to the bottom of what was making them glow and change color. No dice.

But as it got darker they glowed even more and it was really lovely. Some ambient, atmospheric music played over loudspeakers and I was moved.

Aliens... or art? I vote for art (with some cool alien touches). Unless the aliens are just really, really cool.

I tell ya Philadelphia, we are liking you more and more.



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Master of the Flexi

Take note, cats in the window, THIS is how us dogs take charge.

Just grab the Flexi while mama isn't looking and RUN.

It will still be attached to you, of course, we wouldn't want to do anything stupid...

Does your mama try to take back the Flexi? There is no reason to stand for that (well, you may have to stand up as I do to grab it).

Your mighty jaws should take care of getting that Flexi back into it's rightful hands (uh, jaws).

Slobber is your friend in this battle. It will make the Flexi more slippery to those non-fuzzy paws the humans have, and apparently they don't like to grab a handful of it. Use this knowledge wisely.

And as always, busting out a huge smile can get you pretty much anything you want. See?

Thank you, mama.

Oh, I shall humor you for a little while, allow you to hold the dog-spit-covered Flexi. At least while we're in the park, then it's mine again ok?