Wednesday, October 12, 2005

People and their big giant hands

I'm starting to get good at this riding in the car thing.

I have a harness that mom bought for me - it's black nylon with two clips - and so far I don't mind wearing it all that much. She keeps explaining that I have to wear it if I'm in the car, yada yada yada, so she clips it on me and then I can relax. She put my new blanket in the car (or is it another blanket? I don't know....) so I can sleep on it while I'm wearing my harness. I put my head on her lap and there is something about the sound of the car that makes me very sleepy. Even when mom is driving really fast (and she's almost always driving really fast) I can sleep.

Today I went to mom's office again, I'm meeting more people there now. I was a little afraid at first of people and their big giant hands coming at my face, but I'm starting to get over that now. Whenever they do that I just bite their shoes. Pretty effective.

The puppy

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halia said...


I'm from the Airedale Terrier Lover's list and loved checking out your blog. I had a little time to read but mostly looked at the doggie pics!

It's always good to have some Airedale puppy re-visting because they seem to grow so fast!

Halia - in Maple Creek, SK